Twitter’s making moves

Back in 2020, the news broke that Periscope would be shutting down. This came on the heels of news that Twitter had acquired Squad, a video screen-sharing app.

Well, you know the saying: New year, new acquisitions. Or, at least it’s something like that. And just yesterday, the team behind podcast-listening app Breaker announced that the company has been acquired by Twitter. This is a big move, and here’s why:

  • Last month, Twitter’s Clubhouse rival, called Spaces, launched in a private beta. You can see the official announcement here to learn more. It’s all but a guarantee that the Breaker acquisition has something to do with Spaces.
  • If Spaces succeeds, it could be a valuable channel for marketers. In its current state, some people are using Clubhouse (the rival app) to host seminars and how-to conversations. If Spaces succeeds, it could be a popular spot for marketers and entrepreneurs to share advice – and build their brands.

The Crew’s take: It’s a sad day for any Breaker fans out there, as the app will be closing down on January 15th. But, we’re excited to see how the Breaker team and technology will be integrated into Spaces and other Twitter projects. Will we get Twitter Podcasts? The possibilities are endless.


Lead generation advice from the blue giant


Leads don’t come easy. But, if you do any advertising on Facebook, they may come a little easier after reading this guide that the company just published.

It’s got a couple of tips on generating more leads with your Facebook campaigns, which may help if you’ve hit a few bumps in the road. The mini-guide offers a general framework for high-converting lead gen campaigns:

  • Make your lead capture compelling. Before someone drops you their email, they’ll want to know more about your business.
  • Make your ad stand out – Facebook’s got some copywriting tips in the guide to help you out.
  • Optimize your landing page. Sometimes, the easiest solution is the one right in front of you. If you’re sending people to a landing page but they’re not converting, it might be the layout or copy on that landing page that’s stopping people from converting. Time to bring out the A/B testing tools…
  • Use lead scoring. Assign different point values to different actions that people take. For example, Facebook suggests assigning more points to a white paper download and less points to an email unsubscription. This will help you identify solid leads.

If you want to see the ad format and copywriting diagram, head over to Facebook’s full post. Lead generation is tricky, but this advice from Facebook could help set you on the right track!


The Secret To Profitable Native Campaigns in Q1

If you advertise your offers online and don’t use native advertising, you’re leaving tons of money on the table.

Most advertisers shy away from native ads because they think:

  • It’s complicated to figure out and they don’t have time.
  • Facebook and YouTube, or Google are better options, or…
  • They’ve tried it before and got burned.

But that doesn’t mean it cannot be done.

Maximus have been absolutely crushing it for themselves and their clients with lower CPAs and higher quality leads.

For example, they just helped a client cut their CPA from $443 to $187. Well below their goal of $200!

They’re able to achieve this with a unique technology they use to dominate the native ad landscape.

  • Real time data reporting for clicks, spend and revenue so we quickly optimize accordingly.
  • Established relationships with top network reps (whitelists are awesome!), in-house media buyers with over 20 years of experience and amazing copywriters.
  • Quality native sources like MSN, AOL, Yahoo! and Fox.

They’ve spent all the time, money and effort figuring out how native ads work so you don’t have to. Get access to all of this plus more, without lifting a finger!

If you’re currently running ads online and you’re looking to gain an unfair advantage over your competitors, take a few seconds to fill out a form with information about your offer so they can see if they can help you.

If they can, someone will reach out to you in 24 hours.

Native ads networks usually offer cheap clicks in Q1, but you have to act now if you want to take advantage. Click here to get started.


The content strategy behind Zapier’s 5.5M visitors per month


Let’s try to steal some SEO knowledge from Zapier.

Harvey Hodd researched the SEO and content strategy that allows the company to get millions of new visitors every month, and here’s what he found:

  • Zapier targets mid-funnel queries like “connect Gmail to Slack”. For this query, Zapier ranks sixth on Google.
  • When you click on it, you land on a dedicated page to connecting Gmail and Slack.
  • Each Zap (an integration between two tools) creates 35 more landing pages, that are about other ways to utilize the integrations. For instance, “Send new Gmail emails as Slack channel messages” or “Get Slack direct messages for new Gmail messages”.
  • Once you click on the integration you want to implement, you land on a signup page. And in a few clicks, you get the job done and become a Zapier user.

According to multiple reports, Zapier has 25k landing pages like this one. It’s pretty impressive. But how do you create all this content?

The answer: you don’t. Indeed, every new Zapier partner writes their own copy following editorial guidelines. Pretty smart, isn’t it?

Zapier even targets TOF customers searching for tools and apps themselves, like “best meeting scheduler tool”. Apparently, Zapier ranks high on an insane amount of these queries.

These pages lead to a blog breakdown of each tool, with specific Zaps (that lead to the signup page) or to a separate featured blog post with the “top 4 Zaps for X app”.

In addition, Zapier is also expanding its content to more general topics like remote work or starting a side hustle.

And according to SEMrush, this content machine generates 5.5M new visitors per month. You may not be able to copy-and-paste their strategy, but you can take inspiration from their creative approach to boost traffic on your own site.


SLACK: The first working day of 2021 kicked off with Slack going down. It’s not great timing – but a good excuse to take a few hours in the morning off, right?

SNAPCHAT: Some interesting stats from 2020 have been published for UK marketers, though many of the insights are relevant globally.

FACEBOOK: New engagement alert options for Groups are rolling out to more admins, according to Matt Navarra.

SNAPCHAT: Bitmoji are no longer just cute cartoons. Snapchat recently filed for a patent that would let users try real clothing pieces on their Bitmoji, signaling a strong push for e-commerce ahead.

INSTAGRAM: With every big update come drawbacks, and this thoughtful piece from Nazanin Andalibi offers a unique take on Instagram’s push for e-commerce.

TIKTOK: The Small Business Resource Center from TikTok just got expanded, welcome news for marketers looking to succeed on the platform.

INSTAGRAM: There’s a new look for Stories on the desktop version of Instagram. Love it? Hate it? Or more likely: You don’t use Instagram on desktop.


When is the best time to have lunch?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Making $1M from white noise? It’s entirely possible


Keyword research, SEO, rankings… These are all things we associate with Google. But there’s another platform where SEO is making millions for people. Can you guess it?

Probably not: It’s Spotify. And the people making millions are posting white noise audio clips. Fan recordings, traffic sounds, wind blowing in the trees – it’s a strangely big market.

The situation is laid out in a OneZero article on Medium, which states that there are large companies producing and distributing white noise clips across a multitude of Spotify pages. In many cases, these audio clips will simply use the targeted search as the song title.

Spotify pays roughly $.003 per stream, and some of these pages are bringing in millions of streams per day. We’ll let you do the math…

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