Fake guru claims he made $3M in 12 months & grew Ronaldinho’s IG but actually works at a gas station. Flywheel Testing Method for FB Ads: $165k at 6.5x ROAS in 7 days. WordPress plugin with 200k installs tests positive for vulnerabilities.


Value props & communication for changed Search behavior during COVID-19

There’s no doubt that the advertising world has changed overnight. A lot of major e-commerce stores have been affected by COVID-19, and a lot more will likely be affected in the future.

This means that we need to be brave, agile, creative, and patient with our strategies. To help you with that, we’re bringing you some time-sensitive tips to manage your PPC campaigns during this pandemic.

Value props & communication: Right now, it’s best to shift your focus to products and services that are in-demand in the current market. Products that are considered essential right now. *No tissue papers though*

The main trends you can use to pivot the value props and messaging now are:

  • Social distancing.
  • Working from home.
  • Home schooling.
  • Family togetherness.
  • Entertainment / streaming / communications.
  • Essential and medical services.

If possible, try to temporarily shift to such products and services and benefit from the above value props and communication.

Review your current campaign communication and modify it to suit the following areas:

  • Review copy CTAs for “Visit us in-store” and revise.
  • Avoid ads with people in groups or touching.
  • Add curbside pickup information.
  • Include shipping information with features such as free, fast, etc.
  • Hours of operation and any deviation from your normal services.
  • Messaging on your company’s response to the virus.

Yup, things aren’t looking too good right now. Still, it’s important to retain your business presence and continue to feed the upper funnel, otherwise it could be very difficult to recover later on once you have lost the momentum you have right now.

This post shares more tips on managing your budgets, spend and changed user search behavior.


RankMath tests positive for… Vulnerabilities


It was March 23 when the WordPress Threat Intelligence team discovered two vulnerabilities in the SEO Plugin Rank Math, a popular plugin with over 200k installations.

This flaw allowed attackers access to two things:

  • Access to update arbitrary metadata, including the ability to grant or revoke administrative privileges for any registered user on the site.
  • Access to create redirects from almost any location on the site to any destination of their choice.

The developers of the plugin privately disclosed these vulnerabilities and released a patch on March 26.

“We strongly recommend updating to the latest version,, as soon as possible due to this critical security issue.”

Depending on which other plugins are installed on a site, the ability to update post, term, and comment metadata could potentially be used for many other exploits such as Cross-Site Scripting (XSS).


Who wants to join our “Stacked Marketer Insiders” FB Group?

We’ll keep this short… We’re looking to gather more testimonials for this daily newsletter so we can refresh our website a bit.

If you send us a nice testimonial reply to this email, telling us what you like about Stacked Marketer, we’ll send you an invite to our Stacked Marketer Insiders group on Facebook.

Here’s what you have to do:

  • Send 3-4 lines explaining what you like about these emails and why they’re a must-read for marketers.
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That’s it!


Flywheel testing: $165k at 6.5x ROAS in 7 days

In this case study, Josh Graham shows how he achieved a 6.55x ROAS for a cosmetic brand. We’re talking about $165k in revenue from $25k in ad spend, all achieved in just seven days.

It covers every phase from prospecting to retargeting. Although, the prospecting part looks the most interesting, so we’ll focus on that one.

It’s broken down into three parts:

  • Flywheel Testing.
  • Stability.
  • Scaling.

+ Flywheel testing: The aim here is to constantly test new audiences and creatives.

He first starts with audiences: 10 different LLAs and 10 different Interests.

  • Interest: They found that magazines, celebrities and movies related Interests worked great. Audience is in the 1-5M people range.
  • Super LLAs: This is about combining multiple LLAs into one. For example, a Super Website 1% LLA would include the following 1% LLAs, Website Visitors, View Content, Add To Cart, Initiate Checkout, Purchase.

For the audience testing part they only use three ads: two videos and one image. Only one copy and one headline is used for all three ads.

The budget is: 1/2x CPA x Ad sets number (assuming this is a CBO campaign).

Once they have found the best performing audiences, they move on to testing creatives.

Not much information is given here, so we’ll leave it to your imagination.

+ Stability: Once you have found the best performing combination of ad set and ads, you move the top five into a new CBO campaign and double the budget per ad set.

The goal of this campaign is to prove that the combination can be scaled. So, if you have stable results over the next three days, you duplicate the ad sets into a scaling campaign.

And that’s all folks! The basic gist is this: For flywheel testing Josh wants to have a steady flow of new audiences and creatives to continuously test. This is to avoid the audience and creative burn out that stands in the way of you scaling.

In addition here are some tips to manage scaling during the outbreak:

  • Keep customers aware about the actual shipping times.
  • Test copy related to being stuck at home.
  • You can add payment processors (AfterPay for example) that allow customers to pay in installments without accruing further interest.



  • MARKETING: Do not miss out on this web museum featuring the good, the bad and the ugly websites and web banners dating back to 1994.
  • GOOGLE: Google gives up! No more dedicated support for anyone starting today, April 1. Could it just be their April Fool’s idea? We’ll find out here tomorrow.
  • YOUTUBE: There is a huge increase in content consumption, and this means a higher than normal availability of ad spots. Leverage this.
  • CHROME: Chrome 81 will block mixed-content and auto-upgrade mixed content images without a fallback.
  • SEO: Steve Toth created and shared a backlink planner that prevents you from duplicating anchor text and building a link to the same site twice.
  • SNAPCHAT: Snapchat now allows you to include their Stories directly in your own custom apps.
  • FRAUD: BallerBusters uncovered another fake guru: Josue Pena claimed to have made $3M in 12 months and built Ronaldinho’s IG following. Turns out he’s just a gas station employee who scammed his students… (Link works only if you follow the account).


I am the beginning of sorrow, and the end of sickness. You cannot express happiness without me, yet I am in the midst of crosses. I am always in risk, yet never in danger. You may find me in the sun, but I am never out of darkness. What am I?

You can find the solution by clicking here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Quarantine the royal way.

Have you ever been to Thailand? If so, you probably noticed the pictures of Thailand’s monarch, King Rama X, everywhere. Maybe you’re now wondering how the king is spending his time in quarantine?

Well, it’s definitely better than you think. Or maybe it’s worse? We’ll let you decide: King Rama X self-isolated himself in a German Spa hotel with a harem of 20 women.


Self-isolated probably isn’t the right term to use, actually. Come on, that’s definitely not a quarantine! King Rama X’s self isolation is better than Dan Bilzerian’s ordinary life. Royal treatment for royal members.

He booked out the entire four-star Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl in Bavaria despite lockdown rules.

This made Thai social media light up with criticism of the king. However, be very careful – insulting the monarchy is an offence under national law, and it could land you up to 15 years in hail.

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