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Short copy structure you can swipe right away

Sometimes, little tweaks in your ads result in big ROAS bumps. So, we’re talking about some short copy structures that might pump some gasoline into your campaigns. These were shared by Aaron L Spikes.

Empathy-packed headlines

People pay attention to what they care about, so grab their eyes by talking about what they’re already thinking about. Some examples provided by Aaron:

  • “After being stuck at home for 2 weeks, I’ve decided I need to find a way to workout…”
  • “So, the gyms are STILL closed, but lucky for you, we’ve got a solution.”

And here are the two copy formulas you can swipe

Formula 1:

(Emotion Packed Headline)
Social Proof
Scarcity + Deadline

Formula 2:

(Emotion Packed Headline)
Benefit 1
Benefit 2
Benefit 3
(optional) Benefit 4
(Subtle Scarcity)

Good for those of you who struggle with copywriting but still need to do it.


$1.1M per day – in the negative

French authorities certainly aren’t letting things slip with the tech giants. After pushing Google to pay publishers for using their content, they now have Amazon in their crosshairs.

Yet, this time it’s a completely different story.

Amazon has been forced to shut down its four French warehouses because they need to reassess the safety of workers during the pandemic.

Is Amazon completely locked now? According to the order, they can still ship essential goods. Plus, Amazon is utilizing third-party vendors and the company’s global distribution network.

So, apparently, French customers will still be able to order goods from the platform.

What’s the risk for Amazon? If Amazon doesn’t follow the order, the judge imposed a $1.1M per day fine for every day that Amazon continues to ship non-essential goods.

What does it mean for sellers? If you are using the FBA program, you might have some issues here. The article states that consumers can still order goods on Amazon but, if your products are stuck in the warehouse, how will they actually ship these orders?

It’s all a pretty murky situation, so the best thing you can do is get in touch with Amazon and try to find out if they’ll be setting up alternative solutions.


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Have you ever started reading a marketing guide or article then after the whole post you realize that you have been wasting time of your life reading terrible stuff?

Sometimes the content you find online is so disappointing they should arrest the author…

However, there’s no need to search for high-quality marketing content anymore. There’s a community of 45k marketing professionals that, with some help from AI, select the best marketing articles, videos and podcasts you should check out.

We are talking about Zest🍋. It uses manual community-curation and AI to filter only the top-quality content for you. And they’re so restrictive they only accept 1% of the content they get submitted.

And it’s a freely accessible platform if you were wondering.

That’s not all!

Zest is a great way to promote your pieces of content too! You can opt for organic or sponsored posts. And they’re giving Stacked Marketer’s readers a $110 discount on their Promotion Bundle. Just use the code STACKED to get the discount when you boost your article, video or podcast!

Otherwise, if you just crave marketing content that is TRULY worth your time, get Zest now.

Download their Chrome extension for maximum Zest!


Do you have a streamlined audit process for your accounts?

How many Google Ads accounts are you managing? Knowing exactly where things stand is critical before investing any significant time and money. How do we do this? With an account audit, right?

An audit is important because it helps you to:

  • Find key areas of wasted budgets.
  • Identify new opportunities to expand.
  • Enhance ongoing management processes.
  • Gain audience insights that can be applied to the account as well as other marketing channels.
  • Validate assumptions.

So, let’s jump to a step-by-step process for auditing and structuring your accounts.

Step 1: Goals

It all begins by understanding exactly what your goals and objectives are. There might be multiple conversions goals that you are not monitoring individually.

Understand the conversion goals of your business and your ad account and review them accordingly.

Step 2: Account Structure & Settings

There are many ways you can structure your use of campaigns. Ensure that each campaign has an individual purpose in terms of campaign level settings such as geotargeting, dayparting, bids, budgets.

Make sure they provide meaningful roll-up reporting and are easy to compare to one another and to balance budgets across different campaigns.

Step 3: Ad Groups

Remember to view ad groups as a “group of ads” rather than just a “group of keywords”. You could have the best organized group of keywords, but they won’t perform at the top of their game if your ads and landing pages are an afterthought.

Make sure your ad groups have at least 10 keywords that complement and don’t compete with each other. Plus, have optimized max CPCs and have enough budgets set based on the performance.

Step 4: Keywords

One can get completely lost with keywords, match types, search queries, negative matching, and a lot of very granular level detail. Identify the overriding critical patterns and trends during your audit process.

Review your keywords based on each campaign and ad group type. By applying goals from Step 1, you can evaluate the specific intent and performance of your keywords.

Review your search query reports, negative lists, keywords with high clicks but no conversions, quality scores, keyword statuses, CPCs and other key metrics.

Step 5: Ads

Check whether different ad communications within an ad group have been tested. Make sure ad rotation has been used to give each ad a fair chance to enter the auction.

Review ads with low quality score, usage of dynamic keyword insertion and effectiveness of CTAs.

There is more you can do with landing page audits and for creating a reporting & action plans as explained in this article.

What better time than now to go through each account and conduct an extensive audit on each of them.


  • GOOGLE: It seems there’s been an issue affecting large images in Google Discovery, but the company is fixing it as we speak.
  • EMAIL: Gmail is blocking 18M coronavirus-related emails per day. Be careful with your messages if you’re referencing the current situation.
  • FACEBOOK: Audience reach, search filters and similar ads grouped. A bunch of updates for the Facebook Ad Library.
  • CHATBOTS: In this video, Kelly Noble Mirabella breaks down ManyChat Bot Fields, Custom Fields and System Fields. Plus, she shows you how to transfer user input data from the Custom fields to System fields.
  • GOOGLE: The Ads Data Hub is adding some new features to help advertisers analyze data faster and gain a better understanding of the customer journey and more.
  • TOOLS: A giant list of tools that are either discounted or completely faah-reee due to the pandemic.


You can’t see me, but I can see you. To be more specific, I see through. What am I?

You can find the solution by clicking here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Rock’n’Roll… live and loud in the comfort of your own home


What’s better than listening to your favourite musicians during the current lockdown. We’ll tell you what’s better: Watching them live!

That would surely make these terrible times just that little bit easier and more enjoyable.

Well, thanks to bands like Pink Floyd, Radiohead and Metallica, your dreams have come true.

Metallica and Radiohead have already put on a number of weekly live shows, and now Pink Floyd has jumped on the bandwagon.

To encourage everyone to stay at home, Pink Floyd has announced the launch of a new YouTube concert series. They will release some unseen, rare and archived material and stream it on YouTube for everyone to enjoy.

And the first such release is none other than Pulse, Pink Floyd’s 1995 concert film.

The streaming will begin on April 17th at 12:00 p.m. EDT.

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