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Facebook and Instagram ads have 3 new features

Facebook is taking short-form content seriously. The company has just announced new updates that will allow you to create several new types of advertisements:

+ Instagram Reels Ads

Think of Reels Ads as Instagram Story Ads, but for Reels. These ads will be full-screen, up to 30 seconds long, and users will be able to interact with them (like, view, save, share), just like with organic Reels posts.

Instagram Reels Ads will be available in India, Brazil, Germany, and Australia at first, with more countries to follow in the coming months.

+ Sticker Ads for Facebook Stories

Facebook will also be testing Sticker Ads for Facebook Stories.

Great for e-commerce: Say you sell handbags and would like to collaborate with a few handbag influencers. Now, those influencers can create a Facebook story with your handbag, place a small sticker with the text “shop now” in their story. When people click on the sticker, they’ll be taken to your shop.

Facebook will also pay those influencers a percentage of ad revenue.

+ New targeting option: Topics

In addition to targeting ads by audience, you will now be able to show your ads on videos related to a specific topic.

For example: Let’s say you’re selling golf gloves. You can now select “Golf” as a topic and have your ad appear on all Facebook videos about golf. You’ll be able to select from 20 main video topics (such as sports) and over 700 sub-topics (like basketball, swimming and more).


Create chaos, then take advantage of it


In light of Apple’s ATT update coming this Monday, Facebook shared a post descrbibing the final touches brands need to get ready.

The post is, well, long. And complicated. The vast bulk of it is about mobile apps, which will need to update several things, such as the Facebook SDK, set up a conversion schema, implement Apple’s SKAdNetwork API, and plenty more.

Apple, on the other hand, appears to be working on a new ad slot for its App Store. If you are a mobile app advertiser, this will provide you with new opportunities to increase app installs – without a bunch of complicated APIs and integrations.

The Crew’s take: Apple appears to be aware that app advertisers will begin to complain about ROIs from third-party platforms such as Facebook, and is working to “address” this problem.

In other words, Apple created this monster – now they’re attempting to solve part of the problem.


Do banks hate online marketers?


Ask hundreds of online marketers and they will tell you that at least once in their life they had one of these problems with their banks:

  • Their accounts got frozen and it took weeks and dozens of calls to get them back.
  • The bank put a limit on their spend and they couldn’t scale their campaigns.
  • Can’t get cards or accounts in different currencies, losing hundreds of dollars in exchange fees.

It’s because they never met Juni, a financial partner tailored for media buyers, e-commerce stores, affiliate marketers, networks and everyone that runs a business online.

1% cashback on your ad spend. Free unlimited physical credit cards and virtual cards. Accounts available in multiple currencies. Custom spend limit. And more.

While for some banks you’re just a number, Juni truly wants to understand your needs. They assign an account manager to every user, from day 1, and treat you like a peer. So you can focus on running your business rather than talking to your old bank’s customer support and not getting any results.

Juni is in open beta, and they’re setting the foundation to revolutionize the future of the banking experience for online companies. And they’re looking for marketers that join them in building this vision.

If you’re based in the EU, UK, Iceland and Norway (cards not launched here yet) you can access the banking experience made for online marketers right away.

Try Juni here.


Today is the day!


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Stop chasing winning products


A lot of people starting their e-commerce or dropshipping products get obsessed with finding the “winning product”. However, this research often ends up being a huge waste of money.

According to this thread by KOBE, you don’t need to kiss many frogs before finding the 6 figures product.

You should not start with products. Instead, identify a common emotion, determine how it manifests itself in the economy, and capitalize on it.

The steps are simple:

  1. Find a desire, feeling, or problem that a group of people is spending money to solve.
  2. Learn about that desire and the group of people who have it.
  3. Find companies who are solving that exact same desire with their products.
  4. Sell the exact same product, an accessory to it, or a completely different product that solves the same problem.

The example KOBE makes is about people’s current need to feel safe:

“According to the widely cited Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting consulting firm, total firearm sales in August 2020 alone exceeded sales for the entirety of 2019.”

2020 has not been a pleasant year, and many people have felt unsafe. So, what exactly did they do?

They went out and bought guns. But this doesn’t mean you should begin dropshipping AK-47s. It’s just a starting point.

When people feel insecure, they don’t manifest this sentiment just by buying guns. There are other products to solve this problem.

Start researching tools and search for related keywords: home security, security, safety. You’ll start finding all the products people are buying to satisfy this need.

And you’ll find businesses banking on these emotions. In this case, KOBE found different ones:

She’s Birdie, Guardian Torch, Haven, and The Stringer Tools.

If there are big businesses built around this problem, it means people are spending. And, there’s the chance to make some bread.


TWITTER: The social network is testing a new profile type called “Professional Profiles”.

CONTENT MARKETING: Data from Yelp show a general spike in new business openings.

GOOGLE: According to one marketer, Google Auto Recommendations aren’t working quite as well as they should.

SNAPCHAT: This Snpachat report shows its users are eager to return to real-world activities.

FACEBOOK: Facebook is re-configuring its News Feed algorithms by asking users to report “negative experiences” in the News Feed.

CONTENT MARKETING: According to a recent analysis, there is an increase in the number of advertisers looking to sponsor high-quality newsletters.

TIKTOK: The social network is working on the ability to pin comments. Are sponsored TikTok comments the next big thing?


Why was the broom late?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

The UK wants to teach you how they spy on people


MI5, the UK’s NSA, has just launched a new Instagram page where they teach you the secrets of successful spying.

You’re probably wondering: Why the heck would a spy agency need an Instagram account?

To “open up and reach out in new ways” according to Ken McCallum, MI5’s director.

OK, that kind of makes sense. So what’s the secret to being a successful spy?

“Consider all angles” was in their first Instagram post. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, and assume that better insights are yet to come…

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