December 13, 2018


Here are the trends for 2019 according to Facebook

So, as a marketer, you know how creating and making your audience indulge in relevant content is important and how leveraging on the most popular content can be beneficial for every business.

There are so many of conversations going around on social media each day!

So, let us discover which topics are taking hold in conversation over FB and are on the brink to go mainstream in 2019. Thus, keeping you well prepared for your 2019 content strategy.

FB IQ shares some insights in its “The 2019 Topics & Trends Report”, based on the conversations/topics that grew in 2018 and what it means for the year ahead.

It allows marketers to anticipate potential shifts in the world around us, including the foods people eat, products they buy, media they consume, physical activities they engage in and ways they spend their time.

Keeping it relevant to your interests, based on the niches you are interested in and/or are doing business in, these findings have been categorized into 7 different categories:

Beauty & Fashion
Food & Drink
Mind & Body
Science & Technology
Travel & Leisure

Consumers’ habits and preferences are changing too fast and all of these verticals have seen major shifts.

The way people eat is changing. More and more people are adopting healthy lifestyles and food preferences.

Eco-friendly products are being prefered more and are driving purchase decisions especially in beauty, fashion and travel verticals.

Consumers are also resorting to more personalized and decentralized players when it comes to fitness, offline shopping and screen time.

Interested to learn more about the new trends in these verticals?

Have a detailed look at the report to understand the trends that people have been talking about, that the market is ready for and that can help inform choices around marketing campaigns, creative strategy and product development!

Record-low ROI for Theresa May on this FB campaign?

We have a new big entrant joining us in FB Ads marketing. But it’s not really a competition for you, so nothing to worry about…

It’s none other than UK PM and leader of the Conservative Party, Theresa May.

She wasted around £100k on running 11 different ads in just a week trying to promote her already doomed Brexit deal.

This was confirmed by peeking at the “Page info and active ads” feature of the “Conservatives” FB Page.

These ad campaigns, mostly 60s videos, explained what Brexit means for citizens and urged them to ask their respective MP’s to back the Brexit deal.

But who really paid for these ads? If you are a UK citizen, it’s you! A common taxpayer’s money.

That’s not all, about £50k has already been spent on the almost lost cause over the last 3 months.

Reacting to this, Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran accused the Government of throwing taxpayers’ money “down the drain”.

Apart from these FB ads, there are 6 other active ads on the official 10DowningStreet Twitter account promoting the same videos, although no information on the amount spent is currently available.

We wonder if she was running these campaigns from her own office or if she hired any of our high profile marketers for this. Nonetheless, we don’t think the results could have been any better either way. The current deal already seems to be a lost cause.

The “ROI” on this is so low that we might soon be referring to Ms May as former PM… The FB waste is not the main reason for this but it sure didn’t help her…


Finding the gems in your customers, aka potential influencers

Holiday season is almost ending. You’re probably still shipping stuff to your customers, besides finding out how to squeeze the most out of these last days of the people-love-to-buy-season.

Yet, it’s also important to look beyond, and start thinking about strategies to make 2019 even better!

If you plan to start leveraging influencer marketing or if you are already doing it and just want more, here is a useful tool for you. It will help you find the best influencers for your store.

How? By looking at them in your own sack.

UserGems, in fact, is a Shopify-app that helps you identify the best influencers and micro-influencers within your own customer base and turn them into advocates. Sometimes, the gems are hidden right under your own seat!

This app gives you detailed social and professional information about every new customer and notifies you immediately in Slack when someone important (influencer, journalist, investor, etc) purchases your products.

How will you generate more sales?

Influencers: Identify Top Influencers (> 10K followers) within your customer base and turn them into brand ambassadors. They already like your product!

Micro-Influencers: Create authentic marketing campaigns with micro-influencers among your existing customers to promote your brand. Micro-influencers, given their small audiences, are able to build a deeper relationship with other people. And this is a good reason to use them in your marketing strategies!

Journalists/Bloggers: Identify journalists and bloggers who already use your product and could spread the word about it. If they buy what you sell, it means they like it. And it will be much easier to have them promote your brands!

Do you plan to level up your influencer marketing game? Have a look at the app! It’s a freemium tool. Even if you don’t want to use it, you can still adopt the strategy by yourself: search the influence-gems in your own garden!

How Alexa can influence your email strategy in 2019

Trends in internet marketing change every day. And the first thing to do is to stay ahead of them, to anticipate your competition by knowing the trends before anyone else knows.

And that’s why you should never ever suggest to your competitors or colleagues to read WHAT THE AFF! Wait… waaaait

Anyway, a new trend, that can change how you send emails to your customers is Alexa! Right!

Because more than just reminding you to take the chicken out of the freezer, Alexa will soon start reading emails to its users.

The VA will read the subject line and then you will choose if Alexa has to read it or delete it. What does it mean? That your message won’t be read but listened!

If this gains widespread adoption, it would put more pressure on marketer’s email subject lines and copy. Most users won’t see any text or images and will have more limited information before deciding whether to save it or delete it.

This is just one of the ways Virtual Assistants will change the environment. And if you want to stay ahead of the changes, tell Alexa to always read emails from [email protected] 😉


Start the year strong with Tim Burd, Adleaks and iStack Training!

You are probably busy planning your 2019 already but we wanted to make sure you don’t plan it without hearing about this first… it could be the best way to start the year on a high!

Hear us out…

You can join Tim Burd, one of the best known Facebook experts in the world for 2 days of Facebook Ads and E-commerce intensive live events.

Tim partnered up with iStack Training to bring E-Commerce and Facebook Mastery Live to Las Vegas, right after Affiliate Summit West, on January 9th and 10th.

You’ll get to learn directly from and network with familiar faces like Tim Burd, Nick Shackelford and Depesh Mandalia. You will also meet new FB and e-com monsters like Nate Lind, Josh Elizetxe and Colin McGuire.

What sort of content can you expect? 

Tim will be talking about the Cloud Method that helps you test effectively at low budgets, and scale with ease.

You can learn how Nate Lind uses 7 tools to automate 7 figure ecommerce stores in only 7 hours A MONTH!

And you can learn from Nirav Gandhi how he scaled 100 products and a team of 30 to reach $200M sales in 2018!

Those are just a few topics…

Check out all the event has to offer right here!

By the way… If you can’t make it live in Vegas, there’s also the option to buy the professionally recorded replay!

Just head to the event page and you can choose to attend one day, two days or just buy the replays! Tim and iStack Training really tried to make this as flexible as possible!


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

The Police outsmarting thieves with fake Amazon packages

This is just hilarious…

Police in Jersey City has been setting up fake Amazon boxes on doorsteps in order to catch thieves!

Law enforcement installed doorbell cameras at homes, where the sting operations are set up with rigged packages and then using GPS tracking devices to catch the criminals.

Package theft is certainly a problem, especially during the holiday season that is expected to see more than 800 mill boxes to be delivered.

And if some of your customers complained about a never delivered package, this can be the reason.

In one instance, a package was stolen just three minutes after it was set up on a porch. The suspect was nearly immediately caught by police.

Not all operations have been that successful though, and the program is limited in scope as there’s no way for the police to deliver and monitor packages at the same volumes as Amazon does.

Just another headache for e-commerce owners! Yet, we hope that this collaboration between Amazon and the Police will make thieves stop stealing all type of packages!

Even strange, not so useful packages like a Cat Entertainment Video DVD! We wonder what face a thief makes after they realized exactly what the stole…

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