Algorithm reveal



Platforms are opening up about their algorithms


Some tech companies keep their algorithms “close to the chest”… and some are loosening the top button.

Meta, for example, revealed the design principles Instagram uses to create experiences that feel like extensions of users’ home feeds…

Almost feels like home: First, Instagram generates potential candidates based on the pages users engage with the most.

Then it ranks candidates based on overall engagement and content before recommending them. Meta explains this process in detail in their post.

You may also like… Meanwhile, a Chinese regulatory body published a list of 30 algorithms of the country’s most popular apps including Douyin—or TikTok, as it’s known by the rest of the world.

Why we care: Social media platforms are increasingly becoming channels where it’s possible for brands to gain exposure—and even go viral—with short video content.

And apps like TikTok just keep topping the downloads chart.

Having in-depth knowledge of how platform recommendations work can help you “play” the algorithm and get your content in front of more people.


Business messaging could be vital for your business

Want to connect with customers? Then you might want to hold the “hold music”…

Meta published a study showing that Business Messaging is becoming crucial for both business and consumers.

To give you an idea… One in three shoppers chat with brands online at least once a week.

… So please leave a message: Meta’s survey reveals that 64% of users would rather hop into a brand’s DM than call. Meanwhile,

  • 40% of consumers are messaging more frequently compared to pre-pandemic levels.
  • 90% of brands believe messaging is essential to their success.
  • 80% of brands plan to maintain and even increase their messaging effectiveness.

Hello there: The study also shows that 38%–42% of brands across multiple industries use messaging as an acquisition channel.

Makes sense, since it’s often the first real touch point between a customer and a brand.

Why we care: Messaging is convenient. It’s how people talk to each other… and clearly, it’s how they’d like to talk to brands, too.

And in addition to helping you build instant relationships with new and existing customers, it also gives you the opportunity to showcase promotions like offers, upsells, and so on.

Speaking of building instant relationships with customers…


Bond with your target audience using this persuasion principle


In 2020, a thief walked into a convenience store in Oklahoma City and convinced the clerk he was there to take over her shift.

Then he locked the door and stole the money.

He pulled off this heist with a simple trick: Wearing a shirt with the store’s logo on it.

Because when you look like your target audience, they trust you more.

It’s a principle you can apply even in marketing by:

  • Mixing up your marketing content with posts about your passions, like traveling, for example. Members of your target audience with the same passions will find you relatable and feel more inclined to work with you.
  • Donating a percentage of your profits to charitable organizations.

It’s not cheating. You’re just showing that you care about the same things.

And that’s just one of the many persuasion tactics inside the System 1 Manipulation report.

Discover more psychological techniques for making your marketing persuasive.


Why Google Ads spacing matters in the battle for organic visibility


Ever felt like organic content is slowly getting squeezed out of Google’s first page?

That’s because it is.

John Doherty from Credo, for example, claims that every time he searches Google, ads are getting taller and taking up more of the results page.

John even calculated the number of pixels Google Ads are taking up:

  • A single ad with sitelinks is 280 pixels tall.
  • An ad without sitelinks is approximately 40 pixels.
  • The spacing between ads is 40 pixels.

So if Google displays an ad with sitelinks and 3 more regular ads, it will take almost 560 pixels total on desktop, out of the 600 pixels reserved for the SERP.

That means the first organic result can actually end up on the bottom of the page. On mobile, there’s a chance you won’t even see an organic post before you scroll down.

Will it get better? Possibly not. Google’s ad revenue is their main income source. There’s a chance the company may sell even more placements to make up for recent losses.

So how can you win the visibility battle if it’s only going to get worse?

Here are a few tactics to try…

Spend the dough. If you can’t beat them, join them. You may need to bid on branded keywords, and even on keywords you built organically. Because if you don’t, someone else will.

Invest in content marketing. Drive traffic to your website by promoting valuable content and being present online.

Encourage visitors to subscribe to your email list and retarget them with remarketing ads and email marketing.

Move on from Google. No, we don’t mean you should kill off all your SEO efforts. Just try to diversify and gain awareness through other channels.

Discord, Slack, and Reddit communities are “the new blogs” when it comes to engagement and valuable discussions. Building a community there is definitely worth a shot.

It’s going to be a battle against the tide… But as long as your pages aren’t drowning in the dark depths of search results, there’s hope.


Don’t hire a copywriter until you’ve checked out samples from these market-tested writers


Need the perfect content as soon as possible… but don’t have the time to write it yourself?

Consider it done!

With Panda Copy, you get quality work from pre-vetted, market-tested copywriters.

They’re fast. Clear on the pricing. And the integrated dashboard makes communication and collaboration effortless.

Check out their free writing samples!


3 examples of highly engaging thank-you pages


Know the best time to ask for referrals or gather more data from your customers?

It’s not after they receive their order.

It’s right after they make a purchase or subscribe.

While analyzing funnels for our Stacked Marketer Pro reports, we ran into a few solid pages that have at least one idea or element you might want to add to your own.

Here they are:

1. How did you hear about us?

We really like how PEEL executed this. The page still contains order info, but also gives the option of selecting how customers heard about them.

With attribution becoming harder, this seems like a must-have for brands.

2. Share with friends and get a discount.

Goli uses this pop-up to encourage buyers to share Goli’s products in exchange for a coupon.

It’s brilliant because you instantly turn your customers into ambassadors.

If you’re not comfortable doing this after the first purchase, it’s worth testing on repeat buyers.

3. Next steps.

LadyBoss, a women’s weight loss brand, offers a great example of giving customers next steps.

Whether that means joining a Facebook Group, installing an app, or signing up for an SMS list, just make sure you have it on your thank-you page.

It’s the time to keep your customers engaged!


BUSINESS: Head’s up if you’re planning free shipping offers this holiday season… The US Postal Service intends to increase shipping costs over the holidays “to help cover extra handling costs.” That’s understandable, but ouch.

E-COMMERCE: Dab, dab, smack. Lipstick and makeup sales are up 20%, proving the beauty industry is thriving despite inflation. Part of it could be due to weddings and returns to offices, and part of it to… well, recession trends.

GOOGLE: Content tool alert. Google just released a demo of Talk to Books, a tool that pulls search engine results straight from book excerpts. Could be a great way to take your content to new levels.

ANALYTICS: Running Google Analytics 4 through Google Tag Manager? Charles Farina has a template that can help you bypass the clunky dL.push({ecommerce: null}) between e-commerce pushes. Nice!

SNAPCHAT: OK then. Snap says that their audience is unique and you can’t reach them easily anywhere else… And they have stats to prove it.

SEARCH: Ever heard of IndexNow? It’s an open source protocol that helps publishers push content to search engines. It’s growing and now accounts for 7% of all new URL clicks on Bing. Will we see more instant indexing in the future?


What’s stronger than a boulder, but weaker than a flying insect?

You can find the answer here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Forget about tasting the rainbow. Taste a star instead…


Proxima Centauri appears to have a round, reddish astral body with shades of warmly-colored circles spread across its surface.

… Almost like a slice of sausage.

Which isn’t a bad description, because as a matter of fact… It is sausage.

Yep, the alleged photo of Proxima Centauri taken with a James Webb Space Telescope is really just a slice of chorizo on a black background.

In a troll move, a renowned French physician got tens of thousands of people to like and retweet his photo, proving once again that you shouldn’t believe everything you see online.

We have a feeling Proxima Centauri would go well with a slice of moon cheese, a nebula cracker, and a glass of Milky Way. Yum.

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