Uncovering some social media trends from 2020


Yes, it was a year most of us aren’t thrilled about but some of the trends that started (or continued) in 2020 will be relevant for 2021 as well.

Thanks to SocialInsider and Social Media Today, we can have a look at what stood out after analyzing over 22M posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter from 35 industries.

The highlights:

  • Facebook’s average engagement rate was 0.26% across all industries, a number crushed by Instagram’s 1.16% engagement rate.
  • When it comes to content type, photos dominated. 84% were photos on Instagram, 75% on Facebook and 52% on Twitter.
  • Politics, education and airline brands had the highest engagement rates on Instagram.

Interested in all the insights? Head over here.


Solving the “This event hasn’t been set up on any of your domains” error

If you run ads on Facebook, you’ve heard that there’s a new limit of 8 events that you can track per domain. Right?

Many marketers have reported seeing the error we mentioned in the headline. Well, the solution is obvious – you have to set up your events… But it’s not exactly one click and done.

  • Before you can set up your 8 events, you have to verify your domain. The problem appears when you don’t own the domain… Jon Loomer does a great job explaining what your options areIn short: Easy if you own the domain, not so otherwise but there are possible solutions.
  • After you verify your domain, you can configure your 8 events. It’s also something Jon recently explained, so we will just let you check out the step by step guide here.

We’re quickly seeing the ripple effects of Apple’s data policy changes. It’s like every day brings more questions rather than solutions. It’s going to be a bumpy ride…


It’s not magic… But this new tool helps marketers to automatically turn quality traffic into banknotes


Push subscriptions are among the best ad formats for monetization. However, not every marketer has the technical resources to implement tags or create custom landing pages for every offer.

But ProPush has a solution exactly for that.

Whether you’re an affiliate or a publisher, if you can send quality traffic, you can start profiting from push subscription in an extremely easy way.

With Subscription Links!

How did ProPush come up with the idea of Subscription Links? These are URLs that lead to pre-made landing pages, which contain a push subscription prompt. You can simply drive traffic to Subscription Links and start generating revenue from every subscriber you provide.

You don’t need to access settings or create landing pages. Just send traffic to the URL provided by ProPush and collect the revenue!

You can actually make up to $110 per thousand subscribers. Or choose the recurring revenue generated by ProPush for every subscriber.

  • It’s easy to set up so it is great if you’re a beginner.
  • It works for experienced marketers that already use similar solutions. They can switch to ProPush and enjoy much higher rates.
  • PropPush hosts its landing pages on extremely fast servers, so all the pages will load in a blink of an eye. Their conversion rate is much higher compared to competitors!

And they offer fast payouts, a simple interface and custom APIs.

If you want to find out if Subscription Links can work for you, read more here.

Try Subscription Links.


The rise of audience-first products


When ads were only found in newspapers, and sales letters were delivered by a mailman and not a server (aka, before the internet), companies used to build products first. And audiences later.

The internet changed the game.

Build an audience.

Build a solution.


It’s the model that David Perrell discusses in this piece and proposes a solution to test the feasibility of a business idea.

The main lesson is “write to connect and attract the audience that resonates with your interests”.

It follows the three steps up there. And here’s how to do it:

1) Build an audience: Share your ideas and write about things that nobody else is writing about. “When you write in-depth about an off-the-beaten-path subject, you’ll attract people at the outer edges of the personality curve.”

In other words, do not write to please a search algorithm. Write for your own interest. And by doing this, Google will eventually reward you.

This is a good way to get an audience without paid ads. More elbow grease and time but likely higher quality traffic.

2) Build a product: You should create a solution that solves a problem for you and your audience.

3) Scale with software and contractors: According to David Perrell, if you set in place the right processes, you can automate the work using software and code. If you can’t automate a process with software, you can delegate it with contractors and personal assistants.

This will remove the hassle of hiring an employee.

While the audience-first idea is not new, writing for a specific interest can actually be a winning strategy.

While everybody creates their content plan based on the most researched keywords, you create deep unique content based on your own experiences and interests. And that ultimately allows you to differentiate from the pack.


INSTAGRAM: Reels, the TikTok clone on Instagram, has added a “Touch Up” feature.

FACEBOOK ADS: Do you know the optimal retargeting window for your Facebook Ads? Mathias Schrøder shows you how to find it in 7 clicks.

SEO: Did you miss the Google SEO office hours? Here’s a recording to get you caught up to start off the week.

PAYPAL: Less than four years after it started local operations, PayPal is shutting down domestic payment services in India starting on 1st April 2021.

FACEBOOK ADS: According to an update from Depesh Mandalia, Facebook’s Data Driver Attribution is moving into the Ads Manager.


What is special about these words: job, polish, herb?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Would you rather: A Super Bowl ad or…


275M impressions on YouTube.

That’s just one thing you could buy instead of a $5.5M Super Bowl ad.

That budget would also get you about 6.1M clicks on Google Search… Obviously not for any industry but it’s somewhat of a decent guess.

Or, this could also get you 22 weeks of TikTok #hashtag challenges with top tier accounts with more than 100M followers.

What would The Crew do: We’d probably buy ads in countless newsletters and bring 100x more marketers to this daily newsletter.

What would you do?

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