Dropshipping + FB Ads: From $0 to $100K with 1 product. Affiliate offers that convert well on FB, GDN, RevContent, Outbrain, Gemini: Creatives + Swipes + Resources included. Miners take control of blockchain: $72k worth of BTG double-spent.



Shopping online? Why don’t you “Try On”?

Pinterest carries a lot of authority when it comes to beauty products and this new feature has the potential to be a big grab for retailers looking to connect with more customers in a more interactive way.

Which new feature are we talking about? “Try On”, a new augmented reality (AR) powered feature that allows users to virtually test lipstick shades to see if they suit their complexion.


Users can then either save the Pin for later or buy through the retailer’s site using the “Shop the look” feature.

How does it work? Powered by Pinterest’s proprietary visual search technology called Lens, it allows users searching for “lipstick” or “lipstick shades” to select the “Try On” option. Users can then swipe through up to 25 different lipstick shades and try them on.

Once a user finds a shade they like, they can opt to save the Pin for later or shop right away.

This new Try On feature won’t use any skin filtering or smoothing enhancements, which according to Pinterest, shows users the most realistic version of how the product would look on them.

Well, a lot of players in the market are getting serious about AR, but given the clout Pinterest has in the beauty segment this could shape up to be a big grab for retailers in the beauty niches.


Dude, where’s my content?

Google has announced the launch of a new removal tool in Search Console which allows SEOs and webmasters more control over the URLs that show up in SERPs.

What can you do with this new tool?

+ You can temporarily hide URLs from showing in Google search.

Temporary removals do not delete the URL from Google’s index. It just stops the URL from showing up in search results for about six months. If necessary, you will still need to permanently block the URL using a 404, robots.txt or any other methods.

Additionally, Google also allows you to clear the cache of a URL, which clears the cached page and wipes out the page description snippet in Search results until the page is crawled again.

+ Identify content not showing up in SERPs because of its outdated nature.

This allows you to find information on removal requests made through the public Remove Outdated Content tool, which can be used by anyone to update search results that show information that is no longer included on the page.

You can see a six-month history of all requests to update or remove outdated search results for your site.

+ Find URLs that are being filtered by Google’s SafeSearch filter.

At times, SEOs have found it difficult to figure out which content has been removed by Google’s SafeSearch filter. This tool now allows you to find content removed from SERPs because of the SafeSearch suggestions.

How do you access this tool? Go to your Search Console and look for Removals under the Index menu.


🚀 How much do you know about the fastest growing affiliate network right now?

It’s none other than MaxWeb, the Top Performance Marketing Affiliate Network.

Why are we doing this introduction? Well, MaxWeb has the best converting VSL offers in the industry, which is also one of their secret weapons. And of course, because we know a lot of successful affiliates read our daily newsletter. Soooo, It’s A MatchSwipe Right.

What do they have for you?

  • Offers that convert well on Facebook, GDN, RevContent, Outbrain, MGID, Content.ad and Gemini. Remember those high-converting VSLs we mentioned?
  • Owned and exclusive offers.
  • Weekly payouts by default and 3 times a week for affiliate partners which is a big reason affiliates choose to work exclusively with them.
  • They also offer creatives, swipes and resources that work.
  • Impeccable tracking where each sale is clearly tracked in real time.
  • Great reporting tools to track all visits and CR.
  • Dedicated Skype groups and exclusive offers.

🎬 The MaxWeb team is 100% committed to your growth.

You absolutely don’t have to take our word on this. It’s one of the few networks that convinced partners to actually give them a video testimonial. Just have a look at what EricMatt or Todd had to say about MaxWeb.

Also, as a business owner yourself, you would agree that it’s not just about having great tools and the online setup. It’s the people behind the business that make it a success.

The woman running the show at MaxWeb, Anna Gita, is always facing the public, regularly going on podcasts, at meetups, at conferences and making sure she’s there to hear what her affiliates really need. 🎤 Have you seen her on stage at Affiliate World Asia 2019?

There is literally nothing that should stop you from signing up on their platform! Test it out and check yourself.

Sign-up for a MaxWeb affiliate account or an advertiser account right here in a blink of an eye.


Campaign Optimization made simple

We found an interesting post about campaign optimization shared by Joshua Madu, which breaks down what different steps you can take in a variety of varying scenarios.

PS: This is basic stuff for those who don’t already have a structured approach to optimizing campaigns, so this might be useful for you… Jumping straight into it.

Backing up: You need at least 10k impressions before starting to look at the data.

What to do when the CPC is too high:

  • Check CTR – if this is under 1% then review creative/audience.
  • Check negative feedback.
  • Check relevance – if under 7 add continuity in the funnel.
  • Duplicate and test higher bids (until 1,000 impressions).
  • If all else fails, test new audiences.

Low CTR:

  • Check creative: Test new creative and ad formats.
  • Check placements (if all desktop, try mobile).
  • Try a different audience.
  • If above fails, you may need to add another step to the funnel to warm up the audiences a bit more.

Lot of clicks but few conversions?

  • Check your bounce rate (link clicks vs landing page views).
  • Check your traffic placements (Audience Network and Instant Articles, for example, are notorious for being poor for TOF campaigns).
  • Check your ad scent: Does the ad match the landing page CTA?
  • Check website UX (ie the landing page design is probably an issue).

If these steps do not help increase conversions, you might want to:

  • Make sure custom audiences have populated properly.
  • Check that there are no other ad accounts running traffic to the same exact audiences from the same exact Page.
  • Check that there are no other ad sets in account running traffic to the same exact audiences from the same exact page.
  • Check negative feedback on ads.
  • Switch to impressions to kick start. If this fails, duplicate with higher bids.
  • If all the above fails, switch to Post Engagement objective campaign. Maybe lowering the goal value might give you a head start.

That is all. Well, this probably won’t make or break your camps, but if you’re just getting your feet wet it’s very useful to understand what you should be looking at when your ads aren’t performing well.


  • E-COMMERCE: One of Alex Fedotov’s students shares a success story about going from $0-$100K with one product using Shopify dropshipping and FB Ads.
  • SEO: Steven Kang, the admin at SEO Signals Lab recommends an Indexer tool. Great for achieving fast indexing for PDFs, links, pages and any other indexable properties.
  • FACEBOOK: More news about Mark’s project, Facebook Oversight Board. It will apparently start working this summer, and here they share more insights about their processes.
  • BING: Thanks to a partnership with Shopify, Bing is about to bring in real-time content indexing, giving some sweet benefits to publishers.
  • E-COMMERCE: Not all e-comm owners out there are planning to go public. But hey, look at Casper, an online mattress retailer that have just announced an IPO. Leonardo Di Caprio and 50Cent are already in…



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What English word has three consecutive double letters?

You can find the solution by clicking here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Double-spending your BTG sums

Yooo! It’s been a loooong time since we talked about crypto. Wondering if there are still people out there HODL’ing…

Anyway, we found out that some malicious miners recently took control of BTG blockchain to double-spend virtual currency worth $72k.

How did they make this work?

“Any entity that controls more than 51 percent of a blockchain‘s hash rate can decide what version of the blockchain is accepted (or rejected) by the network.”

This allowed them to manipulate the system: It starts a transferiment, then it reverses the process by re-organizing the blockchain, and makes it possible to spend that initial amount again.

Not exactly the safe blockchain environment those aficionados wished for!


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