April 1, 2019


Leveraging Google Shopping Ads. $165k/m case study

Let’s start the week with some practical info you can implement right away. Are you using Google Shopping Ads for your store? If not, here is a nice ground to get started.

Then, another FB Ads case study for e-commerce.

Let’s go…

Using Google Shopping Ads for Ecomm

We’ve recently talked a lot about leveraging Google Shopping Ads to generate more sales.

Now, according to Karianne Gagnon, you can find some low hanging fruits with GSA. So if you’re struggling with FB Ads, or want to expand your marketing mix, here are her suggestions to started with GSA.

1. Merchant Center: First step is to create a Google Merchant Center.

2. Data Feed: Next, we look into creating your data feed to send your store data to the Merchant Center. You can use the DataFeedWatch Shopify App for this.

3. Keywords Research: How do you come up with keywords to target? Here is what Karianne suggests:

  • Not too competitive: You don’t want to bid $3 for a click.
  • Decent volume: At least 500 searches per month.
  • Fruitful keywords: Look at the existing ads for the keywords you’re interested in and see if you can maintain a decent margin with them.

4. Uploading with specifics guidelines: People looking for products on Google have a buying intent. They’re looking for the right place to buy from and at the best price possible. You don’t have to convince them about buying. Rather, you need to:

  • Make them trust your store.
  • Be competitive on the price.
  • Showcase the quality of your product.

5. Starting some Ads: Time to start a “Shopping Campaign”. You can target one country. For the bid strategy, use “Maximize Clicks”. Cap your max click at a decent price (between 10 and 50 cents.)

6. Monitoring your ads: You’ll start to get clicks and impressions now, but here are some issues you should look out for and how to approach fixing them:

  • CTR under 0.9%? Use better images or have a better price.
  • Zero sales or low Conversion Rate? Check if you’re bidding on the right keywords. Or perhaps your store has trustworthiness issues.
  • Too much money for a few sales? Lower your bid.

7. Cutting the bad: Check all products that spent more than $20 without pulling a conversion and exclude them.

8. Scaling: Duplicate the ad with the products that are working. However, there are some guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Do not drastically increase the budget.
  • Do not keep switching the bid around in a panic. Give the algorithms at least 5 days to adjust, although waiting for 7 days is optimal.
  • Keep notes of all your changes so you can revert to the original if you mess your CPP up.
  • Remove keywords that are not profitable if they spend $20 without conversions.

9. Diagnosis: After a month or two you should aim for these metrics:

  • 300% + ROAS
  • 0.3 CPC (mine are 0.5 to 0.25)
  • $17 CPP (mine are $13)
  • 5% of the products are performers.
  • 15% net margin.

Finish line. Good stuff if you want to start buying Google Shopping Ads.

Karianne said that currently, Google Shopping is easier to implement than Facebook Ads. So, if you’re just approaching the e-commerce space it could be a nice first step for you to take.

165K/month revenue with a 21% net margin

Zenneth Ken See shared his strategy which helped him scale his e-commerce store to $200K revenue in a month and a half using FB Ads.

Let’s take a look at it, starting from the testing phase:

Testing Phase with Page Post Engagement.

  • PPE objective.
  • At least 5-10 different ad creatives (videos, photos etc).
  • Top 7 geos: USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Netherlands
  • No interest or broad related interest.
  • Look at metrics like CTR, ATC, IC, or even PUR to pick the best performing 2-3 creatives and use them for the next phase: Website Conversion campaign.

Testing phase with Website Conversion objective.

  • Purchase objective.
  • 20-30 single interests, audience size at least 1 M, although 2M is the sweet spot according to Zenneth.
  • 1 interest per ad set with the 2/3 well performing creatives. Budget: $6-10/day. Run for at least 3 days.
  • After 48 hours: Kill ad set without Add To Carts.
  • After 72 hours: Kill ad set without Purchases.
  • Aim for a CPC lower than $1 and a CPM lower than $20.
  • Only scale an ad set once it gets at least 3 sales and is consistently ROI-positive for 3-5 days.
  • Best metrics to look at are CPP (Cost Per Purchase), Number of purchases and ROAS.

Scaling Phase

  • Purchase Objective.
  • Duplicate good performing ad sets x2 at same budget, x2 at double budget and x2 at a triple budget.
  • Scale horizontally by finding more interests similar to good performing interests.
  • LLAs: VV 75%, VV 95%, VC, ATC, IC, PUR, Top Time Spent 5% 10% 25%, Engaged with Ads, Saved Ads, Clicked CTA Button, Email List.

Interestingly, Zenneth Ken See suggests not to increase the budget of working ad sets. He also recommends registering your business before starting the scaling phase in order to avoid issues with Shopify and Paypal.

The debatable part of this case study could be about using PPE campaigns for the testing phase. Some people suggest going straight for the WC objective, while others suggest different tactics.

However, it’s always a testing game, and for Zenneth, it certainly worked out.

This completes our case studies for the day! Wishing you a good start to a new week!


The best place to find skilled, reliable and hard-working remote workers!

We’re speaking from experience here. OnlineJobs.ph is the place where we found our first and oldest hire almost 4 years ago. Have a look at our logo, our social media posts, our memes and all our videos for the past year! All visuals are done by that same awesome guy!

Anytime we’re looking for virtual assistants, programmers, designers or writers, we put a job listing on OnlineJobs.ph as well.

That’s because we always get several very good candidates. There’s a huge talent pool to choose from.

Now, don’t get us wrong, not all applicants are so-called rockstars. You must have a process to choose the best ones for you, you have to make sure you understand their work culture, you will also have to provide some basic training – just like any new hires.

If you’re a seasoned business person, you already know a thing or two about hiring. If you’re new to this, OnlineJobs.ph has its own very detailed guide on how to hire and manage your team. Whether you recruit on their platform or somewhere else, it’s very helpful.

By the way, one misconception is that you are just working with freelancers. That’s mostly not true. You are hiring full-time, reliable people to be there for your business when it needs it! People who are used to working in remote teams and adapt to your time zone needs.

Why is OnlineJobs.ph better than alternatives?

  • Everyone speaks English. In case you didn’t know it, just about everyone with an Internet connection in the Philippines has a good level of English.
  • Background data checks on your candidates.
  • Worker coaching service. If you need help training your new hire, it’s included in the Premium plan!
  • No long term commitment. Once you found the right candidate, you don’t pay anymore. You just enjoy the productivity of your new hires!
  • Over 500,000 resumes to choose from. Yeah, that’s a big talent pool!

We’ve made some big claims about the platform but why don’t you try it for yourself? You can post 3 jobs for free. If you are already convinced, check the Pro or Premium options at $69/month or $99/month.

If you want to test it out for free, all you have to do is sign up for an account right here and post your job.


Mark wants a more regulated Internet. “Why am I seeing this ad?” even for posts now. Bugs everywhere!

Mark Zuckerberg shared his vision about the interwebz. Meanwhile, another bug might have seen Facebook bothering you about your lands’ poor experience.

There’s a new feature for organic posts too, and a reason to check your calendar.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Vision of the Internet

Technology is constantly evolving. Rules for the Internet are ever changing.

Zuck recognizes this too as he shares his vision to provide more freedom for people to express themselves, for entrepreneurs to build innovative things and, at the same time, protecting society from broader dangers.

Here are the four areas where he thinks new regulations are needed:

  • Harmful content. Facebook has been constantly working on policies and tools to prevent hate speeches, terror propaganda and more. However, they have made mistakes and made decisions that people haven’t necessarily agreed with. They are now creating an independent body so that their decisions can be appealed.
  • Political content. Significant changes have already been made to political ads. Identity verification for political advertisers and a searchable archive for political ads have been made available.

Their systems will now be more effective by creating common standards for verifying political actors.

  • Privacy and data protection. Mark believes that it would be good for the Internet if more countries adopted regulation such as GDPR as a common framework. Protecting user rights to choose how their information is used while enabling companies to use information for safety purposes and to provide services.
  • Data Portability. If users share data with one service, they should be able to move it to another. This gives people a choice and enables developers to innovate and compete.

Facebook plans to support a standard data transfer format and the open source Data Transfer Project.

Well, this is what Mark talked about, but of course there’s a lot more to debate. It’s time to clearly implement these rules to define clear responsibilities for people, companies and governments going forward.

Poor landing page experience? Just a(nother) bug

If you have been seeing a notification in your Ads Manager labelling your ads as “Poor Landing Page Experience”, this is the action you need to take: Ignore it!

Yes, it’s just a bug which has now been identified and fixed by Facebook.

It didn’t have any effect on the performance of your ads over the weekend. Rather, it was just a random sticky note that got attached to your campaigns.

You can continue to get on with your lives as usual.

PS: Probably, if you’re seeing other nonsense errors like this, it could be for the same reason: a bug!

Why am I seeing this post?

Facebook is introducing a new feature for your newsfeed – “Why am I seeing this post?”

The idea is to help users more easily and freely control what posts they see from friends, Pages and Groups in their News Feed. It will also show how your past interactions impact the ranking of posts in your News Feed.

Updates are also being made to one of our basic spy tools – “Why am I seeing this Ad?” Soon, you will be able to see more information about the ads you see in your newsfeed.

Facebook bug costs this marketer $2M!

“ALERT: Go straight to your Ads Manager and check your stats. ‘Cause this guy experienced a $2M spent in one night, despite his campaigns being off”.

That is how we were going to start this post. Then we noticed the date and realized we’d been fooled… Yep, it happens to cool guys like us too…

It’s an April Fool Prank made by Dimitri Nikolakakis to all Facebook advertisers. A well-executed prank! Well played, Dimitri!

But you’re probably wondering: Why the heck are you reporting about a prank?

Well, it turns out there are a few lessons to be learned even from this light-hearted prank:

  • Check your calendar: it’s April 1. Make sure you double check every clickbaity post/article you see around.
  • Marketers are so frightened by Facebook’s unpredictability that many of them were easily fooled by Dimitri.
  • Screenshots are not a reliable source of evidence… Have a look at the post to understand why. Simply put, don’t trust people based on screenshots.
  • You can come up with nice headlines even from a joke: have a look at our subject line… If you opened this email, it probably worked!


Custom Audiences uploaded to most countries

As a search marketer using Bing Ads as part of your modest armoury, you will now be able to use Custom audiences across the globe, except E.U., Norway and Switzerland.

What does this mean?

You will now be able to retarget your existing audiences with custom communication in more countries than before.

While Google, Facebook etc simply allow you to upload a list of your customers for retargeting, Bing retargeting works in a slightly different manner.

Bing Ads has partnered with a handful of data management platforms (DMP) like Adobe Audience Manager, LiveRamp and Oracle BlueKai to do this.

Once you enable this integration, your Custom Audiences will appear in Audiences under Shared Library in Bing Ads. You can then use these custom audiences at the ad group level as target and bid, bid only or as an exclusion. Bid adjustments can be set at the audience level.

More on Bing Custom Audiences:

  • You can only use first-party data. Third-party data is not permitted.
  • These audiences can also be accessed via the Bing Ads API.
  • Bing reports an 18% increase in CTR for advertisers who tested this feature.


Google Spreadsheets is turning into a Translator

Google Spreadsheets just got a new feature. It looks like you can start using translations in the document itself. Basically, Google Translate has been integrated into Google Doc.

If you want to have a look at how it works, head here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Elon Musk raps to The Crew’s tunes

Elon tries so hard to get featured in our poolside stories. Seriously, he’s willing to go above and beyond to take this space and we didn’t even ask for it. We love him for that!

This time, he convinced us only after agreeing to release a rap track about Harambe. How could we say no to that?

As The Crew instructed, he has uploaded his track on Soundcloud here.

TechCrunch might tell you that there is no word on precisely what role Musk played in the creation of the track, but at least you know the reason behind it.

Well, that’s how we make these billionaires roll, including you! Haha…Happy April Fools day! But the track is gold anyway!

Seriously though, wanna feature in our poolside stories? Let your freak flags fly!

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