December 4, 2018



How to fight ad fatigue

Change is the only thing that’s constant! And that applies to advertising too.

Creative fatigue – the reason your ad performance dips after running successfully for a while.
It’s not something that the Facebook algo does, it’s just human nature.

Users notice the ads for a few times until it just becomes subconsciously skippable and hence starts to get ignored.

If you are targeting a relatively smaller audience with a big budget, ad fatigue happens in just a few days (because more impressions per day will be served to each user).

Or with big budgets targeting bigger audience, your ads could survive 1-2 weeks until the fatigue starts developing.

It isn’t a question of if ad fatigue will happen. It’s when it will happen.

How can this be tackled?

– You can either expand the audience, which can delay ad fatigue.
– Test more creatives constantly, which can avoid ad fatigue.

Simply put, someone spending $1M on FB ads would need 10 times more creatives than
someone spending $100k.

With FB and Google algorithms getting better day by day, creative testing and substitution is a competitive advantage every marketer must have. However, it’s not something that can be done effortlessly.

Let’s say for an optimized campaign, you have 10 best performing ads running. In order to avoid ad fatigue and maintain competitive advantage, you will have to test 20 new creatives to replace just one of those 10 high-performing ads.

Statistically, only about 5% of ads perform well enough to replace the old best-performing ad.

And that’s not all. Because you are running ads on more than one platform. You will need to create different versions of each ad for each platform/placement.

Then, it also depends on how users use that platform and interact with your ads.

Whether they are “on the go” – just checking their newsfeed updates, “leaning forward” – accessing from desktop, or “leaning back” – consuming long-form videos.

You will also want to optimize your ads for user’s location and maybe for the mobile apps too.

The Crew’s take on it:

As a seasoned Fb Ads Marketer, you know there are no secrets. Anyone decently competent at it can get the same results which a few years ago, only the top marketers would see.

The only advantage the best ones have is they spend the time and resources that need to be put in for that kind of heavy lifting with creative testing and substitutions. Because that seriously is a hell lot of work to do!

However, it does return the favour by giving you a higher than ever ROAS too. Go and test more creatives as often as you can!

This is a full retargeting strategy you can’t miss

Retargeting is key for e-commerce on FB. Agree?

People need more touch points before they take out their credit card and buy your product.
Obviously, this isn’t always true. Cold selling on Facebook and elsewhere online is still a thing.

However, if you want to squeeze every penny you can from advertising, you have to retarget people you’ve already reached.

Explaining his retargeting strategy, Syed Qadri makes a point that different levels of interaction deserve different retargeting objectives and content. In other words, you can’t create a custom audience of all your website visitors and reach them with a WC campaign.

You should segment your audience by several levels of intent and show appropriate creatives and ad copies, designed to provide more information, urgency, social proof etc.

These are the key segments used by Syed Qadry:

Website visitors, excluding anyone that viewed the product page: This audience shows a bit of intent, but not much. At this stage, you shouldn’t push product sales, but showcase videos about the brand and the product. The purpose is to create awareness.

Added to cart, but not purchased: This audience segment is almost ready to buy, they just need an extra push. The kind of content used for this audience should be product demo videos and unboxing videos.

Yet, if they still don’t convert, you can push a special offer such as a limited time discount, free shipping or any other compelling offer. You can also push influencer videos at this final stage as a last attempt to recover the abandoned cart.

People who bought: The goal here is to raise your customer value by cross-selling. Cross-sell sequence suggested by Syed Qadry combines a mix of post-purchase ‘thank you’ videos followed by an exclusive ‘VIP’ limited time offer. The VIP offer can be an exclusive discount, exclusive item etc. 
Another working tactic is to gather User Generated Content through giveaways/contests. These ads will be full of positive engagement and strong social proof because there are loads of users posting pictures of themselves with the product.

For a more detailed retargeting strategy, you can take a look at this graph:


Affiliate Marketing: trends and challenges in APAC

Affiliate marketing in APAC countries is penetrating at a higher pace than ever. This is the next booming ecom market after US, UK and EU esp in fashion, beauty and nutrition niches.

James Little, from TopCashBack shares some tips that could help you in building the right APAC approach for entering this market segment.

Cross-border shipping: You’re worried that your ecom store doesn’t yet have the “multi-currency/multi-language/global-shopping” functionalities?

It doesn’t matter! At least, not initially.

If you are running an e-commerce store in US, EU, chances are that you have already seen some sales from APAC countries, without any effort or intentions from your side, you just need to build on it and optimize it better.

Some ideas to help you facilitate cross-border shipping:

Delivery: You don’t need to be able to deliver there. Sites like Borderlinx, MyUS and many others do that for you by providing a US shipping address option to your consumers and they prefer that too.

Multi-currency: Paying in Dollars/Euros/Pounds doesn’t matter to these users, most have credit cards which allow them to purchase from international stores smoothly, whatever the currency may be.

Multi-language: Again, not an issue, the audience is used to and well versed with English language.

Resell approach: A lot of sales from APAC countries have also seen to be bulk orders from Resellers. The reason being there are genuine customers clubbing together to buy in bulk to save costs. There are dedicated WeChat groups for this in China.

Another reason is that some products aren’t available in APAC region and they prefer to order it from US/EU and are then sold on local platforms.

Knowing the APAC Market: Not all markets in APAC are the same. Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Japan are the fastest growing e-commerce markets to focus on.

Now that you know this, identify a way to enter these markets efficiently. For example, you could use WeChat, if you are looking at China or try LINE if you are looking at Japan.

You could also look at the local marketplace dominant in these areas. For instance, 85% of ecom sales in 1st half of 2018 in China happened over a marketplace called T-Mall.

Affiliate Networks: Well, some key affiliate market players are already at it and others are about to enter the APAC markets soon! And this could mean huge untapped markets for us.

Awin has signed up with Commision Factory, an established affiliate network in Australia. They may buy CF soon and launch their own brand there.

Rakuten Marketing and Optimise are already well established in APAC and doing great.

If you are into SaaS, players like Impact, Partnerzie, Admitad also seem to be penetrating this market soon.

Did we already tell you about that Thai version of WTAFF?

Quora: Huge data breach

Account info, passwords, emails, private messages, and user votes of 100M Quora users were breached, Quora revealed on 30th Nov.

They are still investigating, and they don’t know who made this shot! Meanwhile, for safety reasons, the question-and-answer website logged out all his users and asked them to create a new password.

If you took our advice and checked out the platform, stay safe!

It looks like that data is the new gold! Whereas robbers once used to steal gold bars from banks, now they may have switched to the data breach affair! Ask Mark Zuckerberg if data is a worthwhile business or not…

No mail service Wednesday in honour of Bush

If you are selling in the USA, don’t expect your products to be delivered this Wednesday, November 5th. Also, don’t expect to receive something you ordered.

The US Postal Service is suspending regular mail deliveries on that day, after President Donald Trump declared it a federal holiday to honour President George H.W. Bush.

Though, FedEx and UPS will work as normal!



Tips, tricks and case studies straight from Everad.

This time we won’t throw any reports, case studies or interviews so you can take a rest from heavy content analysis. We bet that you’re a bit tired after a long flight.

The Everad squad has already landed in Bangkok and will be waiting for you at AWA tomorrow. We have prepared some powerful swag for partners and attendees: t-shirts, baseball caps and godlike stickers.

We truly believe that is the only sticker set you really need, along with MRKTRS one, to make your laptop look trendy and show off the industry lingo at any airport/resort/coworking. Check them out right here!

But swag is only the tip of the iceberg. Let’s talk some business too!

We are also ready to share invaluable and profit-boosting insights. Stop by our booth #B28 and speak with us about:

  • Top nutra niches in 2019 (trends are changing)
  • Which hot geos are ready to be launched in our network (yep, Asian regions should be announced at Asian conference)
  • How much payout bump we can offer from the very beginning!
  • What platform smart feature we are planning to release shortly (tip: it is related to top landers and transit pages)
  • How to run different COD offers on various traffic sources (we’ll tell you more about native, push, search, social & adult)
  • Life hacks for angles and making thousands and millions of revenue with tier 2/tier 3 direct nutra offers

Just for history book records, below are the niches that had proven themselves as smoking hot in 2018 and generated armloads of leads in Everad.

Top COD niches as of the end of 2018

Diet, ME and skin are all standard champions but there are 2 up-and-comers: hypertension and bleach cream! Go ask your Everad affiliate manager for the full report on verticals!

See you at AWA, guys!

PS: You can sign up to Everad right now!


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Mr Tweets-Too-Much launches more than 60 satellites in the orbit

Yesterday, SpaceX successfully launched 64 spacecrafts in the orbit. The SmallSat Express mission includes 15 microsats and 49 cubesats from commercial and government entities, including universities, startups and a middle school, according to the SpaceX press kit.

This sets a new record for the number of launches in a year. Elon will be happy for this success and has already shared his joy on Twitter!

SpaceX is actually the third-most valuable VC-backed startup in the U.S. after Uber Technologies Inc. and Airbnb Inc. with a $28 B valuation!

Unfortunately, as we all know from his tweets, Elon doesn’t like public traded company structure, so it’s doesn’t look probable that one can buy SpaceX shares anytime soon! What a pity!

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