FB caught testing its native email platform within the Ads Manager. 2 New rules make Push Traffic stricter: More action needed by subscribers to opt-in. WhatsApp announces its arrival in the e-comm game with Product Catalogs.



Getting push subscribers just became harder

Push traffic is still hot, right? Well, maybe not for much longer. Everybody is expecting some imminent changes to arrive and make push traffic both more strict and more expensive. After all, this is what happens with every new traffic source that grows in popularity.

Aaaand… that moment has finally arrived. Changes have begun, and even though they won’t hurt you push aficionados that much, we better have a look at what’s cooking.

What’s in the pot? Back in April, Mozilla Firefox conducted some research and experiments to find a proper way to limit the abuse of push notification traffic.

What did they find? Out of 1.45B push requests, only 1% got accepted. They also discovered that users are more eager to accept push notifications when they’ve interacted with the website.


Based on these results, Mozilla is rolling out 2 changes that will come into effect in Firefox 70:

  • They’ll replace the default “Not Now” option with “Never”, effectively hiding the prompt on a page forever. So, websites will have only one chance to get a user on their list. This will make them less aggressive.
  • They will require user interaction to show notification permission prompts. Prompts without interaction will only display a small icon in the URL bar.

How this will impact you? Let’s be honest, Mozilla isn’t a big player – Firefox accounts for just 4.56% of usage share. Ultimately, this won’t have much of an impact on the current status of push traffic. Buuuuttt…

Why is it important? So far, Mozilla has shown to be stricter than Google. However, it’s reasonable to expect that Google will start to clamp down on push abuse in the future. In fact, a similar update was already forecasted at AWE this July. So… Be prepared.


Product catalogs on WhatsApp

WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging platforms, announced a new feature called WhatsApp Shopping Catalog. This will allow businesses (especially small businesses) to showcase and share products with their customers through this app.

What was the need? Previously, people often used WhatsApp to chat with businesses. However, they had to send images of their products one by one and repeatedly offer the same information.

Now, people will be able to view the entire shopping catalogue right within WhatsApp.

You will be adding information such as the price, photos, the description and the product code to your catalogue.

Also, it’s not gonna occupy any storage space for the businesses sending the images or even for the customers receiving them.

This feature is now available within WhatsApp Business for Android and iPhone in Germany, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, the United States and the United Kingdom, and there are plans to implement this worldwide soon.


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6 steps holiday strategy for $15k email camps

We all know that email has a high ROAS, but how about making $15k with just a single email? Joshua Chin shared the 6 step strategy he used to hit those figures during the 2018 holiday season.

Even though we don’t know the size of the list used to hit those figures, Joshua still shared some good stuff about email camps. So, let’s head to his strategy.

1) The hype builder: Create flows specifically for customers who sign up through your holiday-themed pop-up.

2) Priority list: This is about rewarding your existing subscribers. Give you best subscribers a treat by promoting your upcoming sales early and giving them incentives like early sale dates or bigger discounts.

3) Priority launch: Send Black Friday promos in anticipation of Nov 29 to your loyal customers. Joshua called it The Grey Thursday to help you understand the idea.

4) General launch: This is about launching the actual promo for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Don’t do any split tests during this launch and set up a separate promo for each best seller product you’re pushing.

5) Social reminder: Send reviews, stories and testimonials during the launch and warn them about the end of the sale.

6) The closing: Remind your subscribers about the last day of the promo. You know, scarcity and all those “This is your last chance” emails.

Bonus tip: Give your customers a second chance by running the sale again a day or two after the promo has finished.

That’s everything. Looks like a clean strategy to run during the holiday, and you can reuse it for other upcoming events as well!


  • E-COMMERCE: A podcast you might want to listen to discussing the changing nature of FB Ads, what its plans are and how you can be prepared for what’s coming.
  • FACEBOOK: What would it mean to you if FB started allowing you to run emails directly from its own platform? Well, it looks like FB is already testing this feature.
  • CHATBOTS: Kelly shares some insights on acquiring online leads and offline traffic and adding them to both your messenger subscriber list and your email list.
  • GOOGLE: Two new visual ad options for YouTube and a new shopping option for Google Images that will improve your chances of direct consumer connection via these platforms.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: This ultimate swipe file contains headline formulas to help you get more attention and clicks on social media.
  • FACEBOOK: Enough is enough, says the man who has decided to run for the post of Gov of California purely to run false commercials on Facebook. He’s doing it as a protest against the social network’s policy of allowing political misinformation in paid advertising.


What is always on its way but never arrives?

You’ll find the answer at the end of this email.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

RIP… fake pictures

We have bad news… especially if you’re a regular Tinder user, a social media influencer or someone who posts those edited 300x ROAS images in FB Groups.

Adobe can now detect if a picture has been photoshopped.

Announced at their conference called “Sneaks”, this new feature has been named “About Face” and it can detect when a face has been manipulated.

You can simply upload an image and it will provide you with a virtual heatmap of the altered regions. Not only that, but the tool can even attempt to reverse whatever changes were made to the picture.


Well, people can still continue to use the “Inspect element” in Chrome to come up with those edited ROAS pictures, but we aren’t sure what the future holds for our beloved influencers.

So if you have some Tinder dates set up for this weekend, you can use this tool and check that your date is being honest!

Cheers to no more catfishing!



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