An easy & compliant way to retarget other websites’ visitors. Instagram+Shopify stupidly-simple strategy to go from 12 followers to $1.3k in 6 days – without running any ads. Unleash the power combo of Google & FB and bid bans goodbye.



Last minute BFCM tips for late boomers

Tik-Tok-Tik-Tok… That’s the sound of the clock slowly approaching the BFCM days.

We have already discussed a lot of strategies for you to prepare for this moment. However, if you’re late for the party we still have some last-minute tactics to help you manage your paid search campaigns right through the season.


Let’s get straight into them:

+ Holiday promotion extensions. These ad extensions are perfect for the holiday season. You can add them at account, campaign or ad group level.

+ Holiday In-market audiences. Use Google’s Seasonal Shopping in-market audiences for holiday shopping.

+ Rules and Alerts. Set up rules and use scripts to automate as much as possible. Wanna get fancy? Use IFTTT triggers to send emails marked ‘Urgent’ or messages to your prospects’ phone as a call or text, removing the need for you to check emails every five minutes.

+ Query monitoring. Close variants have expanded to most keyword match types. Monitor your search terms reports for close variants queries and set thresholds if those queries are spending a lot of money but not performing well.

+ Impression Share Monitoring. Keep checking for unexpected surges in traffic and cost and look for dramatic increases in impression share. This can be a good indication that a competitor has upped their aggression.

Are you marketing in a B2B niche? Check out this article for more insights.


The Facebook Ads alternative to try in 2020

If you’re looking for an alternative to Facebook, we’ve found a post that could be very useful.

Keep in mind that the following case study isn’t exactly a game changer, but it’s a good idea that you can explore further if your interest is piqued.

It has been shared by Evan Burtis, and the juice is this: Google Shopping Ads on the front end and Facebook Ads on the back end. Here’s how he makes it:

  • Start a Google Shopping Campaign with a $20-30 daily budget to gather data.
  • As soon as conversions arrive, lower the bid and increase the budget.
  • Track the data with your Facebook Pixel and then build all the retargeting audiences: Page Views, Add To Carts, Initiate Checkout, etc.

He also listed some of the benefits of using Google Ads for this strategy:

  • Unlike with FB, you don’t have to deal with ad fatigue.
  • You go straight for the high-intent audience and then you retarget them where they hang out.
  • You don’t need to build social proof on your ads like you often have to do on Facebook.
  • Google has great customer support for advertisers. Hey Facebook… Cough cough.

Well, we hope this has sparked your interest and given you some ideas.


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Check out the Global CPC rates and Volumes.

4. Instant Campaign Approval and real-time data aggregation. Quit wasting your time waiting for your campaigns to be approved or for the data to come back to analyze.

5. Golden Quarter: As we are coming into the holiday season, this is always the business time of the year for online marketing. Get ahead of the craze and make sure you have the right traffic backing your campaigns!

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Instagram+Shopify strategy to hit $1.3k in 6 days

This case study looks at how MD Tanvir took an IG Page with 12 followers in the cat niche and made some nice sales… All with organic traffic.

Shall we move to it?

First thing he had to do was find a way to trigger people’s emotions, so he decided to give 25% of sales revenue to cat charities. Obviously he then communicated this to prospects.

Then, he proceeded this way:

+ Viral Method: He started to repost viral content about the cat niche that he found in the Explore tab. This allowed him to start getting some engagement from similar accounts and hit the Explorer Tab.

+ Follow for Follow: He followed up to 1k accounts in its niche, but didn’t unfollow them. These accounts were to serve as an initial boost to the viral content that was needed to make it to the Explorer page.

+ Welcome DMs: For every account that followed back, he sent them a welcome dm with a 10% discount code.

+ Telegram groups: Once the page started to get some traffic, he began sharing his posts in some Telegram engagement groups in order to get more Likes and comments. Meanwhile, he kept engaging with other accounts, with the goal being to build rapport in the community as fast as possible.

+ NatySocial: On day four, he started using NatySocial, a service that runs an account on mass looking. Basically, it can view up to 400k stories a day without restrictions. He only used it for the first 3 day trial.

This allowed his page to hit up to 80k visits per week.

+ Repost (Coin Exchange): He used some apps that allow him to earn virtual coins by following and commenting on posts. He then used these coins to get engagement on the IG Page.

Finito! These are all the strategies he used to drive traffic to its store. He said that the goal is to get at least 5 conversions per day. He selected products from AliExpress that have a WOW factor, solve a problem and can be marked up to at least 3 times the original cost.

That’s all. Looks too easy to work, right? Well, MD Tanvir said he used these steps to scale different IG Accounts up to 100k followers. So… he might be onto something here.


  • WITTER: Twitter will start to delete all inactive accounts on December 11. But you have a chance to save yourself.
  • TOOLS: Targeting other websites’ audiences? Repixel makes this possible by connecting non-competitive companies in the same industry and allowing them to easily retarget one another’s websites. Pay on a CPM basis.
  • YOUTUBE: A quick reminder about these YouTube Bumper ads that you can use to drive huge brand reach and frequency this holiday season.
  • SEO: One of the most overlooked SEO tactics is to use testimonials and reviews to build links, and this shows you how to do it in the right way.
  • POLICIES: DAA introduces CCPA opt-out mechanism similar to ‘ad choices’. The advantage for consumers is that they can opt-out once and have that choice recognized in future visits.


How do you spell COW in thirteen letters?

You’ll find the answer at the end of this email.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

What should you do when nobody loves you? Like…nobody

You gotta own your thing like a boss.

That’s what this guy did when he was unable to find love on God’s good Earth.

Fed up of dating apps with no right-swipes, he created his own dating app for himself and all the lovely beings from Venus.

“The biggest problem with the other apps is that my face is not featured prominently.”

He struck gold by coming up with this idea of wiping the whole competition out.

“If life gives you lemons, you should first make lemonade. Then make sure no other companies can produce or distribute their own soft drinks. So the only game in town is lemonade.”


With the help of a programmer friend, he created this dating app called Singularitywhere women aren’t greeted with a seemingly endless carousel of potential matches each time they swipe.

Instead, they’ll be met with a rotating collection of pictures that only feature our boy Smith.

We tried contacting Smith for an update on how things are going for him with his new app, but he hasn’t got back to us. He’s probably super busy with all those women at the moment.

We are not sure whether we should wait for an update or just let him enjoy his much cherished time. So, The Crew decided to give it a pass.



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