TikTok hits 1 billion users. It may be as big as Instagram now


Thanks a billion!

This is the title of TikTok’s most recent blog post celebrating this crazy milestone.

1B monthly active users: User statistics can be confusing. Are we talking about total users? Daily users? Active users? According to Reuters, TikTok is referring to monthly active users. So 1B people who open the app at least once a month. Crazy, we know.

Growing dazzlingly fast: Just as a reminder, TikTok launched globally in August 2018. They had “only” 271 million global users as of December 2018. In December 2019, that figure had risen to 508 million. And now this!

As big as Instagram: We don’t have official statistics on the number of people that use Instagram, but it’s estimated to be around 1 billion monthly users.

A figure that reminds us a lot of TikTok’s current numbers. That puts both platforms head-to-head in terms of total number of active users and monthly downloads.

Here’s the billion dollar question: Who will emerge victorious?


Google is replacing last-click attribution with magic

Attribution is hard. Thanks to Apple and Chrome’s privacy updates, attribution has become near impossible.

Google appears to be aware of the issue and has been hard at work on “attribution 2.0.” Or “data-driven attribution”, as they call it in their announcement.

The robots are taking over: Data-driven attribution will be powered by AI and machine learning. Or, as we marketers like to call it, magic.

According to Google, data-driven attribution will use “advanced machine learning to more accurately understand how each marketing touchpoint contributed to a conversion, all while respecting user privacy.” Sounds good…on paper. Hopefully, it’s just as good in practice.

Becoming the default: Beginning in October, data-driven attribution will be the default model for all new conversion actions. You’ll still be able to choose from and switch to any of the five existing rule-based attribution models after the change.

And for their next trick: Google also introduced engaged-view conversions (EVCs), a non-click attribution model for video ads. The idea is for you to know which users who watched your video, but didn’t click, later converted on your site.

Hopefully this yields some real results, and isn’t another rabbit out of a black top hat.


If you work more than 30 hours per week, this $49 course will make you fire yourself!


It took 15 years to create this course, if you count the first-hand experience gained before it was published.

The ultimate goal of this oh-so-important course?

Fire yourself from the roles of your business where you’re not necessary.

Outsource them for an astonishingly good price.

Spend those extra free hours you gained making barbecues with your family, at the beach, or building another business if you want…

John Jonas, the creator of this system, has been doing it for over 15 years.

Yes, in the last 15 years, this man has helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs to hire virtual assistants on the first try. For a great price. And in just 7 steps.

Here’s what one of them said:

“I successfully hired my first Virtual Assistant (VA). His name was Mario and he saved me 10-15 hours of work PER WEEK. And the cost? Only $340 per month. That brought to light many new possibilities with my company “

Learn how to hire the right virtual assistant. In only 7 steps.a


We haven’t done this for a looong time


In-person marketing events are back ladies and gents.

And in a blog post, Gemma Flinders shared 89 digital PR and content marketing tips she learned from the Brighton SEO and Online PR Show.

Yes, it’s a ton of stuff. But we did most of the heavy lifting for you and picked out a few “favorite tips”:

  • “How to” content makes great evergreen content that will naturally gain traffic, links, and conversions from those looking for advice in your client’s industry.
  • Zero relevance = zero link equity. If your content topic is irrelevant to your client, then any links that come in are useless and won’t pass any equity.
  • Awareness content is more important than conversion content. Put more effort into awareness content rather than bottom of the funnel content.
  • Everybody wants links. Although, non-linking coverage is counted as implied links by Google, which means they will pass some authority. This means they should be reported on.
  • Keep an eye on social media to improve your brand positioning in the SERP. Trending on TikTok often leads to an increase in Google searches.
  • Publish a blog or guide that adds depth to reactive/expert insights: These posts are more likely to gain a link from other websites.
  • Join relevant Facebook groups: You can find relevant stories for your next post.
  • Clients want to know the ROI of their SEO investment. You can work this out by finding out the search volume for the keywords, then what percentage of traffic each position in the SERPs receives. From this, you can work out the traffic the client receives from their position, divide by the conversion rate and multiply by the AOV to find out the approximate return on investment.
  • A tool or an interactive asset that readers can engage with is a “must-have” in your strategy. This will lead to more time on page and is more likely to generate organic links.
  • Analyze the keywords of your top-ranking competitors. This will help you understand what ideas to focus on.

Did you find these helpful? We thought you might. You can read all the rest here.


E-COMMERCE: Thousands of e-commerce stores are using Social Snowball to acquire customers for free. How? Thanks to a DTC and e-commerce approach to affiliate marketing. You only need a minute to set up. It’s that easy! And it brings you new sales on autopilot. Test it for free.*

ADVERTISING: Spotify has lots of listeners. They can’t say the same for advertisers. This is why they recently rebranded and are attempting to capture the SMB market.

GOOGLE: Video action campaigns are the newest campaign type on Google Ads, replacing TrueView for action campaigns.

ADVERTISING: It’s not easy to advertise crypto products on popular platforms such as Google and Facebook. This is why the crypto community created their own ad platforms. This is one of the bigger ones.

PINTEREST: Last week, Pinterest boasted that it correctly predicted 80% of this year’s trends. Will they do the same for next year? The company has just announced its “Creators Festival”, where they’ll give this a try.

SEO: Is it true that Google has over 200 ranking signals? Maybe. But even if they do, according to Google’s John Mueller, it won’t make much of a difference for you.

ADVERTISING: Ad spending in the United States has recovered and will continue to rise, according to this report.

EMAIL: Cloudflare is attempting to do the same thing for email that they did for websites: make it more secure.

*This is a sponsored post.


Which tire doesn’t move when a car turns right?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Houston, we have a problem: the toilet


Recently, SpaceX completed their Inspiration4 mission (you know, the one that put civilian astronauts into orbit for the first time and President Biden on Elon Musk’s -list).

As the astronauts were freeflying through Earth’s orbit, an alarm went off. The crew was warned of a “significant” problem.

After diagnosing the issue, it turned out the spaceship wasn’t in trouble. Its toilet was.

Toilets in space: It’s a question that’s on everyone’s mind. How do toilets function in zero-gravity space?

The answer: fans.

Fans that generate suction keep waste contained. And it appears that something was wrong with the fans inside the Crew Dragon, as indicated by the alarms.

Fortunately, the astronauts were able to solve the problem and avert a…umm…hazardous waste crisis.

This anecdote serves as a good reminder that no matter how sophisticated and glitzy we imagine ourselves to be in our galaxy-conquering future, we’re all human and our biological realities still remain.

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