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Does Facebook know about deliverability?


Mark Zuckerberg is definitely the kind of guy that isn’t satisfied with just one piece of cake. He wants to eat the whole thing.

And, as mentioned in our Stacked Marketer Insiders group, Facebook is currently testing two new features:

  • A platform to send email campaigns within Facebook.
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to manage customers’ information and contacts.

Fabio Tiburicio shared the update and the test is apparently just running in Brazil for now. This isn’t the first time Facebook has used this geo to test new features, whether it’s something for users or advertisers.

In keeping with history, this is probably something we can expect to be released.

The email platform would be useful, as long as it’s not limited to the Facebook user’s email as that’s usually not an inbox that gets checked frequently.

You can find more details about these two features by looking at the pics shared by Fabio Tiburcio(The link works only if you’re in the group and, if you’re not, you can check here for how to join).


Are CPMs still low and going further down or soaring again? An IAB Report


As per an IAB report, which sampled around 173 publishers and programmatic specialists, 62% of them reported reduced CPMs due to budget cuts and reduced competition.

Here are the CPM drops by advertising and device type:

  • “Open web display” ads have seen the biggest CPM drop of around 34%.
  • Next is mobile web advertising, which is down by 33%.
  • Social media advertising has been down by 18%.
  • CPM prices on desktop and mobile are down 27% & 28% respectively.

In the long run, survey respondents estimate an average CPM revenue decline of 16% for the full year, when compared with original 2020 forecasts.

But as things start to get back to normal and advertiser budgets return in early Q3, this chance might not be around for much longer.

What about the big picture?

In 2019, digital advertising was worth $124.6B. That’s a 15.9% increase over 2018.

However, that growth seems to be slowing down, especially with COVID-19 negatively impacting the first quarter. Still, digital advertising still accounts for a lot of growth in the advertising industry.

The report here offers more insights on how 2019 really fared in terms of revenue and what we can expect from the months ahead.


10+ years and over 1B conversions in the books with RevenueWire, will you be their next success story?

You can’t media buy your way out of a squeezed-to-the-bone offer.

But running exclusive offers your competitors are only dreaming about… That’s different! And it’s what you can do by joining the RevenueWire affiliate network.

Since their inception, RevenueWire accounted for over 1B conversions. We had a look at why affiliates love this network. And this is what we found:

  • Unique offers you won’t find anywhere else, such as browser extensions, utilities, downloadable software and other digital goods.
  • International offers and a gigantic choice of verticals. Whatever kind of traffic you run, RevenueWire has an offer for you.
  • World-class advertisers that give you access to evergreen offers. You can run them forever and ever.
  • Highest payouts in the industry and accelerated payments.
  • Premium account managers that are deeply connected with the industry.
  • 10 years of experience and more than $100M paid to affiliates.
  • CPC, CPI, CPL, CPS, and RevShare: You can choose the payout model of your preference.

And talking about payouts, RevenueWire’s sister company, PayMotion manages merchants’ payments. This means you get more transparency and even more (and faster) feedback on the quality of leads than with other networks.

The RevenueWire team can help you build your next 7 figure campaign.

Wanna find out if they’re right? Give their unique offers a try.


How to sell more lingerie in a lockdown than on Valentine’s Day

Missguided is a lingerie e-commerce store and, as shared by Carrie Rose, it witnessed a 3x increase in conversions during the pandemic thanks to a mixture of external link building, internal link building and an influencer campaign.

The tactics themselves aren’t exactly rocket science, but looking at the bigger picture this could turn out to be a useful strategy.

External link building

In the eight months of Carrie Rose’s agency working with Missguided they built 207 links to the site, with these coming from websites like Cosmo, Bustle, Bustle, TYLA, People, Yahoo! and more.

The average Domain Authority of these links was 90 and, surprisingly enough, not a single one of them is into the lingerie section. The links have been placed into broader niches such as general clothing or blog posts.

Influencing with influencers

They collaborated with many influencers for this part. However, the campaign wasn’t about selling. Instead, it was all about spreading the message of body-positivity and community building.

You can check the campaigns here.

Internal link building

Most of the blog posts that talked about lingerie only had CTA buttons as links to internal categories. No links with the actual copy or anchor text.

So, they kept these strong CTA buttons to drive sales but also added more internal links from wider content to lingerie categories using anchor text links.

Adding content hyperlinks helped the site earn the top spot on Google for a key term, which brings in 50-100k searches per month.

In addition, all these strategies accounted for a 300% spike in sales as organic search volume reached Valentine’s Day levels.

Muy muy bien!


  • GOOGLE: The search engine is now testing blue headers for some search results, sponsored and organic listings alike.
  • SNAPCHAT: Savannah Sanchez shares some points for a successful Snapchat campaign. Shoot the video ad with an iPhone, feature the discount in the headline, use simple text overlays to show value propositions etc.
  • GOOGLE: The company has increased the number of audiences you can create in an App + Web property from 50 to 100.
  • PODCAST: Guess what has seen 129x growth in the last decade? Podcasts. No typos involved here.
  • INSTAGRAM: It seems that creators will have to wait until 2021 to start benefiting from IGTV monetization. Additionally, FB will share 55% of the revenue too.
  • WORDPRESS: Nearly 200k WordPress sites have been affected due to a high severity vulnerability in PageLayer Plugin.
  • FACEBOOK: If you haven’t checked them out yet, here’s a Twitter thread that walks you through the new Facebook and Instagram Shops.


What room do ghosts avoid?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

You won’t believe what people bought in the last couple of months…


This pandemic has caused a lot of crazy changes to how the world functions. User behaviour and priorities have changed dramatically over the last couple of months.

Being the curious marketers we are, we checked out how it affected e-commerce and the kind of products that were still in huge demand… except tissue papers and alcohol, of course!

To our delight, bread machines have seen a 6x increase. We aren’t delighted because we sell them, but we have realised we can make our own bread.

Weight training grew by 307%. Imagine the kind of growth global health score has seen, if that’s even a thing.

In the health sector, women’s health saw a 215% jump. Interestingly, men’s health is nowhere to be found on this list. Yeah, men have mostly been just drinking & stinking.

Not sure why exactly, but spiral hams have been nearly 4x more in demand compared to the past year.

There are also no mentions of automotive (read Lambos) and real estate. So yeah, human kind is getting its priorities straight.

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