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Twitter: 1, Clubhouse: 0


Do you have 600 or more Twitter followers? You can now use Twitter Spaces.

And that’s not all: Twitter has also announced more upcoming features for Spaces:

  • Ticketed spaces. As a host, you will be able to sell tickets to your spaces. Twitter will take a small cut of the sales.
  • Reminders. You will be able to schedule and set reminders for upcoming Spaces that you create.
  • Co-hosting. You will be able to host Spaces with multiple people.
  • Accessibility. Twitter will improve the accuracy of live captions.
  • Discoverability. When you scroll through your Twitter feed, you’ll see a purple bubble around someone’s profile image, indicating that they’re live.

The rabbit and the turtle: While Twitter makes live rooms available to (almost) anyone, Clubhouse has only vaguely announced that they are beginning to test their Android app with a limited number of users.

Clubhouse had better move quickly before Twitter eats their lunch.


Yahoo & AOL switches owners again

Verizon really wants to get rid of its media properties.

After selling Huffpost to Buzzfeed, the company announced today that it is selling Yahoo and AOL to Apollo Global Management for $5 billion.

Why the move: Relevance. Verizon makes a lot more as an internet provider & wireless network. Yahoo & AOL are just not relevant enough for the business as a whole.

What this could mean for advertisers: Back in 2019, Microsoft announced a partnership with Verizon Media, stating that they would be serving search ads for both Yahoo and AOL.

Will that change?


Tired of weeding out CPA offers? Then grab selected and proven ones!


Adsterra CPA Network is an affiliate network that serves you increased payouts for battle-tested, direct offers.

How about giving this selection of ROI-boosting VPNs and Utility offers a try?

We’re now sharing their best Utility and VPN offers with a payout bump so that you can hit the jackpot!

There are many reasons they are a must-try:

  • Offers have already been tested and proved to convert so you won’t waste money & time on the long-run tests.
  • Fast and furious conversions (CPI) so you will get quick and reliable earnings.
  • You deal with only reliable, direct offers from AdsTerra’s top advertisers.
  • Your personal manager and the A-class support team are at your service.

Don’t wait for too long. Offers are just too hot and ready to convert!

Jump on board!


Sneak inside Airtable’s SEO moat


Every month, half a million people land on through organic search.

There are more than 50,000 organic keywords you can type into Google that will result in a page that includes links to Airtable.

But wait, what’s Airtable? It’s a cloud collaboration service. Their key product is a spreadsheet-database hybrid, with the features of a database but applied to a spreadsheet.

Why are we bringing them up?

Because of their ability to create an underrated yet powerful SEO moat.

Their approach masterfully targets long-tail keywords, and this post from Foundation breaks it all down.

For instance, let’s take the keyword “content calendar template”. It gets 8,000 searches per month. Airtable averages in the 8th position for this SERP and according to keyword research tools, this turns into 300 to 600 visits per month.

That’s not much. But consider 50k organic keywords for which Airtable ranks and the math doesn’t lie.

When users land on an Airtable page, they’re given the option of using their templates. As a result, their search instantly produces solutions.

You can type more than 4,400 variations of keywords into Google that include the word ‘template’ and be met with an Airtable template that aims to help you.

So, what can you bring home from this approach?

The first point, focus on long-tail keywords. Yes, targeting keywords with lower volume means you have to create more content. But the upside is less competition.

And second, focus on conversion rate. Make sure the visitors that land on your page satisfy the need they have with your content, and hopefully, turns into leads. Or still better, customers.


AMAZON: We can smell “turbo-charged television advertising”… Amazon disclosed that its ad-supported streaming content now reaches more than 120 million viewers per month.

ADVERTISING: Curious what the opt-in rates for iOS 14.5 tracking dialog are? Flurry Analytics provides aggregated insights that are updated daily.

SEO: This one’s got SEOs rolling their eyes – the search engine now adds links to featured snippets that lead… Back to Google search results.

LINKEDIN: Are you a small business looking to start using LinkedIn? The professional network has published a few tips and features that you can use.


Which three letters can frighten a thief away?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Watch this baseball game for 100 Dogecoin


Baseball, America’s sport (that hasn’t really felt like it for the last few decades) is finally entering the 21st century.

You can now watch the Oakland A’s directly from the Oakland Coliseum for only 100 DOGE.

They’re not kidding: You can go on the MLB’s official website and purchase your tickets using dogecoin.

Of all the cryptocurrencies, it’s almost comical that Dogecoin is the one to get accepted by vendors. Recently, Newegg started accepting Dogecoin as well.

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