Brian Dean’s 2019 report reveals: Businesses spending over $500/month 53% more satisfied, 83% want immediate results. Watch Bob Sinclair & Fatman Scoop at the biggest affiliate party of the summer. Retargeting model for 15x ROAS with FB Ads.


Backlinko’s SEO Services Report 2019

Brian Dean from Backlinko released their SEO services report for 2019. They surveyed 1.2k businesses to shed some light on the current state of the SEO services industry.

Here are the key highlights from the report. Let there be insight!

  • American small businesses spend an average of $500/month on SEO services.
  • The higher they spend on SEO services, the more satisfied they feel. Businesses spending over $500/month were 53% more likely to be “extremely satisfied” compared to those that spent less than $500/month.That’s a crazy insight, lol.
  • Most small business owners find SEO providers through referrals, Google searches and online reviews. Only a mere 8% of them found their SEO provider by seeing their ads. Basically, do thyself a favor and do what you preach.
  • 74% of business owners consider an SEO provider’s reputation “very” or “extremely” important. Pricing and their own Google rankings are other most important factors.
  • Web presence on social media and client case studies were seen as relatively unimportant factors in deciding who to work with. People are crazy these days.
  • Most small business owners expect SEO providers to drive immediate growth to their business. To be precise, 83% of them. “I wanna see all my keywords ranked on the 1st page in the next 2 hours, lol.”


  • SEOs ability to grow social media following is not valued or preferred. Only 26% of respondents cited “getting followers on social media sites” as extremely important.
  • Overall SEO client satisfaction is decidedly low. Only 30% would recommend their current SEO provider to a friend or colleague. Client satisfaction among marketing agencies was higher than freelancers.
  • Somehow, SEOs location seems to play a key role in driving the relationship. 78% of US-based small business owners consider their provider’s location an important consideration.
  • 44% of clients leave their current SEOs due to “Dissatisfaction with business results”. 34% cite responsiveness” as a key reason they left. Only 21% leave because they were pitched by a competitor.
  • Clients moving SEOs is pretty high. 65% of them stated that they’ve worked with several different SEO providers. 25% have worked with 3 or more providers. One specialist for each algorithm update, maybe?

Hope these insights will help you come up with some ideas to close more clients and retain your existing ones. Though some of the insights are just outrageous, try not to lose your cool over them.

Check out Backlinko’s complete report here. In case, we misunderstood something.


Lately, there has been something off with engagement rates on Instagram.

To take a peek under the hood, Trust Insights, a marketing data and consulting firm, analyzed over 1.4M Instagram posts across 3.6k brands from Jan to June 2019.

Here are some key findings of their study.

  • A clear decrease in engagement rate beginning in early May.
  • Engagement rate hovers around 0.9%, down from 1.1% at the beginning of the year.
  • The average number of interactions is down 18% since the beginning of the year.
  • Fashion influencers went from an engagement rate of 4.3% on February 17 (the highest this year) to 2.4% on June 20 (the lowest).
  • A 44% decline in engagement shows influencers being hit harder than brands.

If you are using Instagram aggressively for your marketing activities and are seeing a similar decline in engagement rates, here’s what you can do:

  • Promote your feed posts in Stories.
  • Consider using ads to boost the posts’ performance.
  • Use external marketing to pump up feed engagement, such as sharing posts on other platforms or linking to posts in emails.

Check out the details from the complete study here.


Media500 brings you 2 masterminds and 4 parties (one feat. Bob Sinclair and Fatman Scoop) at AWE19

What should we talk about first? Let’s start with the masterminds. One for each day!

Tim Burd will be hosting one of the most unique and exclusive masterminds on the top level of the Media500 Booth on the 8th of July. Only 5 tickets are available for it. You have to sign up here for a chance to attend.

  • Location: Media500 Booth C49
  • When: 12:00, 8th July

FBQueen will also be hosting one of the most unique, private and personal masterminds on the top level of the Media500 booth on day 2 of AWE 2019. Space for 5 again so sign up here.

  • Location: Media500 Booth C49
  • When: 14:00, 9th July

Did someone say parties?

Affiliate Business Club Meetup sponsored by Media500. Make sure you go, have some beers and network with the best of the best.

  • Location: Olimpic Cable Park, Barcelona
  • When: Sunday, 7th July

Affiliate After Hours Party, the official after party of Affiliate World Europe.

  • Location: Pacha Club, Barcelona
  • When: Monday, 8th July

Facebook Ad Buyers Meetup. Once again Media500 will be sponsoring this meetup in Barcelona just like last year and this time they promise it’s going to be even bigger!

  • Location: Purobeach, Barcelona
  • When: Tuesday, 9th July

Then the party bus rented by Media500 takes you directly to The Main Event – The Barcelona Blowout. Don’t worry, there’s one drink per person on the bus already so you can warm-up.

Media500 is known for their insane parties and this year not only did they get Opium Club, they also have one of the best international DJ’s playing what is set to be an incredible night and without a doubt, the biggest party of the year.

  • Location: Opium Club, Barcelona
  • Date: Tuesday, 21:00, 9th July

Dying to know who the DJ is? The legendary Bob Sinclair! Then after midnight, Fatman Scoop will be mixing at Opium Club.

Sign up to the Media500 newsletter to be the first to know about more events like these!


Facebook outage? Nooo! Ordinary business day. Retargeting model for 15x ROAS

Calm down! FB outages should now be part of your routine. Get used to it. Did someone say retargeting? Okay, a simple structure for higher ROAS.

FB, WhatsApp and Instagram having worldwide outages

After all the FB outages we wrote about, it’s hard to find new ways to talk about it.

Let’s try this one today:

Until 2 days ago, all the attention was on Shopify. The e-commerce platform went down and everybody was going crazy about it.

And Facebook didn’t like it at all. The social network soaked in all the attention by ruling the world of outages and blackouts. They had to do something. And they did!

Was cool, eh?

What caused the issue though? The problem was probably related to the Cloudflare issue that caused other websites to go down a day before.

And it mainly spread in Europe, South America and North America.

The outage affected media content like images, videos or voice notes on WhatsApp. You could still load the Newsfeed. It’s just the images that didn’t load. Instead, you could see the auto-generated alt-text for images!

Why is this outage different from others? Facebook, for the first time, showed alerts to advertisers to pause their campaigns.

From what we can remember, this is the first time FB has taken this initiative. So, basically, Facebook became more aware of the damages such outages create for advertisers and set up this alarm.

Thanks, Facebook! A small step towards better communication with advertisers!

Retargeting campaign structure

Lucah Rosen shared the retargeting campaign structure that allows him to get 15x ROAS.

Let’s skip the talking and go straight to what matters.

Audiences targeted:

  • All FB Page engagers.
  • All website traffic.
  • Exact product page.
  • Full email list of opt-ins and the full list of buyers.
  • Video views: 2 seconds, 10 seconds, 75%.
  • Add-To-Cart (ATC) & Initiate Check Out (Standard Events).
  • Optimized for ATC under Conversions.
  • Optimized for Purchase under Conversions.
  • Top 25% of time spent on site.
  • Instagram profile ALL engagements (365 days).


Here, Lucah says they create the audience by running a branded video. Here’s the sequence.

  • Video views campaigns.
  • Engagement campaign with the same video.
  • An article run as an engagement campaign.

From these campaigns, Lucah gathers the audiences to retarget.

Retargeting creatives:

  • 750×600 videos in the IG Newsfeed.
  • Slideshow, carousel & 15s clips from the original longer video.
  • Dynamic ads are being used for ATC audiences that didn’t complete the purchase.
  • One campaign ran to all placement with one single image.

The copy

Lucah suggests different angles to use in the retargeting campaigns.

  • 1 abandoned cart angle.
  • 1 features reviews and success stories of past customers.
  • 1 is about missing out and FOMO with an influencer in it.
  • Discount code angle.

These are particularly effective with ATC audiences.

Got questions? Want to have a proper look at the post? You can find it here.


More traffic for App campaigns. Ads API goes back to school

Google announced two small updates for advertisers using App campaigns and for marketers managing larger ad accounts. Let’s quickly run down through them.

App campaigns extended to more iOS devices

If you are running App Install campaigns, don’t be surprised if you see a slight increase in impressions.

App ads will now appear for searches on more iOS mobile browsers. Also, campaign reports will now include installs and in-app conversion events from iOS browsers.

You don’t have to do anything, as it will automatically be rolled out to your Google Ad accounts.

PS: If you rely on any third-party tools, these conversions won’t be available on those platforms.

Monitor your bids and budgets as there may be fluctuations in performance after these updates go live.

How is this helpful?

iOS holds nearly half of the US mobile OS market. So, if you are using App campaigns, this expanded inventory could put a much larger audience within your reach.

Ads API back to beta

You complain, Google listens.

A lot of negative feedback including slow response times has prompted Google to send its Ads API back to beta.

If you are one of those heavy-weight marketers managing large campaigns or advertiser accounts at scale, it is recommended to have your developers revert to the old AdWords API.

Feel free to contact Google to discuss recommendations specific to your use cases.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Don’t miss the July 4th doodle

What’s the best way to celebrate the 4th of July? According to Google, it’s baseball and food!

Well, what better pick than Americans favorite sport, huh? Though for The Crew, it’s Americans’ most confusing sport…

And for the 243rd birthday of USA, Google Doodle thought about releasing a baseball game made with food.

Yes! You can actually play baseball against peanuts and have other classic American food in your team: hamburgers, fries and hot dogs.

So, if you’re not working today and feel competitive, just head here to have a real American baseball game!

Happy Independence Day!

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