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Two things from The Gram today.

That update from yesterday about auto-captions in Stories was a mistake. A bug made it public, but we have to wait longer for it to roll out.

Something that is definitely intentional is the launch of Instagram Lite in 170 countries.

It’s for Android only, and it’s meant to provide a high-quality Instagram experience using minimal data.

How did they make it “lite”? They’ve removed data-rich animations such as cube transitions and AR filters. The GIFs and stickers are still available in the Lite version too.

One thing we found weird is that this was not announced on Instagram’s blog – only on Facebook’s. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


A picture says a thousand words


Twitter had an interesting 24 hours. It’s nothing platform changing (or breaking) but a few things that will affect its users came up.

  • A more accurate preview for your videos and images when you tweet. For example, when sharing a single image, how the image appears in the tweet composer is how the image will look on the timeline as well.
  • Saving your Spaces but also getting some help from a co-host. Twitter’s answer to Clubhouse is regularly getting updates. Being able to save the discussions and officially have a co-host are the two features on the horizon.
  • On the flipside, it seems Russian authorities tried to throttle Twitter because the company didn’t take down over 3k posts deemed unlawful.

We’re definitely interested in seeing the Spaces vs Clubhouse battle that is slowly taking shape. What’s your pick?


This push notification platform is so advanced that it’s outperforming email traffic


If your campaigns’ ROI is not satisfying, the traffic could be one of the variables to blame.

And if you suspect that to be the case, stop for a moment and let us introduce you to Pushnamia push notification platform that apparently, is so advanced that is beating email traffic.

That’s a bold claim, but they can achieve this thanks to their proprietary ML technology, Pushnomics, that predicts optimal content offers and delivery times.

Worried about volume? Do not, because it’s huge! They deliver 10B impressions every month, they work with the largest push clients in the US and world.

And if this is not enough, here’s what else you should know:

  • Pushanmi offers granular segmentation with over 25 targeting variables.
  • They offer traffic from 15 different verticals.
  • You have full creative control.

And their process is designed to make you achieve your revenue goals:

  1. The dedicated team shares with you market insights, creative recommendations, and pricing models to make sure you hit the ground running.
  2. Through testing and learning, they identify the best audiences to target.
  3. They share the results of the tests with full transparency in an online dashboard that updates in real-time.
  4. Their team constantly measures performance and tests new creatives to pump up your sales.

That looks like an easy way to run push campaigns. And also one that seems to produce bulky amounts of money.

Access Pushanmi ad network.


This business will make you rethink the way you send emails


According to Jimmy Daly, Tripadvisor has changed the way email is used by businesses.

And besides subscribing to Tripadvisor list, one way to study their emails is reading this post Jimmy created.

He analyzed 17 messages Tripadvisor sent him and brought up the main takeaways. We could describe their strategy with one word: hyper-personalization.

It’s hard to achieve this kind of personalization at smaller levels, yet, it’s interesting to see what the big guys are doing and how we can steal from them. The post is pretty long, but here are some pieces of advice anyone can apply:

  • In the first emails, Tripadvisor doesn’t have a lot of information about the subscriber, but they start with what they have: And that’s the location. They send you flight recommendations from your city. To use this, try personalizing your welcome sequence based on the source of the subscriber. Consider intent.
  • The more time you spend on their website, the more specific their recommendations get. And when they can’t personalize their emails, they send you general, yet relevant content. For instance, you look at a hotel with a great view? They send you a “10 stunning hotel views that’ll make you jaw drop” email. So, they get you back on their website, and keep gathering data about you.
  • They make you invest: After some introductory emails, Tripadvisor asks you to engage with their website by leaving reviews of the places you visited. This is a smart strategy. The more you invest in a relationship, every kind of relationship, the more attached you’ll be to it. Make your subscribers invest in your relationship.
  • Abandoned cart email: When you look for hotels in a specific town and you don’t book anything, they send you an abandoned cart email suggesting similar hotels in the same price range. You can do the same with your abandoned cart flows. Suggest products similar to the one the prospect was about to purchase.

This was just a tidbit of the post, and there’s definitely more to learn in Jimmy’s full piece here.


FACEBOOK: Naming campaigns can be a nightmare, but this guide and template by Elliott Brand is what dreams are made of.

SEO: Google’s Search Console reports have some upgrades for Q&A and FAQ structured data.

TIKTOK: Two features to help creators keep their comments section clean were announced by TikTok.

SEO: If your website is unexpectedly down, John Mueller says you should not freak out. Instead, do this to make sure your SEO doesn’t take a hit.


I have a bed but never sleep. I have a mouth but never speak. What am I?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

How do you say “star wars” in French?


Is it “guerres des étoiles”?

The French military conducted its first training drills in space, together with the US Space Force and German space command.

We’re far from the “Death Star in construction” level of activities, so don’t get the wrong idea.

The current training program is focused on dealing with crisis situations involving French satellites.

In other words, the French Army isn’t wielding lightsabers (yet).

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