Facebook’s plan to merge IG, WA and Messenger could be blocked. 149k BFCM Case Study: Preparation, Scaling & Post-purchase strategy revealed. Report unveils what’s essential to reach 95% of Gen Z and Millennials.



Low-hanging search optimization breakfast up for grabs


SEOs in the house will agree that it takes quite a lot of time and effort to research, implement and show results, but there are a few tactics we can use to speed things up and boost results.

This low-hanging fruit is up for the taking, and today we’ll be sharing some that you can grab right away.

+ People Also Ask: Not all searches are phrased as a question, but in most cases these searches are actually looking for answers to a question. And in most cases, “People also ask” gets ranked in top organic slots. That’s because it’s throwing out several questions to find out more about the intent of the query.

Check out questions related to your keywords and add in FAQs answering these queries on relevant pages. This also helps you to add more valuable content to your site and align it with voice-related search patterns.

+ New FAQ Structured Data: Test out this new FAQ structured data to get your answers to show up in SERPs. Although there is a small catch with this one – your content might be providing answers to the searcher, but there won’t be any reason for users to click through to your site. Make sure that using this doesn’t affect your traffic or conversions.

+ 301 Redirect Chains: This is what happens when there is more than one redirect between a URL and its destination URL. Make sure to only have a single 301 redirect from one URL point directly to the final location. Such redirect chains also happen when you migrate your sites to SSL without checking that all previous URLs end in a single step to the HTTPS version.

+ Page Improvement: Look for the pages that rank at the bottom of Page 1 and the top of Page 2 that could benefit from optimization. Adding content such as FAQs, images and bullet point lists can give you a quick boost in rankings.

+ Optimize internal Links: Yes, backlinks are super important, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore internal links. Even then, not having a clear strategy and having internal links going all over the place can create a lot of problems.

Follow this hierarchical structure, which improves site navigation, creates a logical hierarchy and allows inbound links to pass weight through to different pages.

Make sure to take advantage of such tactics. They can bring in some great results without having to do a large site overhaul, so they are tactics that no SEO should be overlooking.


FTC joining Zucc for holiday celebrations

It’s been a long time since we talked about the ongoing tussle between FB and authorities. Not that we like to talk about such things… But let’s be honest, it starts to look strange when too long passes without Facebook being slapped by some agency.

And here we’ve been served: FTC is considering putting a stop to Facebook’s plan to consolidate the technical backends of their family of apps.

The reason? It goes against fair competition. This plan aims to boost interactions across FB family of apps, but according to the FTC, this is an anti-competitive move.

They haven’t put a case forward just yet because they have to respect some official steps, but that is the end goal.

What does it mean for marketers? The consolidation of this large amount of data was one of the objections made to Facebook when the company announced this plan back in January. Though for now, it’s unclear how the commission’s plan might affect how advertisers can leverage data interdependently across the different platforms.

What is certain, however, is that it won’t be as easy for businesses to reach their customers across three different platforms as it would be if FB’s plan came to fruition.

That being said, we’re not putting any words on stone until we’ve seen how this case evolves.


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$149k e-comm case study

Here’s a $149k BFCM case study shared by Josh Graham, so let’s stop talking and dive into it.

Preparation. Apart from the usual nuggets that we discussed a lot, such as preparing camps and creatives in advance and testing product and offers 1 month before, Josh said they spent 80% of the whole budget on prospecting.

The goal was to build audiences that were as broad as possible. For this reason, they created all kinds of 180-day period Custom Audiences so they had a large pool of users available.

The other tip is to create bundles and discounts that maximize CLTV rather than shooting for the seasonal buyer.

Combined LLAs also showed some very good results. For example, an ad set that targets all of the following audiences:

  • 1% Website Visitors.
  • 1% View Content.
  • 1% Add To Cart.
  • 1% Initiate Checkout.
  • 1% Purchase.

For this, the budget set to test several audiences was $20-50/day per ad set, with 3 ads per ad set.

Scaling: Once he had found audiences that performed well in testing, Josh started to scale by duplicating the best-performing ad set and ad combinations into a separate CBO, using at least 2x the budget of the previous testing camp.

BFCM Execution: They didn’t change much over these 2 days, just added some messages on their websites to point to the BF specials. Yet, for these 2 days conversions skyrocketed.

But the scaling did become more aggressive: Instead of duplicating the best-performing ad sets once, Josh duplicated it 5 times, segmenting each one by age. The budget was also increased multiple times throughout the day.

Retargeting campaigns here were still hitting the 180 days audiences we talked in the beginning.

Post BFCM: Once the hot days were over, they turned off BFCM related discounts but retained their campaign structure and budgets with the goal of continuing to scale throughout the final part of the year.

That’s all. The post is long, but many points have already been covered in previous emails. You can head here to find details on the exact audiences targeted and the ad formats used.


  • FACEBOOK: An update coming from FB about the new organization they have been focused on for independent oversight on how FB makes decisions regarding content monitoring.
  • SEO: Karl Kangur shares his 5-step plan for generating high-authority backlinks using broken link building.
  • APPLE: 3 latest updates coming from Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention webkit that targets potential tracking workarounds. Let’s get technical.
  • EMAIL: A report found that 95% of Gen Z and Millennial respondents stated that their personal email (not their work email) is essential to their daily lives. So, if you were still wondering if this is still a valid channel, this report will eradicate any doubts.
  • FACEBOOK: A new version of Creative Hub has been rolled out with new features to help you intuitively create and review your ad mockups & new ways to customize your creatives for different placements:


I’m not clothes but I cover your body;
The more I’m used, the thinner I grow.
What am I?

You can find the solution by clicking here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

‘My boss lets us book hangover days’

We shamelessly copy/pasted the headline of this BBC article we found, because we can’t think of a better one for this post.

Corporate-work culture is changing thick and fast, and this organization caught our eye when it started offering employees “hangover days” as time off.


“If people used such work offs two or three times a week and missed important client meetings then we’d have to have a think. But everyone has been really respectful of it so far.

It’s basically a work-from-home day, but we’ve spiced it up a bit to appeal to the younger generation. It promotes honesty as well.”

With the weekend approaching and pints of beer being emptied in industrial quantities, we hope your company offers hangovers-days.

Cheers, to the weekend finishing on Tuesday!

PS: Christmas is creeping up on us and, at some point, The Crew will stop crafting emails for the community and will have to start packing presents for family and friends. This means that the last email of 2019 will be sent on 20th December and the first of 2020 will be on the 6th January.

For the closing one, we’ll send you a video of The Crew singing in choir an adapted version of Mariah Carey’s classic: “All I Want For Christmas Is ROAS”.

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