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Heads up: important ad terminology change


Meta Ads reporting is getting rid of “people.” No, not actual people, just the term.

The company just announced that it’s replacing the term “people” in performance metrics with “Account Center accounts.”

Why the change? To make metrics clearer, allegedly. As Meta puts it,

“… if a person has one Facebook account and one Instagram account that are linked, they will be counted as one Account Center account. However, if those same accounts are not linked, they will be counted as two separate Accounts Center accounts…”

Make sense?

Where to look for it: You should see this change in most Meta properties, including Ads Manager, Commerce Insights, and elsewhere.

Why we care: While Meta says the methodology behind how it calculates data won’t change, the new terminology could still affect your ad reporting.

So make sure you understand what Account Center accounts means and how it counts towards your metrics and reporting so you can avoid any unnecessary misunderstanding.


Trouble in Europe?

Sure seems like it.

A top European Union (EU) official has urged TikTok to comply with upcoming content rules or face a ban. Yikes.

What he said: EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton tweeted, “With younger audiences comes greater responsibility.”

Thierry is worried that young users can access “harmful and sometimes even life-threatening content” on TikTok.

He also said the app will come under scrutiny when the Digital Service Act (DSA) takes effect, saying that if the DSA were in effect today, TikTok would already be banned.

Act accordingly: The DSA – which requires all companies to comply by September 1 – will focus on protecting users when it comes to content and tracking.

Companies will need to follow a long list of rules, or face a fine of up to 6% of their annual revenue – and possibly even be banned from the EU.

How likely is an EU ban on TikTok? Well, maybe an outright ban is a bit far-fetched.

The EU has yet to ban any app for not following the rules. But with the US considering a ban on TikTok, let’s wait and see.

Why we care: TikTok just keeps getting bigger by the day among European users, and consequently advertisers.

The DSA could have huge implications on the way advertising and tracking work on the platform, so it’s worth keeping track of these events.


After 11 years in business, PropellerAds is still bringing the fire with a special 2023 offer and news


If your New Year’s resolution involves a higher ROAS, and making more sales with your marketing campaigns, this is for you.

Throughout 2022, PropellerAds added more well-tested, high-converting traffic sources you can access from your ad account.

Now PropellerAds provides even more traffic from the most reliable suppliers. This means that advertisers and agencies can reach the most relevant audiences and benefit from exceptional traffic quality.

And this year, you’re getting even more solutions on PropellerAds, along with:

  • New traffic types to simplify and optimize media buying.
  • New bidding models.
  • New ad rotation algorithms.
  • The latest anti-fraud software to ensure exceptional traffic quality.

And there’s a special bonus for you as a Stacked Marketer reader… Here’s what you have to do to get it.

  • Register at PropellerAds.
  • Go to “Add Funds” section in your account.
  • Paste code StackedM23 in the ‘Promo Code’ field.*

*Not available for wire transfers.


Want to make great video ads? Use this simple story structure


Here’s the anatomy of every yawn-inducing video ad:

Monotone voice-overs, stock footage, sitcom episode length, and most importantly, the lack of story.

Aazar Shad recently shared a great breakdown of Apple’s AirTag commercial, confirming once again that a captivating story is the alpha and omega of any engaging video ad.

Watch the ad and let’s dissect this story real quick…

First, introduce a flawed character. The first thing we see is an absent-minded character who forgets his keys.

This inspires curiosity and immediately “hooks” the viewer – capturing the eyes, and the imagination.

Then, show the conflict. In this case, yes, AirTag is the solution, but the notification is not enough. You can hear the keys, but you still can’t find them.

Exaggerate. Now the journey starts. Show your character’s struggle in all its dimensions. You can even be hyperbolic, as long as you remember to…

Show familiar situations. The exaggerated struggle needs to be something viewers can connect with. In this case, it’s the character getting “sucked” into his own sofa.

This is where the story builds up and where your creativity steps in.

Introduce the solution. Apple knows we keep our iPhones close, and that these little devices can guide us to our goal. Quite literally.

Draw out the tension. You’re approaching the climax. The end is near… But you still need to play around with the story a bit to make the end rewarding.

… Aaand finally, cross the finish line. The problem is solved and your product is the hero the character needed all along.

Apple showed AirTags on the keychains as a reminder that you’ll never struggle with losing your keys again.

The best part? You can follow the same structure with a much lower budget and still get awesome results.

See how important storytelling is? It’s much more important than production value. So start telling more stories in your marketing, and watch what happens to your conversions.


Is it time for an SEO check-up?


Backlink analysis is the SEO version of going to the doctor for a check-up.

And when you use the Semrush Backlink Tool, getting that check-up is faster and easier than you think—no appointments necessary!

Use it to:

  • Track the backlinks of any domain.
  • Conduct deep link analysis.
  • Track up to five competing backlink profiles.

Let the SEO doctor give you an all-clear for Google — and reveal the health of your competitors.

Try it for free.


Improving Quality Score part 3: landing page experience


It’s Quality Score series time once again, and in this edition, we’ll help you maximize your ad spend by getting those juicy low cost-per-clicks and cost per acquisitions.

What’s on today’s agenda? Landing page experience.

Your landing page experience is the first impression your website makes on a customer. A poor landing page experience can lead to higher bounce rates, lower conversion rates, and ultimately, a lower Quality Score.

Here are three easy ways to enhance your landing page and drive more conversions:

  1. Improve your page speed. First and foremost, make sure your page loads quickly. Nobody wants to sit around and wait for a page to load, especially when they’re trying to accomplish something like making a purchase.
  2. Focus on one conversion action. You want your user to follow a clear path to success with no distractions. If you’re selling a product, don’t complicate your landing page with forms and unnecessary lead magnets!
  3. Iterate messaging in your ads. Nothing feeds a bounce rate more than a promised offer in the ad copy, with no mention of it on the landing page. Keep your messaging consistent!

Voila! Create your landing pages with these principles, and you’ll be ready for those high conversion rates.

Happy Quality Score-ing!


INFLUENCER MARKETING: Figuring out how much to pay influencers is confusing. But what if you knew what influencers are currently being paid per post, based on type and social media channel? Thanks to, you can. Read their free report now.*

TWITTER: Meet the new Bookmarks, the feature that lets you save Tweets for later without liking them. According to Elon Musk, you’ll be able to see how many people bookmarked a Tweet, plus it will be counted as a “quiet like” and treated as engagement. Nice.

SEO: Rank’n’rent? Apparently, users are creating fake businesses on Google Maps for various local services, buying reviews, ranking them, and then selling the leads to other service providers. Looks like a thriving business…

E-COMMERCE: If you keep raising prices, shoppers will eventually… stop shopping. Report by conglomerate Procter & Gamble has shown that sales volume decreased 6% compared to previous year while prices increased more than 10%. Who would’ve guessed?

BUSINESS: Speaking of prices… dollar stores are booming in the US, and many consumers are even spending their food budgets there. And because they’re ubiquitous and cheap, dollar stores are becoming “the fastest growing food retailers.” Hmm…

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What can you put in a bucket to make it weigh less?

You can find the answer here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

“911? We need help stealing heavy stuff…”


Yep, this really happened.

A couple of burglars called law enforcement to get their help moving the stuff they were in the process of stealing. Pro move?

Eventually the couple realized that 911 isn’t the number for “Two Men and a Truck.” But by then it was too late. The alarm bells rang and the uniformed “movers” were on their way.

In the end, they did help the couple move… to the nearest police station.

It sounds like a comedy sketch.

But you know what they say: there’s truth in every joke…

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