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Etsy is upgrading its search engine capabilities


Time to become a Search Etsy Optimization expert…

The e-commerce platform announced it will now consider keywords in listing descriptions, tags, titles, and more when ranking them on the platform.

Wait, that sounds familiar… Etsy also recommends incorporating your top keywords naturally and organically, including essential product information as well.

Why this matters: More and more e-commerce platforms are fine-tuning their native search engines—and they shouldn’t be underestimated. Here’s why:

Why we care: Customers are already using native search on platforms like Pinterest, Etsy, and Amazon… and those search tools are becoming increasingly powerful.

Optimizing products for these new search engines could be a new way to drive customers and revenue.

Speaking of search…


Are you overspending on search ads?

WordStream just released their industry benchmark report for 2022… and it could help you optimize your ad spend.

Here are the most important insights:

  • The typical cost-per-click (CPC) ranges from $2 to $4.
  • Travel and furniture industries saw the biggest increase in CPC.
  • Shopping, collectibles, and gifts have seen click-through rate (CTR) decrease by 13%.
  • Legal services have the highest cost-per-lead (CPL) at $80, while the pet industry has the lowest at $18.

Why we care: Industry benchmarks can help you make educated decisions when optimizing your campaigns and planning budgets.

For example, you may think a $4 CPC for your pet food brand ads is fine… until you realize $2 is the industry average.

… It can also provide useful context: A widespread decrease in CTR for shipping and gifts correlates with e-commerce slowing down.

Sometimes it’s nice to know that poor ad performance isn’t entirely your fault…


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How this grocer uses recipes to drive sales


Umamicart is an e-commerce store selling Asian groceries.

And as Maria Monteros reveals in this post, Umamicart sells close to 2,000 products for preparing Asian recipes.

50% of their sales come from their shoppable recipes, with some viral posts bringing over 400k views.

And while Umamicart doesn’t share their revenue figures, we do know they recently raised $7M in capital… So clearly something’s working.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients of their success:

Shoppable recipes: Umamicart creates posts that look like most recipe blog posts… with one key difference:

They give users the opportunity to “Add the kit to cart.”

In other words, if you landed on the “mango sticky rice dessert recipe,” you could add all the necessary ingredients to your cart with one click.

Why this works: Andrea Xu, the co-founder and CEO, said that most of their customers either grew up eating that food or discovered the dishes through friends or restaurants.

But while they know a dish, they don’t know what ingredients they need or how to cook it.

So Umamicart satisfies these different needs in each post:

  • They show readers how to prepare the dish.
  • They give readers the chance to buy all the ingredients with one click, saving them time on research and shopping trips.

Usually B2B companies are the ones creating “how-to” content.

But Umamicart shows this kind of content can work for almost any business.

The takeaway: No matter what your product is, show customers how to use it. Satisfy their need for information. Then, plug your product.

The more useful and actionable your content, the better your sales will be.


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These three copywriting formulas will instantly upgrade your copy


Selling is both an art and a science.

Today, let’s talk about the science.

Normally you can’t “template” your copy, but… there are a few basic formulas that can give your website or landing page copy an instant facelift.

Here they are:

Before-After-Bridge (BAB) formula. This formula uses the power of transformation, plus a logical bridge to give context. Here’s an example:

  • Normally it takes hours to catch up on marketing news. With Stacked Marketer, it takes 7 minutes. We look through 500+ pieces of news, five days a week, to serve you with the stuff that’ll make you a smarter marketer.

Feature-So-Benefit formula. Lead with the feature, use a word like “that” or “so,” then write the benefit. Here’s an example:

  • Stacked Marketer curates the most important marketing news 5 days a week so you can become a smarter marketer in just 7 minutes a day.

Timeframe-Result-Without formula. Be specific about the timeframe, be specific about the result, and then wrap it up with a phrase like “without” or “even if.” For example:

  • Become a smarter marketer in 7 minutes per day without having to sort through old news and bad information.

There you go… science! We’ve got a couple dozen more of these formulas in our back pocket, so if you enjoyed this section, let us know and we’ll write more in the future.

For now, get out there and start writing A-list copy.


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PINTEREST: Do you know what your customers’ travel plans are? Pinterest shared some of their insights on top travel trends for the summer. Turns out “glamping” is all the rage this year.

YOUTUBE: They just introduced shoppable ads. And now, YouTube is teasing livestream ads as well. As if we needed any more evidence that they’re gradually turning into an e-commerce platform…

TIKTOK: It’s not only Gen Z! Grandma and grandpa are also climbing into the TikTok bandwagon, with the number of users aged 60+ increasing every day. So if you’re targeting seniors, it looks like you’ve got a new ad channel.

ADVERTISING: Scan carefully. QR code advertising is getting big on TV, but it opens the door for scammers and other problems. This article suggests some solutions.

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If two’s company, and three’s a crowd, what are four and five?

You can find the answer here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Yes, your cat does know her name


So it turns out that when you call cats by their names, and they don’t respond, it’s not because they don’t understand.

It’s because they just don’t care.

Researchers from Japan found out that not only do cats know their own names… they can distinguish between the names of the feline friends they spend time with!

Makes us wonder what else these intelligent furballs know…

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