August 22, 2018


Your personal FB account now has a reputation score!

Yep, it’s not just your ad account anymore… But this score is for a different purpose, namely to have a more accurate view of what is really spam and what is a coordinated attack of false reports.

Basically, if you constantly report legitimate spam, FB will count your report as more trustworthy than someone who keeps bringing up fake reports. Pretty easy to understand.

This is all about FB’s fight against the spread of misinformation. Why are we bringing this up?

More accurate decisions bring both good and bad news, depending on which side you are on.

If you try to game FB’s system, it’s another step to make it harder. We’ve seen news and actions in this direction probably like once a week.

If you are legitimately following their rules, you should get less false positives on your WH campaigns. Should! AI is not going to be perfect this time either.

The Crew’s take on it

This might also be a step toward connecting personal accounts to advertising accounts much more. Sure, you have that connection now too, but your personal account rarely had a risk. 

Right now, if things continue in this direction, we might see more mass bans based on being connected with too many low reputation personal accounts.

Just yesterday we shared a post where someone reported a 7-figure WH Business Manager was fully banned. Tough times!

Leaked: Funnel guide straight from Facebook HQ

This is really something! Andrew Jude Rajanathan shared a massively useful document going in depth on funnels, called Signal-Based Full Funnel Playbook. This was posted in the Facebook Ads Experts Academy group.

It’s from June 2018 and it looks like being straight from FB. We would find it hard to believe someone would go through the trouble of making such a document look so legit without having any sort of sale attached to it so yeah… Looks real to us!

Now, the document is 57 pages long, so we can’t exactly summarise it here.

The main point of the document is to explain how you can shift your funnels to data-driven decisions and take away human assumptions.

Here’s the side-by-side comparison from the document:

Go check it out and by the way, click on the “Preview” icon, not Download – at least for us, that’s the only one that works. The other throws an error.


RIP wwwPromoter?

When you hear it once, it could be just a misunderstanding. But when multiple people say they can’t get in touch or run campaigns with them, things are looking bleak!

Multiple STM Forum users have the same issue – no traffic, funds stuck and support is nowhere to be seen.

Just a year ago wwwPromoter was a familiar presence at affiliate conferences. They had (or still have?) banner and pop traffic and was almost always recommended as worth testing, even though we rarely heard of it as extraordinary.

Speaking of their presence at conferences, we have a fun memory of them.

They sponsored AWE 2016 and had a speech on stage and boy it was memorable. It’s still the only speech we remember that was read off a paper and it had the cheesiest ending ever.

It’s still on AWC’s YouTube channel so you can check it out right here.

Back to more serious things – if you know what’s going on, or are also affected by this, reach out at [email protected] or reply to this email.

If you’re a current or past wwwPromoter employee: A lot of people would like some info from you!

A simple tip for the first Abandoned Cart email

Let’s go to more pleasant stuff, it’s not the end of the (advertising) world, even if sometimes we are the bearers of bad news.

Will Evans shared a really simple but ingenious tip for people who use an Abandoned Cart email sequence in the Ecom Empires group.

“Almost every time I implement this on a clients store… open rates are over +50%, Clicks above +10%, placed order above +5% (complete flow closer to 15% placed order)

The whole point of the email is to put the prospect in the frame that the order is going to happen anyway, but they just need to update their Payment/Shipment details. I think I originally heard this concept from Digital Marketer.

FYI – the subject line is: “ – Shipping Info Needed – Your Order Is On Hold”

Simple things can be very effective! We also see the potential of using this way of thinking for other emails. Sales emails are the obvious one, maybe for follow up on a discount offer too.


Some AI for the common marketer, not just for the big boys in Silicon Valley

Yes, there are more and more AI tools for us, the ones not able to build them from scratch. It’s not only for FB to use in their fight against misleading ads.

You can use them to optimize your campaigns too… But you knew that by now, right?

So here are two bits of good news on that front.

First off, Adobe Sensei, the company’s machine learning tools will soon be predicting the best times to send a marketing email.

So if you’re using Adobe Campaign, you will only have to give a start and end date for your email campaign and the AI will do the rest.

Next, we ran into what we would think of as an “optimization engine as a service”, called

How does it work? Well, it first analyzes then optimizes. Yes, it’s a very vague way of putting it but basically you put machine learning into your funnels, the AI learns and then it adjusts elements to improve your ROI.

Just check out their website and decide if it’s for you or not!


An awesome community for Facebook Ad Buyers

There’s a lot of noise out there when it comes to marketing, especially Facebook ads.

Finding some good content is like finding a needle in a haystack – we should know, we look for the needle every day to create this newsletter!

For a few years now, one guy stood out as a tried-and-true expert on the topic: Tim Burd.

We’ve featured posts from his Facebook group intuitively named Facebook Ad Buyers, and you’ve seen him speak at conferences around the world, so you should be familiar with the quality he brings to the table.

Enter AdLeaks, Tim’s latest project.

AdLeaks is a premium community for ad buyers. It’s the place where the top 5% marketers hang out to discuss strategies, case studies and more.

It’s also the place where you will be able to find some of Tim’s exclusive content.

That means a job board, business directory, worldwide events, live streams, webinars, tutorials and marketing tools discounts, to name just a few!

In other words, it’s a community for everything a marketer needs, both now and in the future.

Here’s the deal. We know this might not be for everyone. But…

If you sign up through this link, you’ll get a 30 day trial for only $1.

That’s right. Hang out for 30 days at almost no cost, see what you get out of the community and then make an informed decision.

Afterwards, if you decide to stay, the price will be $50/month.

There’s a time limit on it though. You have to sign up before Friday, 24th August. Afterwards, the trial will be 14 days only, and the regular price will be $75/month, a 50% increase!

Still, you have nothing to lose but plenty to gain – the way we wish everything was!


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

LinkedIn – The Fake Profile Network

In a genius article by Joe Veix, we dive into the 2D turn-based MMORPG game LinkedIn, and how even you can get a meeting offer from a Quantcast recruiter, or become friends with the titans in the industry.

All this with a fake account. Or multiple ones, that’s up to you. See, it’s not only FB that has fake accounts issues!

So, how does this work?

It turns out, that LinkedIn won’t (or perhaps even can’t) prove if all your inputs are correct.

Who cares if you went to Harvard and Yale at the same time and graduated in Farm Sciences, when really you were only 5 years old. Just hope no one is going to check it.

LinkedIn also allows you to spam your connections with work anniversaries. 12 jobs? You’re a busy businessman. 

You will get through to them, that’s what matters. And perhaps one day, you’ll get that job offer you really wanted. Even if one of your current jobs is “Kidnapping victim” by the company “Please send help”.

Just follow this strategy guide, and even you can crack the LinkedIn game. Just be careful, you won’t be the only one.

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