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F8 Refresh, Facebook’s annual conference, is over. Facebook published a blog post with the key announcements titled “All about developers”.

Scratch that. It’s all about marketers. Two thirds of the announcements are extremely relevant if you’re a marketer. We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled those relevant announcements right here.

First up: The Instagram bots are coming.

Facebook has made their Instagram Messaging API available to all developers.

What this means: Take everything you like about Facebook Messenger bots. Instagram will be getting the same functionality (and more) very soon.

Now that all developers have access to it, expect to see a slew of new tools focused on messaging automation in the near future.

Second at bat: WhatsApp is becoming more business-friendly.

Businesses will get features like onboarding, improved notifications, and better communication with people on WhatsApp. This is part of Facebook’s approach to bring more businesses to the app: And updates like these are encouraging.

And, finally: Facebook wants to replace email (again)?

Facebook has introduced a new feature called “Login Connect with Messenger”.

You’ve probably used the blue “Login with Facebook” button in the past. You press it, click “Continue as [your name],” and you can immediately log in to whatever site you want to use.

With this update, after clicking on “Continue as [your name],” you will be taken to another window where Facebook will ask you if you want the business to contact you via Messenger.

According to Facebook, when people see this window, more than 70% of them opt in.

Woah. If this percentage remains consistent, expect to see “Login with Facebook” buttons on many more websites and apps.


What’s going on with Apple’s ATT?

Alex Bauer of Branch, a mobile analytics company, has an answer based on some recent data.

Low adoption: iOS 14.5 came out a month ago, yet only 20.6% of iOS users have installed it. It appears that Apple is not in a rush to force people to install the new version.

The impact on attribution: Marketers are really feeling the effect here. Due to Apple’s changes, 14 out of every 15 ad-driven installs can no longer be attributed.

This does not apply to Apple Search Ads, though. Apple has its own attribution API and its “successful attribution rate” is at 124.49 percent, compared to 6.64 percent for all other networks. Ouch.

The real ATT opt-in rates: You’ve probably seen reports ranging anywhere from 1 percent to 60%.

Why the big difference: There are lies, more lies and statistics. The devil is in the details. Different companies use different methods to calculate opt-in rates and thus reach different conclusions.

According to Bauer, companies measure ATT opt-in rates in three ways:

  • By the percentage of opt-in iOS user base
  • By the percentage of users who select “Allow” when shown the prompt
  • By the percentage of ad impressions containing an IDFA (Identifier For Advertisers)

The Crew’s take: We understand that all of this can sound very confusing. This is the difficult part of marketing, with a lot of numbers, stats and formulas. Is it, however, worthwhile to sit down and learn this stuff? Totally. Especially if you don’t want to be misled by bad statistics that push an agenda and cause you to make bad decisions as a result.


What’s the difference between influencers and creators?


For influencers, work is a way to make money. So… they’ll work with anyone. And post anything!

Creators are different. They see their work as a craft, so they protect what they post. They take pride in collaborations (and keep them up on the feed!). That’s how they build trust – and true influence – with their audience.

#paid connects you with the most influential creators – fast and easy. UberEats uses it to find creators and launch campaigns in under 10 minutes!

How does it work?

#paid uses your company’s brief to match you with creators who already love your brand. Every creator is pre-qualified before you ever see them.

When you get your creator matches, you’ll see short creative pitches that’ll help you pick your final campaign roster.

Brands like Nestle, Volvo, H&M, Starbucks, Hydrant, and IKEA use #paid get consumers to talk about their brand and buy their products.

You might’ve heard Josh Snow say it’s a great place to find creators in his interview with us.

Stop scrolling for influencers. Get paired with creators instead → Find the right creator for your brand.


Experimenting with Twitter carousels in the SERP


Having your tweets featured on the first page of Google can mean a serious amount of traffic your way. Yet this format is often overlooked.

Brodie Clark took matters into his own hands and shared his findings.

Let’s check some background of the experiment before diving into the results.

The ingredients: To perform the experiment, Brodie needed a Twitter account that had the ability to yield a tweet carousel on Google, a website URL, along with having Google Analytics installed and Google Search Console verified for the website.

What did Brodie do?

  • He created a blank page on his site with some text and a GIF. He set up the page to not be indexed by Google. This was needed for clear attribution.
  • He shared the tweet. This tweet asked people to take part in the experiment by clicking a link that searched for “brodie clark”. He managed to generate 400 searches this way.


  • Google Analytics: At the end of the testing period, the page received 199 sessions from various data sources.
  • Google Search Console: 103 clicks and 367 impressions.


  • Country and device types impact the result. For instance, the average position for the tweet carousel was quite high in the US at 1.2, whereas more broadly on mobile the average position was lower overall at 3.5.
  • Twitter carousels can appear for both branded and no-branded searches. However, for non-branded queries with high search volume, visibility can be short-lived.

So, should you test Twitter carousels as well? According to Brodie Clark, it’s more prolific to spend this time elsewhere, like improving site-wide content quality, reviewing sitemaps, links etc. Although his audience thinks it’s worth trying.


SEO: Brace yourselves! Google is rolling out the June 2021 Core Update. We hope you’ll still manage to get some sleep these days.

ADVERTISING: Everyone’s trying to replace third-party cookies nowadays. Amazon is latest to the list.

TWITTER: Not everything you see on the internet is true. 20% of Twitter Trends were faked, according to a report.

MARKETING: Don’t worry, you’re not losing our job anytime soon. Digital marketing careers on the rise, according to a new LinkedIn report.

GOOGLE: What helps you rank on Google News? Google’s Transparency report provides some interesting insights.

INSTAGRAM: Did you know? Instagram penalized shared posts on stories because they were “not original content”. Now the social network is changing all of that.

ADVERTISING: It’s a done deal – Revcontent has been acquired by Star Mountain Capital and Capital Dynamics. The goal is that the company will have more flexibility and firepower, and we certainly hope that’s the case.


If you eat me, my sender will eat you. What am I?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Yet another Google Easter Egg


Stop what you are doing right now. Head onto Google and type “Ross Geller”.

Notice anything unusual? Yeah, click on that piece of furniture and see what happens.

Repeat the same for Phoebe Buffay, Rachel Green, Chandler Bing, Monica Geller and Joey Tribbiani.

Google wants to make googling “Friends” characters more friendly. The show ended years ago, but memories stay forever.

Also, if you type “friends glossary”, you’ll see a random word from the show that’s not really a word. Like “breezy”. Or “floppy”. Or “Vtox”. If you haven’t watched Friends, these words will look alien. But if you have, you’d be able to decipher them faster than Phoebe’s music career.

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