Cat Howell’s $10k ad experiment: Pixel Event vs Video Views vs Lead Ads. Scaling to $50k+/day spend: Dim Niko’s exact setup in a 45-mins video. Stupidly simple hacks used by Russel Brunson,Tai Lopez to 2x the revenue with emails.



Pixel fire, video views & lead ads tested: Cat Howell’s $10k experiment


In a battle of pixel events, Cat Howell spent $10k over the last month to find the answer to one burning question.

What is better: A pixel fire when somebody visits your website, 75% video views, or lead ad forms?

Her funnel looked like this:

  • Top of Funnel: Targeting cold traffic to either visit the site, watch 75% of video or opt in via lead ad forms.
  • Middle Of Funnel: Retargeting with a webinar funnel optimized for those that watch the actual training.

Campaign setup:

  • A conversion campaign sending traffic to the website optimized for landing page hits.
  • A video views campaign optimized for Thruplay.
  • A lead generation campaign splitting traffic 50-50 between the normal lead forms and lead forms with higher intent context cards.


Video view & lead ad forms didn’t bring in a single lead or sale. However, the conversion campaign triggering the pixel on landing page hits resulted in a healthy cost per lead.

Learning and actions steps ahead. Cat found the audience quality of lead ad forms to be no bueno. To optimize the test further, she plans to roll out an email opt in on a landing page using a conversion objective and a 6-part email sequence on the backend.

Additionally, what seems to be working for her already is promoting content posted on her FB page to cold audiences, driving people to her blog posts and strategies.

Got any questions or just want to reach out to Cat? Check out her post here.


2x Deliverability for 2x Revenue

More emails delivered means more eyes on your biz and, therefore, more conversions, right?

But how do we actually get more of our emails delivered?

To help you with that, Bostjan Belingar shared some tips to avoid spam filters and hit your prospects’ Inbox more often.

It turns out that the answer is pretty straightforward: Simple, ugly, plain text emails.

Yes. Bostjan suggested doing this: “clone your freshly delivered email, strip out all the pics (along with their links of spam-filter tripwire) and add some verbiage about how the original version was misdelivered to the wrong email box”.

The reason is that images in the email can trigger spam filters, subsequently hurting your deliverability. In fact, if you are on Tai Lopez, Russel Brunson or Ben Settle email lists, you’ll notice their emails are all plain text messages – No images or heavy HTML templates.

Beside this, there are a couple of other points Bostjan brings up:

  • Links: You should have 2 links max in your emails: The unsubscribe link and the one that takes the user to the landing page.
  • No images at all? One thing you can simply avoid is the logo image. Additionally, hyperlinked CTA buttons work better than a simple URL redirecting them to an image, according to Bostjan’s tests.

So, the more minimal your emails are, the higher the deliverability. If you’re planning to prepare email campaigns for the upcoming holiday season, this is definitely something to keep in mind.

A bonus to this strategy is that it will also reduce your workload. Simple texts take a lot less work to put together than complicated emails that look like professionally designed landing pages!


✅ Facebook-ready offers from exclusive advertisers, only from industry-veterans Big Biz Ads!

Want to deal with a network that knows how to go where the money is? You do, don’t you…

Exclusive offers not found in any other networks. Business loans, The Hottest eCommerce offers and more, helps Big Biz Ads be the personal touch network you have to work with in 2019 and beyond

What’s important in 2019, heading into 2020? Offers in thriving verticals, adjusting those offers for the popular traffic source of today, exclusivity on some premium (and possibly tailored-for-you) offers.

Here’s how Big Biz Ads does it:

  • All offers are ready and set up for Facebook tracking. It’s possibly the most popular ad platform these days… certainly a big one for affiliates. But some networks and offers have been lazy and running their offers on FB is an absolute pain. Big Biz Ads is ready!
  • Lead gen, B2B (business-to-business) and e-commerce exclusive offers. Over 35 years of industry experience does actually bring you exclusive partners that no other network out there has, in the verticals that are booming today!
  • Tailored creative support if you can bring the volume. Are you a heavy-hitter that wants custom landers and offers? Yep, of course that’s possible! Show us what you’ve got.

Hmmm… if you’re used to e-com with your own store but this trade war has you down, maybe test out some Big Biz Ads offers, so that Trump’s plans don’t stomp your business 😉

We digress… Check out some of the best offers on the network right now:

All 4 offers accept iFrames so you can easily set it up on FB and track all conversions.

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Simple tips for achieving a better ROAS

40% of an eCommerce store’s revenue is generated by only 8% of its customers.

These stats can be found in this article, but also in the post shared by Daniel Birtaș. This post talks about his retargeting strategy, and we’re going to dive into this here.

What these stats say is that repeat customers make up a big percentage of an ecom’s revenue. Whether that is true or not, retargeting isn’t something we should be ignoring.


So, let’s head straight to what Daniel shared.

Let’s say that you have a warm audience of people interested in your product, but they haven’t yet taken the leap and bought anything off you. Usually, this is due to a list of objections that each one of them might have.

So, the simple tactic here is:

  • Write a list of all the objections that could be stopping your prospects from buying.
  • Run different retargeting campaigns addressing each one of the objections you listed.
  • Additionally, Daniel advises using the Reach objective and controlling the frequency so you don’t annoy your audience. Daniel’s advice is to use the Reach objective and control the frequency in order to not annoy your audience.

Finito! The juice here is to use objections as angles in the retargeting campaigns. It’s very basic eh? So why did we feature it? Well, ‘cause we’ve never had a post talking about this, and even though it’s basic there is a good chance that somebody out there isn’t using it.

Daniel said that this allowed him to achieve 1334x ROAS on his camps. But as always, you be the judge.


  • FACEBOOK: Dim Niko revealed the complete FB Ads Processes & Setup his team uses to spend and scale their accounts to $50k+/day spend. Wanna have a look at it? Prepare yourself a strong hot coffee. It’s a 47-minute video. Have fun!
  • MICROSOFT ADSResponsive Search Ads are ou: Ad system that automatically serves up a combination of headlines and descriptions provided by the advertiser, determines creatives at the time of auction and adjusts based on historical performance. Machine-learning powered tests served on Microsoft Ads.
  • GOOGLE: Should you trust Google’s Ad Recommendations? Well, as per this comprehensive audit, these recommendations can easily derail performance without careful human-led consideration. Monitor your recommendations page closely and ensure that your campaigns aren’t being changed without your knowledge.
  • SEO: How many of you have moved to Domain Properties in Search Console to verify your domain ownership? If you are struggling with this, Google has now collaborated with various registrars to automate the process for you. how to update your configuration and setup auto-DNS verification.
  • TIKTOK ADS: Lately there’s been a lot of buzz around TikTok. But did you know that you can buy TikTok Ads? The app also has an in-app shopping feature and the NFL is betting on it. If you market to a young audience, don’t miss out on this.


Which of the following words don’t belong in the group and why?


You’ll find the answer at the bottom of the email!


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Opulence for scuba divers

We’ve noticed a flurry of those 200x – 3000x ROAS posts floating around all over FB groups. This means there are thousands of you entrepreneurs all making moolahs faster than you can spend it!

So, what should you do with all that wealth from your stores, courses and eleven figure exits?

The likes of Grant Cardone, Dan Lock better be reading this.

We found this megamansion in Kansas which has a network of private, underground scuba tunnels.

This 18-acre property in Lake Quivira, KS hits the market at a very modest price of $11.8M.

Your potential new home features a network of underground, water-filled tunnels and 30-foot-deep pond for scuba diving.

That’s not all – You will also get a bunch of hidden treasures that includes statues, faux fossils, and exotic fish. You could even add some tunas, catch them and throw a big BBQ. Obviously don’t forget to invite The Crew.


You’ll find a series of grottoes and pop-up holes all over the place, which lead to the main outdoor pond. What’s more, this pond is home to an incredible 30-foot waterfall! Looks magnificent, eh?

Inspired by the spirit of Avalon, the property is a mix of a European-style turreted chateau and a prairie lodge.

The best part is that the property is currently available and listed for sale.

Sounds like a great spot for the next conference? Or maybe the after-party?



All of the others are anagrams of each other.

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