BF $430k Case Study: 1000+ Ad sets ran at 3x ROAS & 20% margin. 10M+ SMS database leak exposes 2-factor codes and login passwords to FB & Google. The low-hanging Google Ads fruit: A few clicks to add a 20% to your revenue.



You just hit a sales record!


Good job ladies and gentleman!

The hottest day finally arrived and US online sales hit a record $7.4B. That’s $1.2B more than BF 2018. Apparently, this year more shoppers spent the day clicking around online rather than lining up in the cold to buy.

That’s great news for you uh?

There’s another trend growing among the online shopping scene too, and that’s mobile!

Out of the $7.4B, $2.9B of it converted on smartphones. Mobile sales are growing faster than online shopping overall, so we’re approaching a tipping point where smartphones might soon outweigh web-based purchases from computers.

Some other insights are:

  • AOV went up by 5.9% in respect to 2018, averaging $168.
  • Giant retailers did better than small sites: They had a 62% boost in sales this season, compared to 27% for smaller retailers. This is probably because of the more flexible delivery options and a wider selection of goods.

That’s everything, but the game isn’t over just yet! Today is Cyber Monday, and that’s an even bigger shopping day than BF. In fact, sales are expected to hit $9.4B!

We’ll update you with all the stats!


The low-hanging Google Ads fruit

We know that most of our audience is all about Facebook Ads, although we did talk about how to leverage Google Shopping Ads recently. However, if you think that your product doesn’t suit this kind of campaign, there are more ways to get the most out of Big G.

For some companies, Google Ads might provide a big share of the revenues. For others, it can be just 10% of the whole cake. Whichever camp you lie in, there is some juicy low-hanging fruit that you might want to taste. Nik Armenis shared his take for grabbing them:

  • Branded search ad bidding on your business name: You’ll be surprised by just how many sales you are missing out on by not having this.”
  • Remarketing shopping campaign.
  • Remarketing search ads: Hit people in the research phase with a search ad after they visited your website.
  • Display remarketing: You may not get a lot of front end conversions, but add in the View-through conversion column and you’ll see how many conversions began with that ad.
  • Youtube remarketing: This is simple. Why wouldn’t you want to retarget your audience on the second largest search engine in the world?
  • Bing Ads: Just import your Google campaigns to Bing for easy moolah.

As Nik said, any store can implement at least one of these strategies. If you’re not taking advantage of this, you’re definitely leaving some Benjis on the table.

Well, this looks like a good post to look at if you want to diversify from the not-so-reliable Facebook ;).


💥 Get 6 months of for free this Cyber Monday… Here’s what you have to do

Media buyers truly hate spending their time and money on routine mundane tasks. So do you? If you’ve been in the industry more than yesterday, you probably already know that automation is a big topic when it comes to media buying on absolutely any traffic source. And it can often be expensive… Not today!

RedTrack has extended their Black Friday sale till 7th DecemberWhat offer? You pay for 6 months subscription plan and get the next six month for free. Easy!

  • Basic: $294/year (before $490/year)
  • Pro: $594/year (before $990/year)
  • Business: $2,394/year (before $3,390/year)

Get this right away.

Not that familiar with RedTrack and what it can do?

  • Software-as-a-Service tracker, aka SaaS, where you just sign-up and go. No need to spend time setting up servers, no worries about downtime… You just focus on your business.
  • Real-time reporting on clicks, conversions and impressions with 30+ data attribution points.
  • Campaign auto-optimization based on set KPIs for offers / landers / streams.
  • Template integration with 100+ Networks and auto-integration with Google and Facebook.
  • Publisher panel for affiliate teams and SMBs to do media-buying and manage publishers in one place without workarounds.
  • Free onboarding and fast support with tracker settings.

In other words, it’s a must test tracker for any type of media buyer our there. And today’s the best day to check it out, because you pay for only 6 months to use it for 1 year.

Keep in mind, it’s only valid until 7th December 2019. You have only 6 days to purchase. Get T2he Deal.


$430k BF Case Study: 3x ROAS and 20% margin

BF only just ended and some dudes are already sharing how they ranked up all those sales. Kevin Zhang shared how he generated $430k with a 3X ROAS and 20% margin. The strategy sounds interesting, so let’s check it out.

+ CBO campaigns: The target CPA was $40 and he ran these CBO camps worldwide, excluding the USA and other problematic countries:

  • 100 ad sets – Broad targeting and auto-placement: $32 cost cap.
  • 100 ad sets – Broad targeting and auto-placement: $36 cost cap.
  • 100 ad sets – Broad targeting and auto-placement: $40 cost cap.
  • 100 ad sets – Broad targeting and auto-placement: $44 cost cap.
  • 100 ad sets – Broad targeting and auto-placement: $48 cost cap.

A lot of ad sets uh? However, the daily budget was $5k. This was the optimization phase:

  • 9 AM – cut the bad ad sets and ads and doubled the budget to $10k.
  • 12 PM – cut the bad ad sets and ads and doubled the budget to $20k.
  • 3 PM – cut the bad ad sets and ads and doubled the budget to $40k.
  • 6 PM – cut the bad ad sets and ads and doubled the budget to $80k.
  • Plus, there was an automated rule to cut all ad sets that spent $200 and had no purchase.

In the end, this generated $135k in revenues from $40k of ad spent spread over 12-20 ad sets for each CBO camp.

Then, this same strategy was applied to target the USA. Same budget, ad sets and optimization rules. That’s 1k ad sets in total!

+ Retargeting strategy

Kevin uses Wheelio (A gamified pop up) to generate emails. So, they targeted every visitor that has ever spun the wheel without buying.

The starting budget was $500, which he then doubled at 9am, 12pm and 3pm thanks to positive results. Without cost cap or any type of manual bid.

He also used the DPA re-target catalogue to retarget people that visited products but didn’t buy. Same budget and scaling as the previous campaign.

That’s all! You can find more in the group post within the emails they sent on Friday 29.


  • INSTAGRAM: Here’s a Drive folder shared by Rahul Bhatia containing a lot of hashtags for various niches. The post is designed to push his service, but the folder is still useful for Instagram content creation.
  • FACEBOOK: Video content strategy tips straight from Facebook. It also looks at the success of Art All the Way, a DIY arts and crafts Page based in India.
  • SECURITY: TrueDialog, an SMS Text solution for enterprise business, left millions of text messages accessible including sensitive data such as 2-factor codes and password reset and login codes for sites including Facebook and Google accounts.
  • INFLUENCER MARKETING: Some thoughts about the changes happening in the influencer marketing space, plus why and how influencers would apply the affiliate marketing business model.


You have three stoves: a gas stove, a wood stove, and a coal stove, but only one match. Which should you light first?

You can find the solution by clicking here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

When your inbox keeps getting flooded…


Ever get that feeling?

Well, we know how we felt after everyone and their grandma emailed us about some “special offer”.

And we did what many people do and decided it was time for a cleanup!

When looking for the best way to do this, we actually ran into an app on Twitter that’s appropriately named Leave Me Alone.

As a marketer, you are probably constantly flooded by emails you don’t care about, and you can’t easily stop them either.

Well, that’s where Leave Me Alone helps. It’s a super simple app we thought we’d recommend because, with a few clicks, you can keep only those newsletters you care about and get rid of the rest.

In other words, if your inbox is messier than your room was as a teenager, you might want to make use of it.

You can check it out for free, it will give you an overview of the newsletters currently being sent to you and you can then decide to unsub from each one with just a single click. Definitely a useful tool!

Oh… and do NOT dare to unsubscribe from WHAT THE AFF!

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