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Video campaigns on YouTube get a boost


When it comes to e-commerce and related feature updates, YouTube isn’t slacking off. They announced two new ways to help you get more out of your video campaigns.

+ Ecommerce Product Listings: New, browsable product listings feature with video ads to guide your users to specific products from your catalog.

It will display products from your catalog below the video ad while it plays.

It’s mostly an automated process, where eligible advertisers can sync their Google Merchant Center feed to their video ads and enable an expanded call-to-action button on each displayed product.

+ Video Action Campaigns: “A simple and cost-effective way to drive more conversions across YouTube”.

These campaigns will automatically distribute videos that drive action to the YouTube home feed, watch pages, and Google video partners using a single campaign.

Yes, this update will reduce your targeting options while also making it easier to maximize reach for your best performing video campaigns.

Basically, YouTube is asking you to trust their system to increase reach and awareness. Only time will tell how effective this feature is.

+ Attribution Reports: YouTube is now being added to Google Ads Attribution reports, providing you with detailed insight about your budget allocation in order to maximize performance across the various options.

Check out the official announcement from YouTube here.


ManyChat’s latest updates to drive more sales with Shopify

Shopify has been in the news quite prominently over the last year with many integrations, feature updates and, most recently, their partnership with retail giant Walmart.

ManyChat took note of this and has announced enhanced integrations for Shopify store owners. These improvements should help to drive more sales via personalized mobile shopping experiences using Messenger and SMS.

Here’s a rundown of the updates that matter most to us marketers:

+ Abandoned Product Browse: A trigger that allows you to build abandoned browse campaigns for users who have viewed products in Shopify.

+ Abandoned Cart Reminders: Display images of cart items and take users back to their orders page in Shopify.

+ Shopify Coupons: Send personalized coupons that are automatically applied to customer orders.

+ Shopify Product Catalog: Automate product suggestions based on customer preferences.

+ Import phone and email address to ManyChat: For Shopify customers that opt-in through Shopify and complete their checkout, you can directly import their details into ManyChat.

+ Sync Customer Data from Shopify: Use customer lists in ManyChat to segment your audience based on their purchase history.

+ Website Widgets: Grow your customer lists via Messenger and SMS from Shopify store visitors.

Here is the official announcement for you, so you can dive into the nitty gritty of everything.


How Apple and Shopify discover emerging trends before they take off and how you can do the same for free


Would you like to predict the next big trend in the e-commerce industry? Or understand what your customers will want to buy in 2022?

Who are we kidding, of course the answer is “Yes”!

Then why not get all the emerging trends across e-commerce, beauty, fitness, sales, gaming, media, and other industries straight to your inbox?

That’s what Exploding Topics does. It scours the internet to find emerging trends before they take off and send them weekly to your inbox. For free.

Just to give you an idea, here are some hot topics they discovered:

  • CBD gummies recorded an 8800x growth in searches in the last 5 years.
  • An exploding topic in the fitness industry this year is Magic Spoon, a keto-friendly breakfast cereal brand.
  • Why is Afterpay exploding in the sales category? What do your competitors know that you don’t?

But Exploding Topics even crafts comprehensive reports such as:

  • The Top 7 UX Design Trends Of 2020.
  • 7 Red Hot Data Science Trends In 2020.
  • The 8 Hottest Mobile App Trends Of 2020.

Apple, Shopify and a16z trust Exploding Topic to stay ahead of the game.

Join them for free.


A sneak peek into TikTok’s algorithm

The young, up and coming kiddo on the social media block shared some insights on how its recommendation algorithm works.

What factors does TikTok use to decide which videos to show?

Some of these are basic and common to every social network, such as:

  • User interactions: TikTok suggests you videos based on the ones you watch, like and share. But it also takes into consideration the content users share. So, using the same hashtags used by your audience might help.
  • Video information: Captions, sounds, and hashtags influence the ranking of videos.
  • Account settings: Such as a user’s language setting, country and device type.

However, there are some other insights you might well take into consideration for your upcoming TikTok content:

  • The percentage of the video watched weighs more than other factors.
  • Neither the numbers of followers of the creator nor the account’s past performances are direct factors in the recommendation system. That’s why even small creators with little history can go viral.

TikTok doesn’t really want to show an homogeneous For You Feed. This means that:

  • TikTok doesn’t show two videos in a row that have the same sound or are shared by the same creator.
  • It doesn’t show duplicated content.
  • The engine doesn’t show similar pieces of content twice.
  • Users will often find pieces of content very different from the ones they interacted with. That’s TikTok’s main goal: Let the user continuously discover new trends, creators and topics.

The Takeaways

So, what points can we bring home here as marketers?

  • Make videos the users will want to watch to the end.
  • The number of your followers and your account history don’t matter. Each video is a different story that has a chance of going viral.
  • Use hashtags and captions that align with your audience and consider using the same hashtags as your target audience.
  • Stay away from duplicated content.
  • TikTok wants you to go viral. Its main goal is not having an homogeneous Feed. So, if you’re creative, you’ll eventually hit the jackpot.


  • FACEBOOK: After YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki poured her heart out about black lives, FB COO Sheryl Sandberg joined in by announcing a $200M fund to support black-owned businesses and organizations.
  • MICROSOFT: Not using Microsoft Ads Planner? Here’s how you can expand your reach and find more information and data about your target audience using Microsoft Ads.
  • GOOGLE: A new feature for Smart Campaigns to monitor your campaign performance, plus a new listing of keywords to target based on your products and services.
  • FACEBOOK: Flight safety checklist for FB Ads to make sure there are no engine failures.


What do you get when you cross Purell with the devil?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Slide into Kevin’s DMs


You might have heard the name before. BallersBuster, Coffezilla and eCommerce Baller all touched on this topic before. The video is just an extra piece of the puzzle…

Some leaked conversations between Kevin Zhang and his associates will make you laugh, cry and facepalm, all at the same time.

The highlights?

  • He can’t believe how his students make more than him.
  • Talks about stealing the products run by successful students. Seriously?
  • Derogatory terms for students that we won’t replicate here.

This video will give you a better idea…

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