December 6, 2018


Facebook down, again!

Facebook is back again in our newsletter. Not that we missed it. It just breaks out with some more-than-bad news.

The not too bad one is about a blackout that happened yesterday. The outage was registered yesterday at 2 pm CET and affected most users in Europe, USA, Philippines and Indonesia.

It probably was a technical problem, the second time in less than 20 days. However, this isn’t what Mark should be worried about. There is something bigger that will keep him awake these holidays…

Seized documents released: How Facebook makes deals with our data!

When 10 days ago, the British Parliament seized those top-secret documents about Facebook, it was a checkmate moment! Why?

Because it happened that yesterday those files were published and the truth about how Facebook makes deals with its data came out. And if this was a bad period for Mark, it just got worse! What do these documents highlight?

The emails released as part of the cache shows some deals between Facebook and other big tech companies. The agreements allowed the companies broad access to user data after new restrictions were put in place to end most companies’ access.

Data ranged from users’ birthdays and profile pictures to the names of their friends and the contents of their private messages.

The companies that had access included Netflix, Airbnb and Lyft while Facebook denied competitors like Vine to access the data.

In some emails, Mark appeared to be aware that some developers were misusing their access to data, yet he seemed to be focused on how this harmed the company, not the users whose data was being accessed.

And if you were worried about Facebook listening to your WhatsApp audio notes, Mark went deeper.

In fact, the emails show Facebook’s growth team using call logs data as a way to improve Facebook’s algorithms as well as to locate new contacts through the “People You May Know” feature. Though, this worked only for Android users.

What was the Facebook answer to all this?

In a Facebook post, Mark said that “Facebook never sold users data” and “we blocked a lot of sketchy apps.”

Will Facebook be able to pull through another scandal? We really hope so. Advertisers need its data… However, 2.27 B people still use Facebook every day and it’s impossible that they will suddenly stop to use it. 

But, for us advertisers, it’s important that Facebook conquers again with a positive public image!

Case Study: Driving $291K of revenue with $83K in ad spend

Yesterday, David Schloss dropped another one of his case studies. And the figures in the caption above should make its value clear.

It’s about selling an info product, and there are some nice lessons that can be applied everywhere.

In this 11 months long study, the creatives he used for the front end were 3 videos and 6 images. He suggests having 60s videos in order to split test them between Facebook and Instagram. About 59.82% of purchases and 67.68% of leads came from Instagram.

For retargeting, he used 3 video ads and 3 image ads with 3 different headlines. And he found himself surprised in discovering that using the same landing headline worked!

Other suggestions he makes is to integrate Messenger Ads for retargeting purposes since dozens of people messaged the Fan Page.

Then, he says that you need to focus on visitors intent. We already talked about this before.

Campaign CPP was $141.68, and the purchase value was $585. So, if you sell high ticket products, you can take inspiration from this case study as well!


The art of perfecting your CTA

If you are running ads and driving traffic to your website, you already have multiple CTAs.

There is no such thing as a successful marketing campaign, unless there is a successful CTA too. Conversions, revenue, profit, they all depend on the mighty call to action.

Many businesses increased their conversion rate by 200% just by testing their CTA’s. Drooling over these figures? Don’t worry, below we are discussing the recipes for the perfect CTA.

Perfect Design for CTA: First element to come up with the perfect CTA is its design. The right colour palette and using their psychology.

We all react to colours differently and 90% of immediate judgement about a product is affected by colours. However, when choosing your CTA colour, the idea is to make it stand out from the rest of the background content.

Perfect Wordplay: Using the right colours along with the right words can sweep your audience off their feet.

Too mainstream words like “Buy Now”, “Download”, “Click Here” can be boring. A simple split-test between “Get Information” and “Order Information” saw the former one resulting in a 33% increase in conversions.

The idea is to resonate with your product and not to lose the originality.

Story Telling: We always remember information better when served in the form of storytelling. Hence, your CTA text needs to compliment the rhythm of the storytelling. Something that evokes an emotion in your readers and makes them empathize with your concepts.

Not just smart wordplay, but something that makes the readers feel that the story gets better when they click on it and sign up.

Fear and love, the two powerful forces that drive mountains. Love is difficult to understand, so let’s use fear in our marketing strategies.

Creating a sense of urgency or FOMO pushes the users to check out the deal before the time runs out.

Contextual placement: Now that you have figured the right colours and text for your CTA, it’s time to make sure it is well placed on the website.

Placements are like funnels. After highlighting one of your product features, invite them to try it out by using a CTA, right below the description.

Another perspective explains that for complex websites, it’s better for the CTA to reside below the fold. CTAs placed at the bottom of the products and services have 300% more conversion than if the same CTA were placed at the top.

There you go, a very simple yet a revolutionary tip can turn the tables for you!

Google isn’t about marketing

Except for the Alphabet U, Google owns products starting with all other letters from A to Z. Can you guess all of them? You can’t cause Google was never able to market them well.

And this is more of a question or discussion, more than a news update. Why don’t they create well-researched products which actually have a market need and back themselves to promote them well?

Can they be good and bad at innovation at the same time?

Around 44 of the products including recent Google+ are almost dead and discontinued, despite years of work, engineering man-hours and huge budgets spent on them.

Recently, they also bid farewell to its messaging app Allo, which was just launched 2 years back and didn’t survive the competition.

Even though Google is a leader in marketing, it itself HATES marketing, apart from its advertising business. They don’t market their products, they simply announce them.

This is because of its engineering culture, which is strongly anti-marketing and is based on a belief of: “Build it and they will come.”

Maybe, they are all about SEO. Because they own the search engine. But again, if you don’t play by their rules, it penalizes the business, be it link building or any other aspect of SEO.

Build it and they will come. No marketing should be necessary. It once worked for Google when there was no Google, but these are different times, friends!


Get your bonus from ClickDealer’s Under The Mistletoe Dating program!

This is coming from one of the industry’s longest standing affiliate networks so if you didn’t get into the Christmas mood already this should get you there!

This December, ClickDealer offers you the chance to harness that magic of the holidays and turn it into massive bonuses for your campaigns! Check this out.

During the whole month, for all DATING offers from ClickDealer you get a bonus defined by the revenue growth you show.

Here are the revenue growth target and the respective bonus you will get.

$500 – $50 bonus
$1k – $100 bonus
$2.5k – $250 bonus
$5k – $500 bonus
$10k – $1k bonus
$15k – $2.25k bonus
$25k – $3.75k bonus
$50k – $7.5k bonus

If you really want to get thrifty with it and get the most bang out of your buck, run traffic to ClickDealer’s in-house WL exclusives and get a 10% cashback on your spend, as long as it exceeds $500. Don’t forget this vertical is one of the most established at ClickDealer, for over 6 years, since they were a dating-exclusive affiliate network. Talk about a lot of experience!

Those leads will rank you up in the contest as well as giving you a guaranteed ROI bump right off the bat! All your revenue until 31st December counts, so get going right now!

There are a few things to keep in mind. First, this is for dating campaigns only – repeating in case you missed it above 😉

Your total number of leads across all program offers determines your bonus. So you don’t have to run only one offer – you can run more and they all count!

Bonuses don’t compound, you only get the one based on the final amount. Of course, only validated leads are accounted – can’t have invalid leads for a bonus.

If you’re already an affiliate with ClickDealer, hit up your affiliate manager to get the best offers. If you don’t have an account yet, sign up right here.

Aside from this sweet bonus, you can also get your hands on some of the best e-commerce offers from ClickDealer so get on it!


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Only 7-year-old but made $22M this year

The struggle is real, but not for this 7-year-old!

He is this year’s top-earning YouTuber, earning more than $22M, doing what? Just reviewing toys.

Maybe, we should start a YouTube channel…

His video, posted this Sunday, about a blue-giant-mystery-egg has garnered more than a million views already. That’s crazy!

His earnings have doubled as compared to last year. If you ask Ryan why people watch his videos, he says “Because I’m entertaining and funny”.

Only $1M of total earnings come from YouTube advertising, and sponsored content is responsible for the bulk of it. Maybe we should change the niche from marketing to toys…

Since he’s just a kiddo, a part of his earnings is put into a bank account which he can only access when he’s an adult. We hope Ryan has a bright future ahead of him! We can definitely learn from him!

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