Everything’s growing


Social media platforms are growing year after year. But by how much, exactly?

Yesterday, almost every major network published their earnings reports. Here are the stats that matter to us:

The future is bright: Compared to last year, almost every social media platform saw a significant increase in both users and revenue.

Send these numbers to a friend who thought ad businesses are drying. They may rethink their career options.


TikTok announces lead generation ads


TikTok has just created their own version of Facebook Lead Ads, announcing a new ad feature with its own wildly creative name: Lead Generation.

How it works: When users see your ad, they click on “Register now,” which takes them to a form, without leaving TikTok.

Will it work for me? TikTok published two case studies of brands that had success with Lead Ads, one of which was an e-commerce platform and the other a fragrance manufacturer.

In a nutshell, this is a promising new format, especially if you’re into e-commerce.


Some snub this channel but others are using it to dominate!


For decades the best direct response marketers of the US have used this channel to create wealth. And now, online businesses can use this “hidden” channel to do the same.

Far, far away from the Facebook and TikTok noise, there’s direct mail.

Today, 60% of businesses that leverage direct mail say that it’s their highest ROI channel. And in a world where customer acquisition costs are getting higher, direct mail can boost your customer retention efforts.

Online companies like Twitter, Expedia and Booking use direct mail for customer engagement, retention, and even advocacy.

Let’s be honest. How many of your competitors use direct mail?

Probably none.

So, why not be the first?

Lob, a company that automates and simplifies direct mail and address verification, makes it extremely simple for you to leverage this channel.

They surveyed 200+ businesses across the US that leverage direct mail to make more money. They shed some light on the approach, effectiveness, and best practices of modern direct mail marketers.

Surpass your competitors. Discover how to integrate direct mail in your marketing.

And if you want to understand how to use direct mail for customer engagement, retention, and advocacy, download The Retention Marketer’s Playbook here.


Boring teachers don’t win on YouTube

A Brazilian-Canadian study examined 11,177 videos from 150 YouTube influencers to determine the characteristics that successful videos share.

They were shared in an issue of the Ariyh newsletter. Before we get there, let’s take a look at the study’s context.

  • The analysis focused on videos from influencers in general interest topics such as beauty, food, gaming, kids, and more.
  • Some of the channels analyzed are Markiplier (Gaming), The Planet D (Travel), Lilly Singh (Entertainment), Christen Dominique (Beauty), and this is the full list.

And if you want to go nerd-level, here’s the original study. But these were the main takeaways extracted by Ariyh to boost views, likes, and comments:

  • Have an informal tone of voice.
  • Avoid too much information at once.
  • Use a personal touch in your video.
  • Be moderately positive, but balance with negative emotions.
  • Make the video last longer than 10 minutes.
  • Publish outside of business hours, such as from Monday to Friday after 6 pm.

According to the study, videos with these characteristics received more views, likes, and comments, as well as fewer dislikes.

Why does this work?

Because users turn to YouTube to do deeper research compared to Facebook or TikTok. But at the same time, people still want to be entertained, so they’ll stay away from videos thare are too information-dense.

Infotainment is the right word!

And YouTube is not the only platform where users crave a mix of information and entertainment. In some cases, this study just confirms what many content marketers already knew.


ADVERTISING: After announcing ATT, Apple starts to feel sorry for advertisers and announces new ad attribution tools.

FACEBOOK: While appearing on Josh Constine’s talk show, Fidji Simo, a Facebook executive, announces a few interesting insights. Here’s a spoiler: Facebook did not make an offer to buy Clubhouse.

GOOGLE: An interesting video that demonstrates how to use Google Search Console API and the Custom Search Engine API to see how Google is rewriting your page titles and meta descriptions.

ADVERTISING: Flipboard shifts from display ads to selling newsletter sponsorships. FYI, Flipboard is the largest social news app with 8M monthly visitors, according to SimilarWeb.

PRODUCTIVITY: Are you fed up with push notifications constantly appearing in your Chrome browser? Here’s an easy way to turn them all off at once.

TOOLS: A cool new feature from Google: Page Insights now includes webpage screenshots.


What kind of running means walking?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

How does it feel to hike 480 miles in a bear suit? This guy describes it


Jessy Larios walked nearly 500 miles, from Los Angeles to San Francisco, in a bear suit.

After several hours, he arrived at his final destination: the Golden Gate Bridge.

The journey would not have been complete without him posting a cool pic on his Instagram.

You must be wondering: How does it feel after walking 480 miles in a bear suit? Jessy gave a pretty detailed description.

After finishing the walk, he described the smell inside the costume as pungent. “Like when you first open a bag of Doritos, and that fart smell comes out,” he told the Chronicle.

Doing it for clout? Fortunately, Jessy’s doing this for a good cause. He raised $17,000 in donations, $15,000 from a GoFundMe page and $2000 from Venmo and plain cash. Go Jessy!

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