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LinkedIn introduces Event Ads and opt-in forms for Pages


It seems to be a busy time for the biggest business social network.

After announcing a centralized Business Manager last week, LinkedIn is now rolling out two interesting additions.

Bring your event in the spotlight: You can now promote your event by boosting an organic event post.

If you boost it, it will automatically create an event ad and you can choose your target audience, time range, and budget for the campaign.

You’ll also be able to follow the performance of the promoted event, such as views, clicks, and completed sign ups. Sweet.

Also… lead signups from your LinkedIn page: Your company page can now include a Lead Gen form with a customized text and a call to action (CTA).

So when users visit your brand’s page, they can fill in the form adding their contact details –  such as email address or phone number.

Why these features matter: If you organize online – and offline – events, LinkedIn’s new Event Ads feature can be pretty relevant. Especially since it’s one of the few platforms that allows advertising events natively.

Also, sign up forms on company pages can help eliminate friction when it comes to users giving you first-party data.

Signing up directly from LinkedIn is much easier than coming to your page, getting hit by a pop-up.. or similar, exhausting “journeys”.


Relevant backlinks may soon come from Twitter


Google ignored Twitter links for a long time, but it looks like Twitter started to spill link juice.

SEO expert Chris Silver Smith found out that Twitter removed the “rel=nofollow” tag from their hyperlink code, meaning all backlinks from the platform are now technically “do follow.”

Tweeting for domain rating: While it’s still early days, having a relevant backlink from Twitter can give your website a significant authority boost.

Of course, there’s concern that Google will simply disavow the entire platform and ignore all links coming from it.

But experts believe that Google will instead use their spam signals to separate relevant content from irrelevant bot tweets when deciding which content is influential.

In other words, link spamming the feed shouldn’t bear fruit… or juice.

Why we care: If you’re in SEO, we recommend you pay attention to how this develops.

In case Google starts rewarding you with quality backlinks from Twitter, you can start using it as a viable domain authority builder. Interesting times…


Are you making the right connections that can move the needle in your business?


The stage is set for the 10th annual AWSummit.

It’s your chance to meet face-to-face with 500+ elite affiliate marketers, 250 companies, and 800+ content creators.

And that’s not the only reason to attend this year’s AWSummit…

  • You can attend insight-packed speeches given by pros like Anna Gita, Tim Burd, Luna Vega, Thomas Moen, and others.
  • Access exclusive content about TikTok, Facebook, lead generation, e-commerce, NFTs, crypto, and metaverse.
  • Network hard, and party harder: Close out the conference days with breathtaking parties. Have fun while networking the night away.

This AWSummit is a great opportunity to get business insights, make strategic connections and friendships, and create memories.

Find out more about the event now.

Want to get more visibility in front of thousands of attendees? Book a booth to highlight your brand while there’s still time.


How to build a profitable email and SMS list


It doesn’t matter how beautiful and engaging your emails are. If the quality of your list is bad… The cha-ching won’t ring.

In a Twitter thread, Danavir Sarria shared multiple steps on how to build a high-quality list that generates sales. Let’s dive in!

Subscribers: The quality of your list depends on the intent of the subscribers.

The highest-intent subscribers are buyers. They have proven intent, and are more likely to engage and buy again. Non-paying subscribers that you generate with pop-ups and lead magnets have a lower intent.

Traffic source: This will influence the quality of your subscribers.

The hierarchy is this one:

  1. Customers acquired organically.
  2. Customers acquired with ads.
  3. Non-customers acquired organically.
  4. Non-customers acquired with ads.

Offer: What offer did they subscribe for?

You’ll have two main groups here:

Subscribers who purchased an offer: Among these, people who bought a bundle showed more intent, therefore, they will have a higher lifetime value (LTV). Customize your campaigns to maximize their intent.

Subscribers that submitted through a popup. For non-purchasers, you need to focus on offers that attract prospects deeper in the funnel.

You have three main opinions:

  • Top of the funnel audiences → Tools
  • Middle of the funnel audiences → Quizzes
  • Bottom of the funnel audiences → Deals

Market-message match: You must craft the popup offer based on the intent of the traffic.

  • For instance, you will offer a free tool for a blog post. But a deal offer to people who landed through a Google Shopping search.
  • Visitors who check your website the day before Black Friday are different from those who come to you in the middle of July.

This should give you an idea on how to build a high-quality list. And Danavir gives other advice about how to set up the pop-ups.

The final step is split testing the offers, the design, and timing. And of course, optimize.


No more sloppy copy.


Finding a copywriter who matches their hyped LinkedIn bio is harder than finding a McDonald’s with a McFlurry machine that works.

Panda Copy saves you from… er, driving around. They source copywriters, vet them, and manage the admin side. And you get unlimited access to skilled, experienced copywriters.

Just pay a flat monthly fee, and watch your conversion rates bump.

Hire skilled copywriters now.


Don’t overlook your ‘Book a Demo’ page


Most brands focus so much on their hero pages that they forget to write a good ‘Book a Demo’ page. Which means that most demo pages end up with a sad-looking form and a generic line like “Book a demo today for free!”.

This seriously hurts conversion. As Olly Meakings points out, your demo page is just as important as your landing pages.

Why? Booking a call is a medium to high-friction activity. Even if someone’s interested enough to find your demo page, they still need to be convinced a call is worth their time. And if you don’t convince them, you’re missing out on the people who were most interested in your product.

What should you include on your demo page? The best brands normally use a combination of:

  • Rationale for the call: Why do I need to book a demo?
  • How long it’ll take: Will this take hours?
  • What value they’ll get: What will I learn?
  • Social proof: Does anyone else use this product?

You should do as much objection-handling as you can. And, of course, you should also make it super easy for people to book the actual demo. Some brands even use chatbots to get this feature done, though traditional booking options still work well.

An upgraded demo page can significantly boost your conversion; if you try this out, let us know your results.


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EBAY: New ad formats are coming to eBay? The marketplace aims to “support full-funnel ad strategies” in the future. And the first of the ads – codenamed “Promoted Display” – is set for a late 2022 release.

BUSINESS: According to Meta, we’re entering the “great relationship reset.” If your branding isn’t focused on building – and facilitating – authentic relationships, you may have to rethink your branding strategy in the coming months.

APPLE: Fingerprinting was always a no-go, according to Apple. So will they do anything to sanction it in the future?

YOUTUBE: Google keeps easing their policy? Depending on the country, you may now use YouTube masthead ads to advertise alcohol, prescription drugs, and sports betting. Their cost hasn’t changed, though… unfortunately.

E-COMMERCE: Time to set up your online store in the metaverse. COMEARTH, which claims to be the first e-commerce metaverse platform, wants to become the “Amazon of Web3.” Trying out a t-shirt in the metaverse sounds kinda fun…

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I have four legs but never walk. I may be covered in flowers but have no soil. I hold food three times a day but never eat a meal.

What am I?

You can find the answer here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Let’s find you a robot for that…


What if we told you there’s a robot that can bang out 50 pizzas per hour?

But that’s just a drop in the increasingly robotic ocean.

It looks like there won’t be much need for humans flipping burgers, making sushi, folding the laundry… and even caring for the elderly.

We already see it…

Robots making you food, washing your dishes…and writing and optimizing your ads! All while you sit back and enjoy the fruits of robotic labor.

Sounds like a nice future.

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