August 20, 2018


The worst FB ads targeting advice you’ve ever heard

We somehow dug up this thread from a few months ago… Or better said, Facebook slapped it on our feeds for some reason. And we thought it’s great!

There’s a lot of advice when it comes to marketing in general, including Facebook so Justin Wise asked what is the absolute worst the Facebook Ad Buyers group has received.

There are a few gems there… But by far the winner is that you need a seasoned, very very warm pixel.

The Pixel is a tool that helps you build an audience, and your account does have a quality score, but ads optimize at the adset level, so in Chris Colvard’s words:

“…this seasoned pixel myth is just that, a myth. Anyone can optimize a campaign – adset with nothing on a new pixel.”

The worst advice, although not related to targeting, that we have seen and received had to do with statistical significance.

Basically, many people advise to start with $5/day ad sets, which let’s say has its place, but probably not when running conversion campaigns for Purchases on products that have a price of $25+.

You will never get enough conversions to optimize with that, and too many people advice that as a start with FB ads.

One of the most creative ads we’ve seen

That’s not everything from the Facebook Ad Buyers group today.

Matthew Donovan shared a very cool concept that we haven’t seen before.

A video ad that looks like 2 newsfeed posts and there is an interaction between them. OK, maybe this doesn’t explain it too well so here’s the original.

Seeing it should make it easier, right?


Here’s where you can find great brand domains

Whatever you’re doing online, you probably could use a good brand name and domain that goes with it.

The good ones are most often taken, or extremely expensive.

Luckily there’s this cool website called BrandBucket where you can instantly search for brandable domains based on keywords.

Now, you shouldn’t expect extremely cheap domains, but you should find a few in the low 4 figures, and sometimes cheaper depending on your keywords.

Just to throw our 2 cents in this though – because we’ve made this mistake. Don’t buy an expensive domain before your business shows some traction.

You can rebrand once you have things going, and even use it to gather more attention.

Chances are that your business will change constantly in the first 1-2 years, so getting too attached to a brand, and more importantly, paying thousands for a domain, might not be the smartest move.

“The (ban) hammer will come within the hour!”

That’s at least what the European Union is asking of all social media platforms when it comes to extremist content.

Now, you’re probably not involved in spreading this sort of stuff, we hope at least… but the effects are likely to still be felt.

The biggest challenge social media platforms have is to determine what is hate speech, extremist content, propaganda, etc.

It’s difficult for humans and even more so for machines to tell which is which but the EU is giving social media platforms 1 hour to take it down or face fines.

And here’s where affiliates could get affected again… It’s not a secret that some, if not most of you, push boundaries of compliance. And even those who don’t get account bans.

This pressure to stop spreading certain content will most likely mean another tweak towards the direction of “better safe than sorry” and more false positives for your ads.

This new legislation is to be published next month, so it’s not so far in the future either. Don’t expect fewer headaches with your ads approval for the rest of the year…

Retargeting – the ROI booster

Fun fact we’ve heard from a few marketers is that sometimes up to 80% of their campaigns would not be profitable without retargeting.

We’re sure some of you knew this already and are doing a good job at it already. We wanted to touch on the subject for two reasons though.

First off, Kiril Kirilov shared his quick tips in the Purple Knowledge Lab Group:

  • Don’t go for the discount right away
  • Put some testimonial videos in there
  • Talk benefits, not features
  • Don’t optimize for purchases

The second reason is that most classic affiliate funnels don’t use retargeting. We’ve said it for some time now that the biggest issue we see is with having to pay too much to reach the same audience.

With retargeting, although you still pay again, you have a much more qualified audience that can often generate over 10x ROAS.

So, whether you have your own product or are an affiliate, you should probably think how to include retargeting in your campaigns!


Here’s what’s working on native, straight from the source – and a deposit bonus!

So remember how one of the most sought after traffic types in 2018 is native? It’s considered great quality, high volume and very stable, especially when compared to stuff like Facebook.

There’s one common complaint about it though – it’s expensive to test. So we’ve worked together with the team at MGID to try and fix that issue for all you readers interested in native.

First off, we’ve bugged them to come up with info for what is working on their platform so affiliates know where to run and what vertical.

And they’ve delivered. If you go to the link below, you can get their traffic insights and case studies.

This can save you thousands in testing, especially if you combine it with info from your affiliate networks.

That’s part 1. Part 2 might be even better.

If you sign up through this link you will get an exclusive deposit bonus of 25% for an initial deposit between $500 and $5000.

This won’t be valid forever though, so you have until August 31, 2018 to use it!

That’s it. Native. With insights. And deposit bonus. Now get to work!

PS: The bonus is manually applied, so you have to also contact your account manager after you sign up.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

The Rubik’s cube is getting an upgrade…

You might think now “Does really everything need an app?” The answer is pretty simple. No, but it’s a game-changer in this case.

An $847,000 game changer to be exact – because that’s how much funding this project got so far on Kickstarter!

The start-up company Particula made the GoCube for every type of cuber. Newbie, novice, expert, doesn’t matter.

The GoCube app tracks every move of your cube, has fun challenges, even online leaderboards for you to compete with cubers all around the world. It’s kind of a FitBit for cubers.

The important thought to take away from this?

You don’t have to create something entirely new. Solve a problem, improve your solution and sell. That’s what affiliates do, it’s what tech-companies do, it’s what smart people do.

Oh, and you don’t have to do an ICO to raise money.

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