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Automating the process of checking for ad disapprovals on Google

The holiday season is approaching thick and fast and everyone is busy prepping up for it. As an e-commerce owner, there is a high chance that you’ll be running Shopping campaigns on Google to try and make the most of this Q4.

If you’re doing that, you’ll no doubt be familiar with Google Merchant Center and all the issues you encounter on a daily basis.

Gaps in your feed, mismatched or missing product information, Google struggling to crawl your images… The list goes on, and all this leads to errors, policy violations and, eventually, ad disapprovals.

So, how can you simplify this daily battle? By automating the whole process using this script.

It’s an automated early warning system that keeps you informed when something isn’t right, allowing you to quickly respond to these issues without you constantly having to check for problems manually.

This means that when the number of disapproved products in your feed exceeds the percentage threshold you set, you’ll get an email alerting you and detailing the number of problem products, along with this figure as a percentage of your total feed.

You can schedule it to run repeatedly, so now you can just sit back, relax, and wait for that inevitable email alert.


Unlock access to granular Interests using Developer Tokens


When it comes to FB Interests targeting, there is always more than meets the eye. There are so many untapped Interests available for targeting which just won’t show up in the Ads Manager.

Of course, there are a few paid tools out there that help you access these interests for audience targeting, which we are sure you are already aware of.

However, there is also a hack that allows you to access these so-called “hidden” interests for free using FB’s own platform.

It’s nothing new and chances are that some of you are already aware of this old but gold trick, but we don’t want anyone to miss out on any useful info out there.

Let’s quickly dive into this hack:

  • Visit Facebook for Developers.
  • Tap on “Add an App”. You don’t really have to add an app, just give it a random display name and add your email address.
  • Next, visit the Graph API Explorer, request your access token and save it.
  • Paste the access token at the end of this URLRemember to replace the word with the niche you are interested in.
  • Bam! You will see a treasure chest chest of targetable interests that aren’t usually available in the Ads Manager.

Tuhinangshu Gon Chowdhury, who posted this in one of the FB Groups,, might soon be sharing a detailed video about the whole process. If you are interested in seeing that video, you can catch Tuhinangshu here.


📲 Become a Push Traffic Killer this Black Friday using Zeropark & iAmAttila ecom combo

What are the best verticals to run on push traffic? Sweepstake, dating and casino. Right?

Kind of… There’s actually a vertical nobody is talking about but it has proven to be a generator of Everest-high ROAS campaigns.

It’s the e-commerce vertical. And we are giving you the Ultimate Push Traffic Package. This package has been created to make you take advantage of this untapped combo: Push Traffic + E-commerce.

Mind that this is not coming from us out of the blue. It comes from ZeroPark, an ad network with over 2.5B clicks available for push traffic. But they gathered more industry experts:

  • iAmAttila: He is a super affiliate and he is currently going pretty strong with push.
  • Voluum: It’s the first SaaS tracker and it’s the most popular one out there still.
  • Anstrex: A spy tool focused on push traffic and native.
  • Top Affiliate Networks: Industry-leading offer hubs such as Clickdealer, Mobidea and Olimob.

They created this package to make you bank so hard this Q4 that your friends will hate you. Yes, even if there’s the Christmas spirit around already here in November…

What are you getting?

  • 13 tips from IAmAttila & Zeropark to run ecomm offers on push traffic. Attila has the experience and Zeropark has the data. You can’t get better tips from anyone else.
  • An exclusive e-commerce offer package from top Affiliate Networks including Clickdealer, Mobidea and Olimob. Carefully selected offers increase your chances of getting a great ROAS.
  • A fresh Zeropark (push, ecom) source whitelist for proven performance from day 1. Nothing better than a fresh high-converting push list, right?
  • An exclusive 20% discount on Anstrex spy tool, available for all plans. Anstrex is known to provide more data than its competitors. And for a cheaper price.
  • A special discount for Voluum. Choose any one of the Discover, Profit or Growth plans and save up to 49%.

Click here and take advantage of everything this guide has to offer.


Make your customers look forward to your mails and double your Repeat Buyers

The Hustler Marketing team shared an easy to implement strategy to increase repeat buyers via emails. Frequent buyers are worth their weight in gold for your biz because they tend to have a higher AOV plus, if you collected their email, you don’t have to pay again to reach them.

The principle of this strategy is basically good ol’ content marketing. Let’s see how to implement it:

+ Alternate your hard-selling emails with valuable content. What you should do here is to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. Provide info, advice and personal and relatable stories to your subscribers.

You gotta make sure they actually want to open your emails. Pretty basic, right?

+ Make them interact: Craft content in a way that invites your readers to interact. Getting a reply to your emails is beneficial in two ways:

  • It increases your email authority, boosting deliverability.
  • It strengthens the relationship with your customer.

+ Reward buyers: First, segment buyers from non-buyers. Then, define a VIP segment comprised of buyers that have spent more than a predefined amount or purchased more than a certain number of times.

Target each of these 3 segments in different ways, rewarding the most loyal customers.

+ Track your repeat buyers metrics: Track your campaigns and split tests and use the data to improve.

As mentioned by the Hustler Marketing team, implementing implementing these easy steps allowed them to double the repeat buyers in three months.


We are sending AWC, ASW and PI LIVE tickets to WTAFF readers

Will you be in Bangkok for the AWA? We’re expecting another great experience. What about Affiliate Summit West? Affiliate marketing and Vegas sounds like a sweet combo. Or maybe you just prefer the charm of London at PI LIVE?

Where conferences are concerned, we got a reminder for you: Whether Affiliate World Conference, Affiliate Summit or PerformanceIN LIVE, we can hook you up!

Just share WTAFF with your marketing friends and we will deliver the tickets to your virtual house, aka email inbox!

See you at the events!


  • INSTAGRAM: After expanding the “Hidden Like Count” test in the US earlier this week, Instagram has now announced this test of private Like counts globally.
  • FACEBOOK: A new IG like feature called “Popular Photos” is being tested on FB, which allows you to tap on “See more photos” and keep scrolling for more photos.
  • LINKEDIN: LinkedIn is re-introducing an option which will enable Page admins to invite their connections to follow their LinkedIn Company Page.
  • TIKTOK: TikTok confirms that it’s testing Shoppable Videos. These allow users to shop right within the app from a video shared by influencers.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Wikipedia is launching Wikitribune as WT:Social, a social-networking site and news sharing platform which they hope will be an alternative to Facebook and Twitter.


“What has roots as nobody sees,
Is taller than trees.
Up, up, up it goes,
And yet never grows?”

You’ll find the answer at the end of this email.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

What’s the best digital nomad destination?


How many of you out there are living the laptop lifestyle? We are aware there are many digital nomads among our readers. After all, it’s one of the key benefits of being an online marketer, right?

Well, we found a website that you could find very interesting. It’s called Nomad List, and it’s a community of digital nomads sharing about the places they have visited.

Every city, island or village is rated with a “Nomad Score”, and info is provided on things such as the average cost of living, co-working spaces, the Wi-Fi speed, safety, cost for a meal, nightlife and much more.

It’s very interesting for choosing your next destination, and also allows you to get in touch with other nomads based in your destination.

Some of the best places for you nomads? Canguu in Bali, Chiang Mai, Budapest, Lisbon, Mexico City and Medellin. Taipei, Tokyo and Buenos Aires also rank well.

However, these are based on a general ranking. You can choose the best places based on the things that matter to you as well. Cheap rent? Lively nightlife? Temperature and weather? The choice is yours!

A lot of places to visit! Have fun planning your next intercontinental move!



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