April 19, 2019



Rocketing lead gen campaigns. Workarounds for FB Page score. IG and FB data leaked, again

4 elements of a successful lead gen campaign. How to avoid a low FB Page score from killing your campaigns’ performance. And it’s yet another data leak…

4 elements of a high-performance lead gen campaign

Are you into lead generation? This might be deliciously interesting for you.

Jason How shared what, according to him, are the 4 elements of a high performance lead gen campaign, And his insights have received a lot of praise in many groups.

Let’s get straight to the good stuff.

First of all, Jason says that before focusing on the media buying process, you need a good marketing idea as your foundation. This is especially true when you’re working with a smaller budget.

With this thought, he goes on to talk about these 4 successful elements:

1) Differentiation

This is about finding a unique way to position your offer. In other words: Unique angles.

Remember though, unique doesn’t always mean new. In fact, a completely new offer might not perform well because people are unfamiliar with it. Unfamiliarity goes hand in hand with discomfort.

So, create 3-5 different ways of positioning, test them, and when you find the top 3 performers, rotate them.

2) Light Touch Engagement

Light touch engagement refers to the ads and emails that your leads are consuming.

So, once a prospect becomes a lead, the next step is to remarket to them on several channels other than FB. Search and Youtube are good to get started and easy to set up.

3) Close-up engagement

This is all about science and biology. It turns out that when a lead opts in, chemicals in their brain actually condition them in a way that they are essentially already pre-sold on what they signed up for.

Take advantage of this “hot mindset” to turn a lead into a customer right after they sign up.

4) Prominence

Facebook is a great place to generate leads. However, remember that the majority of people won’t convert on the first try.

All you can do is to show up and subtly engage with them.

“Whether it’s positioning against an anti-persona or common enemy to build a bond, establishing authority, or bringing them deeper into your world, your retargeting campaigns will pay off when you make your prospects feel like you’re the prominent choice.”

In practice, this means building different retargeting strategies, because every prospect will act different and convert at a different stage.

How to prevent negative Feedback on FB

Negative feedback on your FB Page is known to destroy the Reach and CPMs of your campaigns, but there are ways to combat this issue.

Here are two options shared by Joseph D Lazukin that could help you:

Option 1: Go to your Business Manager and change all the standard events to custom events. For events like Purchase, Engagement etc, don’t just use the standard events, but create your custom events.

Why? Joseph says that FB algorithm cannot recognize custom events, so it won’t influence your page scores because Facebook won’t actually know when you made a sale or any other kind of conversion.

You need to change the URLs of the pages where the events are fired. Why?

Because FB could still recognize that a custom event is a purchase based on the page where your new custom event is fired. For example, change the URLs of the Thank You page, where the Purchase events were fired.

Option 2: Remove the FB pixel from your website and use UTMs and Segment.com or similar third party tools to track sales.

The Crew’s Take

While these workarounds can work, remember that implementing option 2 means losing all of the optimization that FB does for you. Plus, you’ll have to upload customer audiences on your own.

So, we leave it to you to decide whether it’s worth the extra time and money.

Instead, to address this problem at the root, you could just promote better products and have a good customer service system set up.

More passwords stored in plain text

Last month, we reported that some Facebook employees had access to 600M users’ passwords.

Yesterday, FB revealed that millions of Instagram passwords were also stored in plain text. However, they insist that this data hasn’t been abused.

This news comes less than 24 hours after FB announced that it had “unintentionally uploaded” the email contacts of 1.5 million new Facebook users since May 2016.

How did that happen? Facebook was asking some new users to provide their email passwords when they signed up.

But Business Insider discovered that when you signed in with your email and password, a message box popped up saying FB might have gathered all your contact list. Without previous consent.

Facebook has said that it is now deleting that data…

These two cases are just fresh additions to the large list of FB data leaks. No matter what they do, it seems Facebook just can’t stop themselves from losing their users’ trust.

Despite all this, its users’ base doesn’t seem to feel much impact even when these data breaches are revealed. We do hope that Facebook starts taking more care about its users’ information in the future though!


Brace yourselves! Nutaku spring sale is coming!

Have you heard of Nutaku already? They are one of the biggest publishers of more adult-themed video games out there. Their gaming offers are promoted all over the Internet. Both on popular adult and mainstream sites like Twitch, since their games can carefully walk that thin line with some affiliate creativity.

Desktop or mobile, it doesn’t matter because Nutaku has browser games, downloadable games and mobile games!

Why would you want to run this?

  • Direct and exclusive – you can only get these offers here!
  • Tried, true and tested funnels and products, so you don’t have to worry whether the offer is good or not.
  • Accepts 130+ geos – there are no geo restrictions for players you bring, just quality KPIs.
  • Huge payouts – Get great pay-per-lead payouts for worldwide traffic orLifetime Revshare!
  • Popular and branded, with over 10.5M registered users. As far as this game type goes, it’s as branded as it can get.
  • Countless video games to choose from, many of them that can be perfectly fine for mainstream traffic too! Some of the most popular ones include:
  1. Fap CEO – Get this offer here.
  2. Crystal Maidens – Get this offer here.
  3. Booty Farms – Get this offer here.
  4. Chick Wars – Get this offer here.

One more thing… From NOW until 6th May there’s the Nutaku spring sale going on! That’s gonna bring a huge boost to in-game purchases and higher revenue for all affiliates especially those on revshare! Don’t miss out on this!

Sign up to get your hands on all Nutaku gaming offers!


Like, no likes?

A potentially huge change is brewing on Instagram, with the platform currently exploring options to hide the Like count on content shared.

Instagram says it wants your followers to focus on what you share, rather than just how many likes your posts get.

The British Information Commission has recommended that social platforms, like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, offer the option to turn off these features that can encourage users to keep posting. 

The agency wants to ban these features in order to protect the safety and privacy of the platforms’ youngest users.

While blatant Likes can be demoralizing at times, they do incentivise users to post meaningful content that performs. There’s a reason why every single social media platform uses some form of Liking system, after all.

This would be a massive change in how the platform functions. We bet that many of the Influencers might already be considering a career change… *just kidding*


Two eBooks from Google to beef up your marketing skills

Google released 2 eBooks for marketers. The first one helps you prepare your marketing strategy for the Ramadan holiday season, while the second runs through more reasons why you should link your Google Ads and Analytics accounts right now.

A Cheat sheet to cash in during Ramadan

Ramadan, the holy festival of Muslims, is just around the corner. The religious festival will start during the first week of May and end a month later in the first week of June.

Not many advertisers are aware of this, but several industries experience spikes in business during this time.

Shared by Jim Banks, this is a 4-step process by Google for those of you who want to be prepared and promote their business during the Ramadan season.

Step 1: Insights based on facts and data.

  • Auto sales rise during the last 2 weeks of Ramadan as people search for good deals.
  • Demand for gaming consoles rises as summer holidays coincide with Ramadan.
  • The beauty industry witnesses a boost during Ramadan.
  • Apparel shopping increases 10 days before Eid (the day that marks the end of Ramadan) as people look for inspiration and to purchase the latest Eid looks.
  • Broadcast search data shows a huge spike in watch time of videos related to Arabic, Turkish series.

Step 2: The creative approach

  • Last year, more than half of all Ramadan videos watched were in the form of ads.
  • People are in the mood for stories. Most of these stories watched have been in the form of ads.
  • Web series are more popular during this month.
  • Most of the top ads are still dominated by themes surrounding family and togetherness.

Step 3: The types of audience

  • The Dedicated Watchers: They love ads, games and broadcast content. Most of them viewed on mobile.
  • The Devoted Fasters: They connect with their spirituality online, from Umrah searches to Quran guidance.
  • The Foodies: They search for Iftar and Suhoor recipes and look for information on restaurants.
  • The Groomers: They look for beauty looks for the season and tips to stay healthy.
  • The Travelers: In preparation for Eid holidays, they search for different aspects of travel. Inspiration on hotels, bookings etc.
  • The Gifters & Shoppers: They love to search for trendy Ramadan and Eid looks as well as gifts for their loved ones.

Step 4: Unlock your media plan

  • Attract: Build reach and awareness by focusing on the interests and passions of the above audiences that are relevant to your business.
  • Connect: Lock them in by focusing on intent to influence consideration.
  • Close: Close the sales with the retargeting of offer ads to people who showed an affinity towards your brand.

Want to know more? Download the Google Book here.

Ad accounts and Analytics – The Power Couple

Which marketing platforms should you link together and why? It’s a complete no-brainer, but still a lot of marketers are not reaping all the benefits of it.

According to Google, marketing leaders were 1.7X more likely than their sluggish counterparts to refresh their marketing metrics and dashboards on a weekly basis. 

They share these insights with their teams on a regular basis so that there’s a single source of truth. Do you do that?

88% of consumers like brands that provide helpful information throughout every step of their journey, from research to purchase. Still, only 47% of brands customize and serve them this information.

So how are leading marketers able to identify this information and use it to craft great experiences? By integrating their solutions for analytics and ads.

While Google Ads helps you create ads to promote your products and services, Analytics helps you gain a deeper understanding of your customers and how they’re engaging with your site, content, and products.

  • Insights-driven ads: This integration helps you get a clear view of how your ads are leading to conversions. This in turn allows you to quickly adjust creative and bidding accordingly.
  • Bid adjustments: You get access to new reports on your ads, allowing you to understand your customer’s path to conversion. These reports tell you what happens after users click on your ads, so you can adjust your bids accordingly and improve your campaigns.
  • Customized ad communication: This integration helps you show ads that are tailored to your audience and not just one source of communication to all audiences.
  • Smart Lists: Using machine learning, Smart Lists help you find and reach your most valuable customers. Smart Lists consider a variety of signals from your Analytics data to create audience lists that have the greatest chance of converting on their next session.
  • Cross-device capabilities: Learn how customers engage with your brand across different devices.

In case you haven’t already linked your Google Ads and Analytics, it’s never too late. Start now and take advantage of the plethora of data, insights, reports to stay ahead of your competition and make the most of your ad campaigns.

This eBook by Jonathan Meltzer, Director of Google Ads Marketing, contains more details on:

  • A step by step checklist to get started.
  • Instructions on activating Google signals, creating audiences and Smart Lists.
  • Creating and importing goals to Google Ads.
  • How to create and use acquisition, behaviour and conversion reports.

Looks like your weekend is sorted now!


First day as a public company

Yesterday was Pinterest’s very first day as a public listed company, and so far the debut has gone pretty well.

In fact, shares of Pinterest closed 28.58% higher than the IPO price. This shows that the stock market believes in a bright future for the company – at least on its first day.

This is a bit surprising, to be honest. Remember that the company has never had positive net earnings, despite all their growth.

Let’s see how the company uses shareholders’ money and if the investors’ trust will be rewarded.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

A must-try burger by the pool

Carl’s Jr, a major fast-food chain, will create history this 4/20 (20th April) with a weed-filled celebration for many Americans.

They are releasing the first ever cannabis-infused Rocky Mountain High: CheeseBurger Delight, starting in Colorado.

It will be priced at a fitting $4.20.

Well, we keep seeing you guys asking your friends about what their fave burger is. Until now, the witty responders favourite has been the McPickle.

Looks like everybody’s gonna have a new favourite soon, especially the vegans.

Address: 4050 Colorado Blvd. Denver, Colorado.
Time: Starting at 6 a.m. on Saturday.

Be there or be square!

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