December 17, 2018


How do you revive best seller products?

According to Steve Tan, the first ingredient is to start with your existing data. You don’t have to start from scratch again. You have to build on foundations you already have.

How to do it? First, you have to create variations of your existing successful ad creatives to eliminate banner blindness. But don’t be too drastic.

If these ads worked in the past, it means you did something right. Just make minor changes to these ad creatives like the copy, video thumbnails, product photos etc.

The second step is about creating brand new lookalikes depending on your current data. Do this by uploading CSV files using the pixel data.

Step number three is about selecting all the past ad sets with 2X or more ROAS and duplicate them with a $15 daily budget. Use a new post ID with purchase objective. To boost the social proof, you could publish an engagement campaign to the new post ID at $20/day.

The fourth step is about email. Retarget and email your list by segmenting it, depending on page views, ATC, IC, and page engagement events within 3, 7, 14, 30, 90, and 180 days.

If you have leads from past ads, email them with a new sale or promotion to bring them back to the site. Also, make sure to collect new leads via an opt-in form when you’re testing.

The last one is to take the interests that worked in the past and create campaigns with 5-10 ad sets, with 1 general interest in each ad set to test. Refine your audience and post a brand new campaign using the new post ID. Since you’re only micro-testing, stick to a daily budget of $10-$20.

With this setup, you’re running campaigns based on settings that already worked for you, so it should be easier to find success with them!

Once you find the best mix of copy/pics/audience, create another 10 ad sets as well as duplicate ad sets with more than 2 sales at $50/day.

If we would summarise this in one sentence, it’s about trying again with small changes to existing creatives and audiences. But make sure to test enough new audiences, creatives too and don’t neglect your backend funnel.


Time to reset the “days since the last Facebook data scandal” counter…

Another weekend passed and another FB fail came out. On Friday, the company revealed that an API bug gave app developers unintended access to the photos of up to 5.6M of its users.

Can we still call FB data leaks news?

The bug allowed app developers to pull users’ timeline photos including access to their Facebook Stories, Marketplace photos, and most worryingly, photos they’d uploaded to Facebook but never shared. Though, it didn’t impact pictures shared over Messenger.

It lasted 12 days, from September 13th to September 25th and FB’s words to apologize were: “We are sorry for this”. They are so tired of apologizing that they didn’t even make an effort to come up with something more touching! Hmph!

It looks like Facebook is becoming too big for its own good and they’re just not able to protect users data.

And if you’re worried about your photos, Facebook said that they have sent notifications to users potentially affected by the data leak. That’s all that had to be done? Lol, like we said they are now too used to it.

So, if you got some FB notification about it this weekend, you are among the ones affected! Say thanks to Zuck!


SEO Trends for 2019 – Dominate the SERP’s

The thing about SEO is that it’s time-consuming and doesn’t bring instant gratification. It’s unlike paid ad campaigns where you can start a campaign right away and voilà, you start seeing instant traffic and maybe some sales too.

However, the thing about SEO is also that once you are ranking for a keyword or two, it means free traffic, without paying a cent!

Helping you generate some free traffic in 2019, we bring you some of the biggest trends you need to know in 2019, according to 47 of today’s top SEO professionals. Let’s peek into it then!

Know Your Audience: Understand whether you want to go for broader terms or should you focus on specific keywords further down the funnel. You may want to research what kind of content your audience prefers. Whether they are more likely to consume text, images, audio or video and add content accordingly.

Beyond Google Search: 2019 will be more than just about Google Search, says Eli Schwartz of SurveyMonkey. Amazon and Apple are going to cut into Google’s Search dominance, as it’s going to drive engagements and traffic to web properties other than websites.

Optimize for devices. Optimize for home assistants like Alexa. Ultimately, it’s all about the best content on the fastest platforms geared to meet the users wherever they’re coming from, according to Keith Goode, IBM’s senior SEO strategist.

Structured Data Markups: If you have been ignoring this before, there’s some bad news for you.

“With AI becoming increasingly important for Google, structured data is becoming more important as well,” says Marcus Tandler, co-founder and MD of Ryte. “If Google wants to move from a mobile-first to an AI-first world, structured data is the key.”

Hence, it’s time to leverage your existing content by integrating speakable and fact-checked structured data markup. These markups are a key link between factual reality and the screenless future.

Increase the E-A-T: Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness. We are beyond the information age, now it’s all about your reputation. Creating content just to keep your blog alive isn’t going to cut it anymore. Grant Simmons from, says you may want to focus on content distribution platforms and promoting your best content from a reputation standpoint.

Invest in Technical SEO: Everybody is writing or has already written tons of content. Tough to beat ‘em here. Hence, focus on your site speed, Javascript optimization. PWA’s. No, not Penguins With Attitude… We mean Progressive Web Apps.

Tough to outrank authoritative websites. Time to look at PWA’s and drive traffic there. If you are able to provide a seamless app experience, you may be able to generate some great sales from there.

On-Page Optimization: Again, another way to beat your content-heavy competition is great OPO. For example, focus on internal site search delivering relevant results, internal page linking, shortening conversion processes, chatbots, simpler processes for existing customers to reorder their last purchases.

Featured Snippets and Other SERP features: “Answer boxes, recipes, the knowledge graph, carousels, and who-knows-what-else will take an even bigger bite out of organic traffic,” said Ian Lurie, CEO and founder of Portent. That makes SEO even more important because exposure is as much about visibility in the SERPs as it is about clicks.

We’ve only scratched the surface so far. These SEO experts also discuss the importance of implementing the above strategies in addition to more information on links, video, localization, and much more here.

Predictions for social media in 2019 – What to expect!

Yeah, we understand, most of us are in the holiday mood, and have a lot of shopping to do. However, we are certain you are also keen on planning and prepping up your strategies and ideas for what’s going to be a very innovative year in the field of marketing.

So, what sort of world will we return to in 2019? When people were asked to share their opinions, here’s what people on social media think about how… well, uhm social media is going to shape up in 2019.

Yeah, we know! Probably most of them are going to be wrong because they don’t really have fortune teller powers. Still, let’s see what will come true and what won’t, shall we?

Some predict more paid and exclusive social networks/communities. Originally, we thought social networks were all about heavy numbers of DAU and MAU. However, that conventional wisdom is not proving to be right anymore.

It’s all going to be about smaller, niche relevant, paid communities and personalized private messaging. Hint: More Paid groups on FB, maybe similar paid communities on Slack, Discord and Telegram too. Group chats are going to be the social network of choice!

Apple and Google will try some sort of social network again: Facebook wunderkind Michael Sayman is already cooking up some sort of social app at Google.

It’s predicted for FB to see a user/usage decline in North America.

Shopping will see a breakout year on Instagram: Instagram is predicted to be a standalone shopping app in 2019, along with the launch of a direct messaging app for Instagram that’s being tested currently.

Twitter will get pulled from the App Store over adult content: a prediction that seems surprisingly likely after the Tumblr fiasco this year. Though Twitter may muddle along and people may call it “this hell website” but continue to use it anyway.

More serialized long-form content is predicted for YouTube.

Snapchat will experiment with more augmented-reality stuff at the expense of everything else, which sounds about right. Without a surprise hit product, it’s going to be a tough year for Snapchat.

Video consumption is growing and this growth will be fueled in part by the rise of social video apps like TikTok and the prominence of other short-form videos in social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat.

There are numerous other predictions being speculated about politics, data breaches, censorship, regulations of tech giants, some likely and some unlikely, including some predictions about how trolls are going to innovate things in 2019. You can check them all out here.


Grab the sweeps, nutra and biz opp offers cap for the New Year!

How often do companies make promises and not deliver? Do you hear that often about other affiliate networks? Here’s the deal…

Our friends at Grabads believe that the key to success is to treat your clients like family. Their success depends on your success! Which is why their account managers are dedicated to providing unrivalled, 5-star support around the clock, bending over backwards to ensure that your campaigns are stable and successful.

So here’s the enticing part…

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Well, it just so happens that those are 3 very strong verticals with Grabads!

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Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

“Use your head!”

When new technologies spread around the world, good and bad people are always around to take advantage of them.

And what’s one of the latest innovations that are taking on? 3D printers. There’s a lot you can make with a 3D printer: from prosthetics, corneas, firearms and maybe unlock patterns for black mirrors i.e our devices.

You can now 3D print a life-size replica of a human head and, if you have malicious intentions, you can use these ones to unlock other people phones… What, really? Kind of, yeah!

A Forbes reporter experimented with this: he tried to unlock different models of phones with a printed face. And for many phones, he was successful!

“The reality with any biometrics is that they can be copied. Anyone with enough time, resource and objective will invest to try and spoof these biometrics.”

OK, but here’s the thing. The phones that he did unlock with the fake head don’t use facial recognition as their main unlock feature. That’s just for convenience. They still use the old-school-by-now fingerprint reader.

So, don’t throw your phone away but check if yours can be fooled and adjust your security settings as needed. You don’t want someone snooping on your privacy, do you?

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