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You’re not buying enough things


Are you buying enough things? Your bank account might say too many, but Instagram is saying absolutely not. Yesterday, the company announced that it’s going to start testing shopping features in Instagram Reels.

Let’s take a look at what Instagram announced, plus what it might mean for marketers:

  • Shopping has launched on IGTV. Though IGTV isn’t the most frequently-used part of Instagram, the addition of shopping could help some marketers make a couple extra sales. For example, we could see a long-form product video or film – coupled with a swipe-up to purchase – work very well for some brands.
  • You’ll be able to shop on Reels later this year. Instagram isn’t integrating its shopping platform to Reels just yet, but the company has plans to do so later this year.

If you want to check out the announcement from Instagram’s Justin Osofsky, click right here.

The Crew’s take: It’s no secret that Facebook has embarked on a full-court press to fully integrate e-commerce into their platforms. The addition of shopping features to IGTV (and, eventually, Reels) adds some exciting new opportunities for content creation to convert customers on the platform.


Reddit unveils some useful data about the customer journey

You might think of Reddit as the platform with weird conspiracy theories and oddly-specific communities (aka subreddits) – and that assessment would be mostly accurate.

But, where have you considered Reddit in your marketing strategy? People frequently hop on Reddit to discover and consider products, and the company just pulled back the curtain on some data that clarifies how customers progress through their journey on the platform.

Here we go:

  • Redditors spend a lot of time in the ‘consideration’ stage of the journey. This makes sense. Because Reddit is an entirely user-driven platform, it’s a natural place to go to find reviews, pros and cons, and alternate brand options.
  • Trust is key. According to the survey, 90% of people who used Reddit for research trusted the product information they found more than on other social media platforms.
  • Reviews count. 85% of users said that user reviews on Reddit made them more likely to buy a product than reviews on another app.

This is big – but why do people choose Reddit? Unlike other social media platforms, Reddit is essentially a glorified forum. Most of the content you see is user-generated posts with user-generated responses, making the platform inherently personal and feel more trustworthy.

Depending on the type of brand you run, answering user questions and reviews on Reddit – and even creating posts for product research purposes – can go a long way in convincing them to make a purchase!


Stronger, friendlier, cheaper… Moosend > Mailchimp as evidenced by Gucci and Voguearticle-image

It’s 30% cheaper on average to be exact, with a free forever plan for up to 1,000 subscribers with unlimited email sends!

Advanced personalization features and automatization tools to turn subscribers into frequent buyers on autopilot are part of the package too.

Email is already one of the most (if not the most) profitable channels for a business. Give it an even bigger boost with Moosend.

Teams at Vogue, Domino’s Pizza, WWF, Ogilvy and Gucci use Moosend for their email campaigns.

Curious why?

  • E-commerce AI: leverage your customers’ data to send personalized campaigns that fit like a glove.
  • Personalized product recommendations workflows: so personalized you could send campaigns based on the weather in your subscribers’ location. Time to start selling umbrellas!
  • Marketing without hands: create automated flows triggered by your subscribers’ actions, their lead score, their on-site behavior, and more. And if you’re too busy for that, you can rely on over 30 super convenient, ready-made automation templates.
  • Segmentation made simple: use unlimited criteria combinations to laser target your audience based on their behavior on your website and email campaigns to create hyper-personalized user experiences.
  • Friendliest Customer Support Team that goes above and beyond to get you onboarded fast and ready to go!.
  • Simple and elegant Drag and Drop Editor that makes sure your emails look great on all devices.

Try Moosend for free – no CC required.


An e-commerce story started during the lockdown and ended up with $1M in revenue


The last quarantine pushed many people to start their own businesses, and one of them is a guy named Ash Young.

He’s been running a digital marketing agency for 15 years. But during the lockdown, he decided to launch, a store selling car mats.

The goal was to hit $1M per year. And in the first 4 months, the store grossed £297k. Therefore, Ash will likely hit his goal.

Let’s see if we can catch some lessons from this wild, car-mats-selling ride that Ash undertook.

Why car mats? New cars don’t always come with mats – and the dealer sells them at £150. sells them at twenty pounds. (This isn’t the price of every car mat he sells, of course, but it’s just an example.)

The same problem for used cars, too. They don’t come with new mats. Start with a problem people have. It’s not rocket science, but this step often gets overlooked.

How in the world do you sell car mats? Ash’s marketing strategy mostly focused on Google Ads, as well as retargeting ads on Facebook and Instagram – the e-commerce playbook, basically.

What happens when you can’t get products off the shelves? The store didn’t get many sales when it first launched. Then, Ash installed Hotjar and released he’d been a bit too cheeky with the copy. He learned that people buying car mats don’t care about fancy copy, they just want car mats.

So, he made the landing page easier to understand and the conversion rate went up.

Let’s talk about margins. Advertising costs take one-third of the sales. Then taking out COGS, costs for Shopify, transactions, returns, and other expenses, the store runs at 15% profitability.

And for the future, since they know what kind of cars their customers own, they will start to push other related products.

For more tips, check the full blog post on Ecommerce Guide – it’s a long one


FACEBOOK: Feedback score matters. This tweet explains how dropping below a 2.0 feedback score can have a serious impact on your CPMs (and not in a good way).

ADVERTISING: This new piece from Digiday outlines some of the curiosities about marketing this holiday season, including information about how marketing spend is different than normal.

GOOGLE: If you like analytics, this is good news. Google My Business just got updates to its analytics, and search results data is coming to performance reports.

MICROSOFT: Earth-shattering news, everyone? Bing has been rebranded as Microsoft Bing. There’s a cool new logo, too, if you’re interested in that kind of thing.


Four legs I do have, yet I never walk. I work not, yet I have food. All the food I get, none do I eat but you do. I cannot read yet many times I’m found with books. I am only but a carpenter’s work. What am I?

You can find the solution here.


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What was the name of that song again?


Spotify announced an update yesterday that might be their biggest yet. Or, at least it’s the most useful update for those of us who can’t seem to remember the name of a song.

Yes, you can now search for songs by lyrics.

Why this feature wasn’t available with the first ever edition of Spotify, the world will never know. But, it’s better late than never – and that one song you heard in a coffee shop a few weeks ago is now in reach, as long as you can remember a couple of the lyrics.

What are the first lyrics you’re searching up?

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