E-commerce sales are dipping worldwide


Seeing a slight downtrend in your online sales?

It’s not just you.

The entire e-commerce industry is taking a hit, with many heavyweights reporting missed revenue estimates and plummeting stocks:

  • Shopify recorded the biggest fall in shares, with earnings failing to reach analysts’ expectations. The company recently acquired Deliverr Inc., a startup fulfillment company.
  • Etsy had it rough with fee spikes and merchant strikes, and now they’ve reported just 5.2% in revenue growth. It’s the first time their revenue grew by single digits.
  • eBay’s earnings are already expected to miss initial Q2 expectations by as much as 9%.

Why we care: All signs point to the pandemic e-commerce frenzy slowing down. It seems the “old normal” is becoming the new “new normal” again.

Time for e-commerce to find new ways to take back the market…


Advertisers are adopting Google Ads automation

… And they’ve got mixed feelings about the features.

What’s going on: According to the latest State of PPC Global survey, 97% of respondents started using Google Ads’ Responsive Search Ads, and another 95% have tried out Smart Bidding.

78% have used Auto-applied Recommendations.

Thumbs down: A whopping 83% expressed dissatisfaction with Auto-applied Recommendations, and 63% weren’t happy with the Recommendations tab.

Thumbs up: Scripts and targetCPA Smart Bidding got the most favorable reviews, and other tools got decent reviews as well.

Our takeaway? Yes, advertisers have complaints, but many are embracing Google Ads automation.

Either they’re banking on the tools getting progressively better, or they’re already saving a bunch of time by letting algorithms do most of the work… Or both!

Why we care: If you haven’t tried Google Ads automations, some of the tools may prove useful.

Plus, you can always use the results of the State of PPC Global Report for 2022 survey as a guide.


This mobile content offer is booming right now. Here’s why


Zeydoo’s affiliate network is raking in 35M conversions every day.

In 2021, they ranked first in the “Top 10 best affiliate networks” survey, according to the 2021 Peak affLIFT Award.

Why? Because Zeydoo has high converting offers – how else could they be generating 35M conversions every day?

And they know what converts… Like the Advanced Download Manager (SP) mobile content offer, for example.

The Advanced Download Manager averages a 2.3% conversion rate on push traffic, and 2% on pop traffic.

The biggest perk of this offer? Flexibility. The landing page doesn’t lock you into using any particular file, which means you can get creative with the copy.

So if you have a strong angle that has converted well in the past, you can use it.

Curious about the payout? It’s $4.80, and conversions get recorded when users enter the pin.

Start leveraging this mobile offer now.


4 practical ways to make customers fall in love with your business



That’s the main concept of this LinkedIn post by Casey Hill.

Novelty, Casey explains, is a powerful yet underused strategy for surprising and delighting your customers.

Sure, it means swallowing a few upfront costs. But in the long term, novelty helps you transform ordinary customers into raving fans.

Here are four examples of novelty that Casey uses in his business:

Over-deliver: After someone buys one of his courses, he sends them a complementary course for free.

No, it’s never easy forgoing an order bump to give a product away.

But by sacrificing money in the short term, you make more money back when the customer becomes loyal.

Special treatments for everybody: When a user starts a free trial for Casey Hill’s SaaS company, they receive a personal welcome.

That’s thousands of individual welcomes sent out every month!

Go the extra step: Casey Hill’s company is a video platform, yes.

But when they get onboard new clients, they ask if they can help their business in other ways: Facebook Ads, organic growth, email marketing.

The demo turns into a free business consulting that leaves clients delighted.

Leverage partners: Find a company that sells a product complementary to yours, and add their offer to your package for free, or give them a discount on your partner’s product.

The trick here is not revealing the gift before they buy. Remember, the goal is to surprise them!

With this strategy, your partner gains access to new audiences, and you gain loyal fans.

So get creative with novelty. You’ll find out that there are countless ways to surprise and delight your customers.

But in the meantime, you might want to check out the rest of Casey’s ideas.


Only 3 days left to master in-demand marketing skills for free—and help someone else, too


HubSpot’s World Certification Week is a unique opportunity to connect with thousands of professionals, master marketing, sales, and revenue operations skills, and get certifications recognized by industry leaders across the globe.

All for free.

Plus, between May 9–13, HubSpot will donate $5 to an education-focused charity for every certification you get.

Gain in-demand skills and help someone else.


Master the magic of cold email with this simple structure


A well-written cold email can unlock many things: A new client, a new business partner, a new sponsor, and even top talent.

Most cold emails, however, unlock… well, nothing.

This section will show you a simple framework for writing cold emails that your recipients actually want to read and respond to.

First, the structure. The best cold emails usually follow the same formula:

  • Introduction: Say who you are.
  • Personal connection: Something interesting to show them you care.
  • Context: Tell them why you’re emailing.
  • Value proposition: Explain why they should care about the thing you’re emailing about.
  • Call-to-action (CTA): One simple and specific action you’d like them to take.

You shouldn’t need more than 150 words to cover all of these things. And if you follow the structure above, your cold emails will be better than most.

Second, three considerations to keep in mind:

  • You won’t sell anything with your first email. So instead of asking for sign-ups or demos, ask a question to gauge interest in your product. You can also suggest a quick call, but this is less likely to get you replies.
  • Personalization is usually the make-or-break. If there’s a line in your email that shows you did legitimate research on the person you’re emailing, you’re golden.
  • Most business owners read hundreds of cold emails every year. Truth is, most people you want to reach already get lots of cold emails. So the less generic your message is, the better.

Cold emails can work like magic… But only when you write them with some magic of your own.


INSIGHTS: Netflix’s biggest competitor could help you drive crazy revenue—and no, it’s not Hulu or HBO. And that’s just one example. There are several exploding marketing channels few marketers are talking about. Our newest Deep Dive shows you how to leverage them. Preview it now.*

ADVERTISING: Will we ever solve ad fraud? Maybe… If marketers learn how to code. But according to this anti-fraud consultant, it seems the best solution is for the “whole thing” to “crash and come down.” Yikes.

TIKTOK: Speaking of fraud… Apparently there’s no such thing on TikTok. The platform achieved a “Certified Against Fraud” status for 2022. Nice.

GOOGLE: Good news for crypto-friendly merchants. You can now target seven more countries with cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets ads. You just need to comply with certain rules.

SNAP: Changing rooms are so 2021. Virtual product try-ons on Snap are getting more popular, with mainstream apparel brands like Puma and American Eagle testing Snapchat’s upgraded tools.

SOCIAL MEDIA: It’s not about who you know, it’s about what you’re watching. TikTok claims they’re less of a social network and more of a content network. Interesting.

*This is a sponsored post.


There’s a one-story house in which everything is yellow. Yellow walls, yellow doors, yellow furniture.

What color are the stairs?

You can find the answer here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Alligator, party-crasher


An alligator invaded a Florida couple’s garage… and went for their stash of diet coke, chugging several cans in the process.

Not only was it shocking, it was kind of a bummer: The drinks were meant for the couple’s upcoming birthday party.

Thankfully, Florida is prepared for such encounters. The couple was able to call a local wrangler named “Ray the Trapper,” who removed the alligator.

… But not before the gator had made a mess of the garage.

Makes us grateful that the biggest animals around us are dogs!

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