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GOOGLE Hello there, Performance Max experiments For your campaigns to be the best, more ads you must test. That’s right, padawan, Google is slowly rolling out its experiments feature to the most powerful tool of them all: Performance Max campaigns. Enter the lab: Users have started seeing new experiments on the “Overview” sidebar in the Ads Manager, under the “Performance...
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Twitter ban
TWITTER Advertisers leave, Twitter bans third-party platforms Look up in the sky! Is that a plane, or is it Superman, or is it a… oh, it’s that blue bird again. Pause and scram: Turns out more than 500 advertisers paused spending on the platform. Quite the number. And while Twitter has downplayed the exodus, the thing that’s really down is revenue, which dropped 40% compared...
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AI apps
GOOGLE Not to bring up the topic of Topic API, but… While the world is bracing for a cookieless future, Google keeps adding sand to the hourglass. It seems the tech giant is intent on ignoring calls to rethink its Privacy Sandbox’s Topics API, even though the ad-targeting system has raised concerns among privacy watchdogs. Head in the… sandbox: World Wide Web Consortium...
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TikTok talks
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Google teases its ChatGPT rival right as the first anti-AI lawsuits take place Just when you thought things in the AI space couldn’t be hotter… Hey look, a Sparrow: DeepMind, the Google-owned AI company, just teased the release of its own ChatGPT counterpart called Sparrow. The Sparrow chatbot aims to reduce “the risk of unsafe and inappropriate...
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