Depesh Mandalia exclusive Q&A: Burning CBO questions & to-the-point, actionable answers. GTM + Optimize: A lethal personalization combo 80% of marketers will use by 2025. Exact campaign structure from FB Reps & tested by DimNiko.



Depesh Mandalia will answer your most burning CBO questions!


With Facebook finally rolling out mandatory CBO (Campaign Budget Optimization), it’s the time to make sure you have everything set up and ready to go.

Depesh Mandalia, a marketer regularly featured in our newsletter, has been focusing on CBO since summer 2019 already.

He is one of those who adopted CBO very early on and he has shared many of his experiences with it, both in his Facebook group and in his CBO Cookbook. He has also been in regular contact with FB about the topic.

So, with that in mind, we’re going to sit down and grill Depesh about everything YOU want to know about CBO campaigns before February arrives and your ad-set budget campaigns get paused.

Send us your questions by replying to this email and you will have everything answered in an interview scheduled to be recorded on Wednesday.


“SameSite=None; Secure” – Prepare for the change

No matter what meal plan you have been following lately, one thing all marketers have been discussing lately is Cookies.

Google plans to end all third-party cookies by 2022 and offer users more control over Push notifications.

But there is one more related thing that all SEOs and developers need to know – SameSite Attributes and requirements for cookies.

+ Secure by default: It’s a new implementation announced by the Chrome development team which will use a more stringent “secure-by-default”, which allows different ways of handling third-party cookies in the browser space.

Firefox and Edge are joining Chrome in implementing this new policy beginning in February. Safari’s recently announced Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) is similar, but will handle SameSite settings differently than other browsers.

It’s basically a defensive posture where only a minimal level of trust will be established between parties at first contact.

Access to sensitive information, such as retrieving cookie values in a third-party context, will require permission settings before the browser can send cookie values to the website.

First-party cookies will have an established privilege for transmission of cookies.

+ Cross-site cookies: Let’s use YouTube as an example to (try to) explain this.

When a user logs on to YouTube, a session cookie will be set as a first-party cookie. Under the new policy, the SameSite attribute value must be ‘None’ along with a secure declaration to explicitly allow YouTube to retrieve its cookies when embedded on another website (or other third party context).

If this is done, YouTube widgets will continue to work as normal when embedded. Otherwise, they won’t.

If you are a developer or someone with a technical amusement, check out this post explaining the changes and preparing you with a detailed SameSite and Cross-site setup guide.


👨‍🌾 Start a new business with SoFarm’s white-label solution for ad account issues


Big topic at the end of 2019? Oh, that’s right… Ad accounts getting banned left and right, whether you are doing e-com or lead gen, whether you started 5 months ago or 5 years ago. It’s rough!

There are advertisers who’ve faced this issue regularly and came up with a service to address this… Like SoFarm. You might have heard of them when you complained to someone about how Zuck just hammered your Business Manager.

  • Do you run an affiliate network where your affiliates have issues with ad accounts?
  • Do you host masterminds and students ask you for solutions against the Zuck hammer?
  • Are you an offer owner always hit by affiliates stopping traffic when ad accounts purging happens?

If you answered yes to any of those, you should get in touch with SoFarm right away.

Get SoFarm’s whole service and support for creating ad accounts as a white-label for your brand. Start your own business by using their infrastructure and your brand.

You will have the expertise of SoFarm, who’ve spent 7-figures testing and perfecting the whole infrastructure, under your own brand at your prices to offer account solutions to your affiliates and students. Sounds interesting?

Get in touch with Martin from SoFarm right away!

PS: If you’re heading to Affiliate Summit West, schedule an in person meeting to talk all about this!

PPS: If Martin’s schedule is full already, just use the contact form on their website.


This is the exact campaign structure FB reps recommend, and now you can use it too

Campaign structure is something personal to each marketer, so there really is no right or wrong… That being said, many do suffer from a complete lack of structure, so this recommended structure from Dim Niko’s rep might just be your best starting point.

Maryana Shifman had a chat with their FB rep who looked over their ad accounts and recommended a specific structure for new campaigns. We’ll break it down for you here:

  • There will be 4 campaigns.
  • Two for prospecting in order to get new customers.
  • Two will be retargeting those who have seen your ads but haven’t converted.
  • They will all be running Campaign Budget Optimization.

Campaign 1:

+ Objective: Website conversions, optimizing for Purchases.
+ Ad Sets: Four ad sets with the following audiences, excluding people that have already purchased:

  • Best working interest and demographic targeting – exclude audiences from ad set 2, 3, 4.
  • High-value 1% Lookalike from your pixel data – exclude audiences from ad set 3 and 4.
  • High-value 1% Lookalike from your CRM data – exclude audiences from ad set 4.
  • A lookalike based on video-views or FB/IG engagement, depending on relevancy.

+ Ads: Each ad set will contain 3 similar creatives.

Campaign 2:

+ Objective: Catalog sales, optimizing for Purchases.
+ Ad Sets: Just one using a broad audience.
+ Ads: Same ads as the previous campaign.

Campaign 3:

+ Objective: Website conversions, optimizing for Purchases.
+ Ad Sets: Three ad sets with the following audiences (excluding purchases) in each:

  • Ad set 1: 180 days website visitors and 3+ Page View – this means both conditions, not one or the other!
  • Ad set 2: People who’ve viewed your videos.
  • Ad set 3: People who’ve initiated checkout.

+ Ads: They should be different from the ones in Campaigns 2 and 3. Your usual retargeting angles should be tested.

Campaign 4:

+ Objective: Catalog sales (Maryana wrote Conversions but we assume Catalog makes more sense in this context), optimizing for Purchases.
+ Ad Sets: Three ad sets again, continuing the numbering from above for easier exclusion explanation:

  • Ad set 4: Viewed or Added to Cart in the last 30 days.
  • Ad set 5: Viewed or Added to Cart in the last 60 days.
  • Ad set 6: Viewed or Added to Cart in the last 180 days.

+ Ads: Each ad set will have one carousel ad and one catalog ad.

+ Exclusions:

  • Ad set 1 excluding ad sets 2, 3, 6.
  • Ad set 2 excluding ad set 3.
  • Ad set 5 excluding ad set 4.
  • Ad set 6 excluding ad sets 4, 5.

The rep also recommended leaving these campaigns running for 7 days before making any changes to them.


  • CRO: A helpful guide on setting up two powerful tools, Google Tag Manager and Google Optimize, to add personalization to your websites and overcome challenges that could help 80% of marketers to forget personalization efforts by 2025.
  • TRACKING: It’s not what we initially thought it to be. More than GDPR or CCPA, it’s the operating system privacy controls that are impacting the availability and quality of location data. 70% decline since iOS13 rollout.
  • DATA: Announcing Dataset Search from Google, which has 25M datasets on different niches. A single place for you to look for insightful data that matters for your business and find links to where the data is.
  • SEO: Pablo Rosales shares some insights on Tiered Link Building, an off page version of an On-Page SEO set up.
  • SNAPCHAT: This new deal between Snap and NBC to air daily shows covering the 2020 Olympics will allow Snap to air exclusive content and NBC to reach out to a younger audience.
  • MOBILE MARKETING: Google’s latest restrictions will make it harder for mobile marketers to independently track conversions, especially for users on iOS.


What runs around the whole yard without moving?

You can find the solution by clicking here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Man Your Man Could Smell Like is back… and he has a son?!


Does everyone remember the classic Old Spice ads? The Crew certainly does! They were some of the first ads to go viral on the Interwebz. Absolute classics!

And now, a new installment is coming. Isaiah Mustafa, who plays the Man Your Man Could Smell Like, is making a comeback, and he’s joined by his ‘son’ on the 10 year anniversary of those Old Spice commercials.

The new ads seem to be a build up to the Super Bowl, with the new “father and son” pair scheduled for multiple mainstream media appearances alongside the new ads, with a big one likely to drop during the Super Bowl.

If you want to check out the two new 30-second videos made in that classic Old Spice style, check them out on AdAge right here.

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