A game-changing, spying feature launched for Affiliates. Get 30% more customers to your website without spending a dime. FB’s new update helps you hack into your competitors targeting strategies. Update Maverick: Another algo update


30% more traffic for your store using Images

You’ve already put in a lot of effort into finding the best product images for your e-commerce store. You might’ve even gone to the extent of getting a professional photoshoot done to ensure that your products stand out against the competition.

But are you getting the maximum potential from these images? We’re not talking about just selling more products either. We’re talking about using these images to actually bring in more organic traffic.

How? Here’s a bit of background:

Google Images used to have a “View Image” option, which allowed users to view a full size image right within the Search page. However, in February 2018 Google removed this button.

It was a deliberate move by Google to redirect traffic to the website containing the image, rather than just viewing the image through Google and slipping away.

After this change was made, site owners were rewarded with, on average, 47% more traffic from Google Images.

Rahul Bhatia, who has gained around 2M impressions and 3.6k clicks over last 3 months via Google Images, shared this little hack here.

There is this Shopify doc that shows you how to add Alt Text to your product images to get them indexed.

Additionally, you can check out this Google help doc for further instructions.


Another ranking algo update on the cards?

Looks like we are on the verge of yet another ranking algorithm update from Google.

There have been many conversations happening in the SEO community over the past week, with most of them related to this topic.

As per Brett Tabke from WebmasterWorld, who named this as “Update Maverick” (in honor of the new Top Gun trailer release) shared: “This update looks a bit stealthy and precise. However, all the major algo tools are reporting an update has occurred.”

There is no official word from Google yet, but most of the tools such as MozCast, SERP Metrics, Rankranger, SEMRush are showing huge traffic fluctuations over the last 30 days.

Check out the discussion going on around it on WebmasterWorld.


What is happening on FB?

FB Groups are usually a rich source of information, and today is no exception. There are many interesting things coming out of those waters.

“Why am I seeing this?” – Copy your competitors’ targeting strategy

According to this post shared by the Facebook Page, the transparency feature will reveal more targeting options used by the advertiser to target their audiences.

That’s the update from a user’s point of view, but what’s in it for us marketers?

Maybe it’s a way to spy on competitors? Well, kind of. If you see your competitors’ ads, you can now learn a bit more about their targeting strategy and thought process than you could before.

Search Ads on Facebook

We’ve previously talked about Search Ads on FB, but some more developments have come to light since then.

Back when we talked about the topic, it was just a test and an attempt to bump up some more ad revenue for FB. Now, we see that some advertisers are able to run Search Ads.

Basically, it has started appearing in the Business Manager as a new placement. So, it turns out that this isn’t about intent-based targeting using keywords, like it is with Search Ads on Google.

Well, Facebook will never be Google and Google will never be Facebook.

Targeting decision-makers using FB + LinkedIn

Are you a B2B marketer? Struggling to find those business owners that have the final say on decisions? Sai Teja shared a simple hack to target this audience using Facebook and LinkedIn.

  1. Use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool to build a list of prospects you want to target by applying filters like Industry, Employee Size, Job Title, Country, etc.
  2. Use Anyleads to bulk scrape this list and to extract the emails of these prospects.
  3. Use these emails to build Custom Audiences and Lookalikes on Facebook.

Pretty easy, uh?

However, there are two points The Crew wants to highlight: First, Anyleads is a paid tool and we don’t mean to promote it. Feel free to use your own alternatives.

Second, using people’s emails without their consent for marketing purposes goes against some regulations. What’s the name of that stuff? GDPR?

Be careful and make your own calls!


🧙‍♂️ MagicAdz just came out with a potentially game-changing feature!

There’s no question that MagicAdz is one of the best ways to research competition on Facebook. Regardless of what hat you like to wear, this tool collects a ton of ads and lets you search and filter like no other. It’s lightyears ahead of Facebook’s Ad Library, that’s for sure.

The team there is still continuing to upgrade this to make it even easier to build high-ROI FB campaigns and this new feature could change your whole research workflow!

Introducing the Top Affiliate Offers section!

If you ask seasoned affiliates, they will all say the offer is the most important part of a campaign. Yet, when it comes to research, you almost always had to go backwards and find ads, then see which offers they use.

Not anymore! MagicAdz has launched this new section where you can see the most advertised affiliate offers and the ads running for them. Check out this quick one-minute video demo!

Big words, we know. That’s why we’d suggest you check out this sneak preview of what this section can do. The team at MagicAdz put together the top 3 high traffic offers with a breakdown on offer name, lander, advertisers and, of course, their ads and copy!

Of course, the good old stuff is still here:

  • Filter for affiliate ads only and their verticals – for example, casino, crypto, sweeps, nutra, solar, or any other.
  • Preview and download pre-landers, including cloaked ones.
  • Very powerful search: by ads, user comments, redirects, or landing page search including specific HTML code!
  • Filter e-commerce ads – from the biggest platforms such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento and more

So whether you are an affiliate, an agency, an e-com store owner, as long as you run Facebook Ads, this is a must-have tool. Uncover everything the competition is doing so you never fall behind.

Usually, MagicAdz costs $299/month. Pays for itself within a few days really! But you already know that as a WHAT THE AFF reader, you can get it for a special price – $249/month. Keep in mind though, the discount is valid as long as you keep your subscription active.

You just have to use the code WTAFFMAGIC when signing up!


Run more experiments with Microsoft Ads

Microsoft Advertising is rolling out a new Tab called Experiments in Ad accounts globally.

You will be able to use this for testing ad copy, landing pages and bidding strategies and modifiers. Just like you use “Drafts & Experiments” in Google Ads.

How to use it? Well, it actually looks pretty self-explanatory. You can simply name your test, add a start and end date and the percentage of traffic on which you want to run the AB test.

Microsoft recommends running each test for at least 4 weeks for better results.

How to evaluate the performance?

  • If your experiment is performing better than the original campaign for a particular metric (your KPI), the metric values will be shown in green.
  • If it’s performing worse than the original one, it will be in red.
  • If the metric values are in grey, it means there is no significant difference.

PS: You can opt to apply an experiment to the original campaign or to a new one. If you apply it to a new campaign, the original will be paused automatically.

A/A Mode: It is recommended to run these experiments in A/A mode so that your control and experiment campaigns are identical for two weeks. This will allow time for the experiment campaign to run and gather data like the original one, meaning that you can then run a true A/B test.

After this 2 week period, you can then go ahead and make changes to your duplicate campaign to start the A/B test.

Again, the recommendation is to run the test for at least two weeks. If you are testing bidding strategies such as Target CPA or Maximize Conversions, let it run for 4 weeks or more.

Additionally, note that you cannot change the experiment’s budget without changing the original campaign’s budget.

Any budget change to the original will apply to your experiment split as well. Any other change you make to the original campaign will not be applied to the experiment.

It totally makes sense because if you keep on making changes to the original campaign, you are no longer running a true A/B test. You might want to leave it alone while an experiment is running.

Generally speaking, fidgeting too much with any ad campaign is never an ideal thing to do. If you make any changes, let it run for a decent amount of time to let the algo understand what you’re trying to do and how to make it work for you.


Guru comes back from the Dark Side

Do you remember JetSetFly? The guru that sold incomplete and ineffective courses for around $10k?

Go here if you don’t remember the story.

Bad right? However, it’s looking like this story will have a happy ending. In fact, from the IG profile of Bogdan Kosilov (the guy that initially revealed everything), it looks like JetSetFly is refunding people.

It’s likely that Josh King Madrid (the man behind JetSetFly) regretted his actions and decided to get back on track.

Alternatively, he could have just felt threatened by the upcoming collective action that Bogdan was planning. The scam was about $500k.

Well, a guru scam story that can finish in a not-so-sad way.

We’re happy for the people that are getting refunded. Hopefully, this story will teach others to remain aware and vigilant of these self-proclaimed gurus.


Website Project Planning Checklist – 2019

Out there building websites for your customers? Brian Cedeno is in the same boat, and he shared this website project planning checklist that leads you from start to finish.

It’s pretty schematic and leaves no room for mistakes.

This isn’t just for clients either! You can easily use it when building websites for yourself.

Give it a try!


Let’s talk about statistical significance

As you already noticed, we’re running a short survey to better understand what your favourite types of content are, what your background is, and what level of experience you’re currently at.

Why? Because our audience has grown a lot lately, and we noticed that it isn’t just affiliates reading this. There are a lot of other marketers getting on board! We’re flattered!

So, in order to make your reading pleasant, interesting and funny, we are asking you, fellow marketers, to tell us what you’re about. Whether it’s affiliate marketing, e-comm, SEO, agency, Google Ads, FB Ads, push traffic, ice cream or pizza… You get the idea.

In the end, this is all about serving you with the best content we can. So, the more of you answer, the better! You know, statistical significance and confidence intervals!

Here’s the survey.

It’s just 3 minutes. It’s anonymous. And you don’t have to think a lot to answer the questions. No brain activity involved… Maybe it can turn into a pleasant experience, who knows!

Thanks in advance! Here’s to a better newsletter!


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

A gallery art built up on your face

We are bored with all these aged faces on the interwebz.

Everybody out there showing their old look on Facebook and IG.

Stop it!

Why don’t we spend this time on something more artistic? Something that can actually enrich ourselves?


Perfect! We have something for you then!

There’s another app out there that transform your selfies into artistic portraits.

Do you love art? There’s a huge number of styles included in this database, covering artists from Rembrandt to Titian to Van Gogh.

Each style will produce a unique portrait of yourself.

Worried about your data? This time it looks like the website doesn’t collect and use your pictures, and it deletes your photo immediately after you use it.

Let’s explore some art!

Here’s what you can get if you share us with your marketing friends!

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