After 11 years, this affiliate network shuts down operations. Getting rid of bad clicks on FB: Why the most common ways aren’t effective. Massive purge on IG: 10M+ followers meme pages disappeared overnight.


Conversion increase hack using autocomplete

Let’s start the day with a quick tip that helps you increase conversions by reducing the number of clicks and, therefore, the customer journey time.

Andrei Lunev shared it, but be warned that you might need a developer to implement it unless you know some of the HTML basics.

Essentially, it simplifies the method for inputting phone numbers and email addresses into a web form.

  • Phone: This will automatically change the keyboard format for the user, allowing them to easily share their phone numbers. The code you have to add is this one.
  • Email: This piece of code will disable auto-correct and capital first letter and add the @ symbol on the keyboard. So the users won’t need to switch to the symbol keyboard to share their email.

However, if you are running a Shopify store, this will only work for those of you on the Shopify Plus plan.


Goodbye and stop your traffic

“Affiliate marketing is alive and well but our […] method isn’t effective anymore.”

This is, more or less, the reason that PeerFly have given for cutting their affiliate network operations.

At least, this is what they explained in their announcement on the website.

This means that all the affiliate networks out there should be worried. Or, maybe just those that failed to adapt in this ever-changing industry.

Either way, the end result is that PeerFly is closing its doors to new affiliates. This will happen on July 31st at midnight. All traffic sent after that won’t be counted.

Have you been doing any business with PeerFly?

Our Take

Affiliate marketing can be great… However, the fact of the matter is that it’s also one of the most volatile spaces you can enter.

You know this as well as we do!

If the reason stated by PeerFly is the actual reason for closure… Well, it’s just another lesson to learn from other’s mistakes. There is no room for complacency in affiliate marketing.

Things move at light speed here, and all parties must adapt to these fast-paced changes. This includes affiliate marketers, traffic networks, and affiliate networks. Nobody is immune.

Quick is the new big!


Getting rid of the bad traffic

At any given point, your ads can be clicked by click-happy people, bouncers, bots

scrapers and so on. All this bad traffic is a massive headache for marketers: Wasted money and messed up data.

Bøgdan Alexandru Radu shared his thoughts on limiting trash clicks on FB and explains why the most common ways to avoid it aren’t actually that effective.

Let’s jump straight to the juice.

Why delaying the Pixel doesn’t work: This might limit the damage, but it won’t cut it out entirely.

Why? Because some people open a page and just sit there for a long time. Perhaps somebody called them, or maybe they just went to the bathroom. Who knows?

Their reasons don’t matter. The fact is that these people will mess up your data and the delayed Pixel fire won’t help you here.

For this reason, Bøgdan says that you shouldn’t build Custom Audiences based on top time spenders.

So, what’s the remedy? Firing custom events whenever someone completes a key action, such as: Clicking on a product page or gallery, looking at the product images or selecting a product variation.

All these kind of actions actually show intent and interest in your brand.

BUT THERE’S MORE: You can use these custom events as objectives in your campaigns.

Bøgdan says that it works like crazy for him, especially when you can’t hit those 50 sales per week that allow the algorithm to start to optimize.

Plus, once you actually start optimizing for the good traffic, FB will stop sending you crappy clicks.

That is all. Just up to you to execute and see if it works!


Give your “thank you” page a mega-boost with this Big Bang Ads script!

You’ve no doubt heard this name as one of the best when it comes to lead-gen campaigns, right? Big Bang Ads is the affiliate network side of eGENTIC, a German-based lead-gen company.

Not only do they have some great direct lead-gen offers, but also think ahead on whatever is the latest trend. That’s why they built a simple but very effective script to monetize your “thank you” page.

Whether you have an e-com store or another website where people submit their info for a purchase, with this script from Big Bang Ads you can turn your “thank you” page into a lead gen page, to squeeze out more out of every visitor!

Here’s how it works:

  • You add the script to your website.
  • The customer goes through your usual flow and reaches the thank you page.
  • The script shows a widget with pre-filled info from your customer.
  • One-click opt-in to a Big Bang Ads lead-gen offer.
  • The customer is then shown co-reg questions that can be customized to make sure there’s no conflict of interest with your website or store.

See it in action in this example here.

You pay quite a bit for traffic from Facebook, Google and other places. This can be a great way to add revenue on top. It’s all about that revenue per visitor, whether you call it AOV or something else.

Where can this work?

  • E-commerce stores
  • Digital products
  • An opt-in page for a mainstream newsletter
  • Plus a bunch others we probably didn’t even think of yet…

Our exact reaction when we heard about this little script was “If we were running a mainstream newsletter, we’d give it a test!” It really looks like a no-brainer and if you have a broad, mainstream audience, you should test it out!

Speaking of testing out, this is in its test phase, so the Big Bang Ads team only has a handful of spots open to use this for now!

Get your Big Bang Ads thank-you-page booster right here!


Two new updates for popular Google tools

Ads Editor and Keyword Planner got new design and feature updates. Let’s see what it’s all about!

Ads Editor v1.1 with new feature updates

Google has released version 1.1 of the Google Ads Editor (GAE) with improved design and usability.

Here are the new features in the updated version:

Image Picker: You can now simply select images from your desktop or use previously used images. Warnings and error checks will be shown in the thumbnail before the image is selected.

IP Exclusions: You can now add and update IP exclusions to ensure that your IP exclusion settings are consistent when copying and pasting campaigns.

Accounts Manager: You can now manage multiple accounts more seamlessly with checkboxes that allow you to select and open multiple accounts.

Dark Mode: You can activate dark mode by clicking the moon icon in the bottom right-hand corner. Revert back to the light mode by selecting the sun icon.

Download the latest version of GAE to start using these features.

Keyword Planner gets new updates

In addition to the GAE, Google has also updated its Keyword Planner tool to show the most relevant keyword ideas based on the seed keyword.

“For example, when you provide the seed keyword “boots”, you might see keyword ideas such as “women’s boots”, “work boots” and “cowboy boots.” You’ll have the option to broaden your search by adding recommended words to your seed keyword.”

That’s not all though. There are two other features that have been added to Keyword Planner.

Website filtering: This allows you to filter keyword ideas to only show keywords that are closely related to your website.

Brand exclusions: This allows you to exclude keyword ideas that include brand terms.

PS: All these updates to Keyword Planner are rolling out in English first, but they will be coming to other languages later this year.


Flow Builder update

For those of you using ManyChat to build and manage your chat flows, we have a great update for you.

They have now made it possible for you to add as many triggers as you want to a particular Flow within Flow Builder.

How will it work?

Just create a Growth Tool on the canvas and connect it to the starting step. Trigger this flow with a special keyword or rule, without leaving the Flow Builder.

Where can you find it?

Go to Flow Builder and check out the new Create Menu.

PS: Any existing growth tools, keywords, and rules connected to a flow will automatically appear inside it now.


A helpful reminder…

A few weeks ago, we talked about Google completely removing support for the noindex directive in robots.txt files.

Apparently, many people are still unaware of this and Google has now started sending reminders to those that still rely on this implementation.

If you haven’t yet prepared for it, September 1st, 2019 is the cutoff date. After this you won’t be able to rely on the noindex mention in your robots.txt file.

What do you need to do?

  • Make sure that you are not using the noindex directive in the robots.txt file.
  • Make sure that you are using the nofollow or crawl-delay commands. Use the true supported method for those directives.


Instagram killing all the fun

Are you running a meme account on Instagram? This might get you a bit worried.

The Instagram account security team doesn’t seem to have slept for the last 2 days after embarking on a massive meme-purge.

Some popular meme accounts with over 10M followers were deleted without any warning or explanation. One of them had over 13M followers.

As a gesture of respect, we will avoid using any memes in today’s news briefing in remembrance of those meme accounts. Nah, just kidding, we can’t resist!

Instagram hasn’t actually shared its specific reasons behind this purge, but most people suspect that copyright infringement and the fact that people are making a buck using recycled content is what might have ticked Instagram off.

Others speculate that it could be part of a pre-election purge or because of undisclosed influencer deals within such accounts.

If you run a similar kind of account on IG, it is better to keep your content original, politically neutral and ensure that any kind of Influencer deals you are entertaining fall in line with Instagram’s guidelines.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

It’s all about the right angle

With the right angle I can sell anything!

Say it again, dear marketer: With the right angle I can sell anything!

Now, listen to this story.

An American guy was tasked with selling a 1996 Honda Accord. It was his girlfriend’s car.

Maybe they needed the money to buy a house and start a life together. Maybe they just wanted to go to Maldives.

Whatever their reasons, what we can say is that this guy totally crushed it!


He sold the old car, which had over 196k miles on the clock, for $100k on eBay. Yes! You can read it again:

An old wreck for $100k.

We’re sure this guy has a future in advertising. In fact, this was all made possible thanks to the brilliant ad he made: A video commercial, with piano music in the background and his fiancé as the protagonist.

The message of the ad? Luxury is a state of mind, and this car is for people who have figured life out and just need to get somewhere. Without any fancy accessories.

The ad brought in 100 bids on the eBay listing, with the highest being $100k. Not only that, the video also generated 1.5M views on YouTube.

I’m sure you want this man on your team now. Or maybe you can just re-use the marketing idea? Whatever, this guy is our hero!

An old piece of news that deserves to be shared again! Also an injection of motivation for you today: If this man sold an old wreck for $100k, you can sell anything out there!



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