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Google just dropped a big update


Look, Google, we know it’s the season of giving. But normally, you give people something they actually want.

Google did close to the opposite yesterday when they announced the December 2020 Core Update on Twitter. It’s a major algorithm update, and has already started to roll out. Here are the details:

  • We don’t know a whole lot about how this is affecting search results. Volatility scores on various SERP tools are rising, but not to abnormally high levels. Online SEO forums have been buzzing about the update, but we’re not seeing a whole lot yet about any broad trends.
  • The update isn’t done yet. Google has stated that it will be another 1-2 weeks before the core update is finished rolling out.

That’s about all we can say so far. If you’re reading this and have seen some big impacts, let us know! We expect it’ll be a tumultuous time in the SERPs for the next few months – especially considering Google’s upcoming Core Web Vitals update.


The best (and worst) business moves during the pandemic

The pandemic has accelerated some trends, killed others, and created some weird situations for businesses as they’ve had to adapt.

The team at Marker just published a Medium post with the most significant business moves of the pandemic, both good and bad. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones:

  • Cheesecake Factory started the ‘we’re not paying rent’ trend. Though the first business to refuse paying rent was Cheesecake Factory, many others followed – including Staples and Petco. Though some of these businesses are still locked in lawsuits, it was fairly unprecedented and there wasn’t much landlords could immediately do.
  • Robinhood did quite well. The app became something of a quarantine ‘game’ for millennials, and plenty of people picked up trading for the first time. Robinhood saw a lot of funding through this time period.
  • Twitter let its employees work from home, forever. During the pandemic, sentiment towards working from home has generally turned – and many businesses have acknowledged their employees can continue when things are back to normal.

There’s a ridiculous number more examples in the full post, if you’re interested in seeing more momentous pandemic business moves.


Join Zeydoo’s Black Friday promo for more profit!


Our friends and partners from Zeydoo CPA Network have launched a Black Friday bonus!

The only thing you need to do is to run Zeydoo offers starting from 27th of November till 11th of December and get a bonus added to your payout.

  • Make $1000 or more and get +$200 to the payout
  • Make $3000 or more and get +$400 to the payout
  • Make $5000 or more and get +$600 to the payout

In other words, if you’re a new affiliate with Zeydoo and make $1000 in revenue, you already get a $200 bonus!

OK, let’s take a step back. What is it that they do at Zeydoo?

Zeydoo is a CPA network with hand-picked profitable offers… offers that direct advertisers run on PropellerAds! In other words, stuff that converts…

There’s something for everyone! With 600+ unique offers in exclusive verticals, everyone will be able to find something suitable: Mobile Apps (games and utilities), Dating, Mobile Content, Push Subscriptions Finance, Forex and Binary, iGaming, Betting, E-commerce, Streaming, Sweepstakes, Extensions and more.

It’s the perfect time to join them! Don’t want to miss your chance and get higher payouts. Read more details about Zeydoo’s Black Friday promo right here.

PS: First 10 people will get an additional bonus +$75 on a $300 deposit at PropellerAds!

If you have any questions, you can contact Zeydoo directly:

Moreva Uliana – Head of Marketing
E-Mail & Skype: [email protected]
Telegram: @ulylyly

Support E-Mail: [email protected]
Support Telegram: @zsupman


306M keywords unveils what search queries people use


Keyword distribution, query length, keyword difficulty, CPC, SERP features.

Brian Dean from Backlinko analyzed 306M keywords to understand the type of queries people use on Google, and find data about the above metrics.

Get ready ‘cause some of these stats will shock you…

  • 91.8% of all search queries are long-tail keywords, but long-tail keywords only account for 3.3% of total search volume.
  • It’s an oligopoly. The top 500 keywords make up for 8.4% of all search volume.
  • The average keyword gets 989 searches per month. However, this is skewed up by the concentration of huge volume keywords (the top 500). Indeed, they also analyzed the median search volume, which is 10 searches per month.
  • “Let’s ask Google”. Ever said this? Well, you’re not alone: 14.1% of searches are in the form of a question.
  • The average CPC for a keyword is $0.61. But differences among industries are pretty large. The average CPC for Sports & Fitness is below $0.50. Real estate? The average CPC is $1.21.
  • In the US, search volume and CPC are higher than in the other English speaking countries.
  • Among the 306M keywords analyzed, the average keyword is 1.9 words and 8.5 characters in length. And keywords between 5 and 10 characters tend to get searched for the most often.
  • Industries with the highest search volume are: Internet & Telecom, Retailers, News, Arts & Entertainment, and Consumer Electronics.
  • Popular keywords have higher average keyword difficulty scores. Specifically, each time search volume doubles, keyword difficulty goes up by approximately 1.63.
  • Only 2.4% of all Google search results don’t contain at least one SERP feature. The most common SERP features are “People Also Ask” boxes, image packs and videos.

Hopefully, you’ll learn something from these stats, and squeeze more traffic for your business.

But for more details, read the full research here.


TWITTER: There’s been a change to the reply layout on Twitter, the company’s support account tweeted yesterday. The tweet mentioned that more improvements will come in the future.

CHATBOT MARKETING: In order to comply with the GDPR, Facebook released an update that can impact businesses using its Messenger APIs.

TWITTER: The prototype Twitter app, twttr, is finally shutting down. The company had initially used it for experimental testing purposes.


What belongs to you, but gets used more by other people?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

What music do you prefer?


German techno? Or Brazilian funk?

Maybe you’re more of a ‘O Sole mio type?

East coast hip-hop?

Probably all of them based on your mood, right?

Well, here you are.

Radio Garden lets you listen to radio stations from all over the world. Just tune in and listen!

And it’s not only music. You can also listen to the news in Cambodia if you feel bored.

We tuned in to a Cuban channel, and we’re starting to feel in the mood for a party on the beach!

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