Ahrefs’ super-advanced guide to Page Speed optimization: Unique techniques for each website type. Savannah Sanchez unveils the exact FB Ads copy she’s using to adapt to the pandemic. Hot & Trending keyword ideas that are booming right now.


What content is your audience looking for?

Marketers are having a tough time finding topical content ideas right now, with more and more people spending their spare time online.

Amanda Milligan from Moz spent some time on UberSuggest testing a variety of keyword ideas to try and find those that have been trending upwards during the outbreak.


  • Trains: Again, it’s not safe to travel right now but you can still provide some clarity in this regard and offer alternatives.
  • Virtual travel: This seems to be gaining in popularity as more people find themselves stuck indoors.
  • Insurance: Not the best time to travel of course, but those who have to travel want to make sure they are covered if they get sick. Or, maybe those who had to cancel travelling plans want to check what they’re covered for.

Education & work

  • Homeschooling: The search volumes for keywords relating to homeschooling are at the same level as during the summer school break.
  • Online courses: As social distancing forces people to spend their time online, courses are hot cakes right now. Consider amplifying them and explaining their value, or maybe consider creating a course of your own.
  • Remote working tips: Businesses right now are looking for ways to improve productivity as they go remote. Consider creating content around setting up a home office or maintaining a schedule while dealing with remote work distractions.
  • How to stay focused: People are anxious and distracted right now. Offer ways to motivate them or tools to keep them focused and efficient.


  • Streaming services: Digital is all most people have got right now and people are looking for new media to consume. Cheap games and multiplayer games are trending.
  • Learn to play piano online: Folks are looking to learn new skills during these socially-distanced months. Can you offer something here?
  • Best shopping deals: Volumes for these search terms are as high as they were over the holidays.


  • Job’s drop: People are looking for ways to file for unemployment and learn more about their options. Informative guides and tips are highly sought after in this area.
  • Budgeting tips: With shortage of bucks at hand, people are looking for better ways to manage their funds.

Check out more trending topics around relationships, health and fitness, home and family and more on the post here.


Understanding Page Speed and finding the right optimization techniques for different site types

Page speed is a very complex topic. Each website is unique, with widely varying levels of content and a lot of different metrics to consider.

The question is whether you understand how page speed optimization works and if a specific technique is really going to make your sites faster.

As per a Google study, 53% of mobile visitors leave a page if it takes longer than three seconds to load.


So, we found this post from Ahrefs that gets to the crux of the matter and explains how page speed really works, what kind of optimization works for different site types and covers advanced techniques that really make a difference.

Having said that, for those who don’t want to get really technical and would prefer to rely on tools to get things done, here are some that should help:

For WordPress: WP Rocket (paid) + an image optimization plugin, or Autoptimize + a cache plugin.

For Drupal: AdvAgg + an image optimization module.


How are you responding to the pandemic?

We are asking because we found two posts shared by Matt Tanguay in which he reported the different roads being followed by big brands as they respond to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Here are the main ones:


Matt Tanguay analyzed the emails sent by companies regarding the outbreak:

  • Nordstrom added a banner to the top of their emails. It really stands out, and people can click to open a page that contains more information about their coronavirus response.
  • Asana opted for content-focused emails, providing tips on remote working.
  • Victoria’s Secret PINK is loading its emails with a lot of empathy. Showing empathy with your audiences goes a long way. After that they go on to show the steps they’re taking. You can probably copy this empathy thing.

You can see the screenshots of the emails in the post.

Home Pages

  • Adidas has a site-width banner about their store closures.
  • ASOS has a green contrasting banner mentioning that returns are extended and shippings are safe.
  • Walmart’s approach has been to focus on empathy again. The banner says “What we are doing to prioritize your health”, showing they care about their customers safety.

From both email and homepage examples, the takeaways are this: Communicate with your customers that you’re aware of their feelings right now (take Victoria’s Secret example) and if you’re doing something in response, make sure to show it clearly.

Your customers will appreciate it.

Let’s talk ads

This one is slightly different and doesn’t come from Matt Tanguay. That being said, it’s still about adjusting to the current state of the world. We’re sure you’ll find it interesting.

Savannah Sanchez shared a great example of a copy she’s using in her Facebook Ads. To us, this looks like something you might want to imitate.


The point is: Be subtle. So, address the current climate, but don’t reference it in an overly obvious way. The example here speaks for itself.

Cheers to continuing the hustle even if you can’t get to the bank.


Who introduced you to online marketing?

We’re pretty sure that when you started your adventures in making internet mooneyz, you probably bumped into the likes of Tai Lopez, Russell Brunson or all those other super goo-roos.

Trying to tell this story, we created a funny short animation you might want to check out:

Check them out, have fun, and follow us if you liked them.


  • LINKEDIN: All social media networks are experiencing a spike in usage, except LinkedIn.
  • FACEBOOK: Out of the $100M allocated by Facebook to help small companies fight the crisis, $40M will be spread around 10k US businesses. Plus, they’re rolling out digital gift cards in the Newsfeed to make it easier for people to help their fav brands.
  • MESSENGER: Facebook Messenger launched its desktop app with unlimited group video calls.
  • GOOGLE: Kyle Sulerud shared the steps he follows to find negative keywords for his Google Ads campaigns.


You answer me, although I never ask you questions.

What am I?

You can find the solution by clicking here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

The booming industry you’re missing

We talked a lot about the businesses that are booming thanks to COVID-19. Although, there’s a business we all missed.

It’s not all video-on-demand, stay fit at home and toilet paper… ‘Vice’ industries are also having their day in the sun.

We’re talking about booze, marijane and adult toys.

Social distancing may stop us from hammering and having fun with da homies, But it’s not stopping us from having fun at home! That’s probably why the US and UK classified liquor stores as essential shops…


And, despite coronavirus causing lung disease, some cannabis farms saw their sales double. But some consumers are being more responsible with their health and are choosing to ingest the plant rather than blazing it.

These are anxious times to live in, and everybody needs a way to chill out.

Hey, we just had a great idea for the weekend: Video calls and chill with your friends.

Recipe? Well, you just read about what you need. Just turn the lights off and fire up some candles to build the atmosphere…

What about The Crew? We are all about the hustle. CBD offers, anyone?

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