FB declares war on cloaking: 2 BH marketers sued. From an oil rig to Empire Flippers: Greg Elfrink shares how to build a business & flip it for 6+ figures. Easy SEO research process to write content that actually ranks like good old days.



Step-by-step process for creating content that ranks in Google


Gone are the days when you could just choose a low-competition keyword, toss up a 500-word article, sit back and watch the traffic roll in.

It takes a bit more work nowadays, and Karl from SaaS Growth Hacks Group shared 2 approaches for this. The first is more efficient but requires premium tools (SurferSEO and Ahrefs), while the other comes without cost but is less reliable and more time consuming.

Method 1: Using SurferSEO and Ahrefs

+ Step 1: Decide on the main target keyword you want to rank for.

+ Step 2: Open SurferSEO, a handy tool that gives you a correlation analysis of the top 50 pages that rank for any given keyword.

It also gives you the exact data on the length of posts in various positions, the words and phrases they use, the densities of these keywords, the speed of their sites, and loads of other on-page SEO factors.

+ Step 3: Decide on the intent behind the search term. Is Google showing service-based pages, case studies, or educational pages for that particular search term?

Once you have figured that out, you should be able to start planning the headline of your article.

+ Step 4: Set a word count goal. The “Words in paragraphs” section on the sidebar of SurferSEO provides you with this info, so you can set a word count goal based on that.

+ Step 5: Again, using the “A” button on SurferSEO, you can check things like your competitors’ heading tags to effectively give you their exact blueprint.

Go through all the top results in SERPs and repeat this process for each of them, watching out for recurring themes. That way you will be able to combine similar headlines and remove any irrelevant content based on what the top ranking pages have in common.

+ Step 6: Because Google doesn’t just look for headlines but also the other keywords used within an article, you can use the “Audit” section to find articles on your site which aren’t ranking and discover ways you can improve them.

Make sure to look out for “True Density” metric, which gives you a list of related keywords you should be using and tells you how many times they should be included in the article.

That’s all the research work you’ll need to start writing content that ranks well!

Again, read through the top 5 articles to get some additional insights and see how deep they delve into each topic. Take notes on what stands out, what you like, what you don’t like and try to improve on each of these areas in your own content.

Check out his document for some more insights. Also, if you don’t have access to the above tool, Karl shares the manual method to do the above process.


New lead gen forms to acquire high-intent prospects

The question-and-answer platform is rolling out some user-friendly Lead Gen Forms that will allow users to give their contact information to businesses without leaving Quora.

What will it look like? After clicking on sponsored content with a call-to-action (eg to download a report), a native form will be shown to the user.

Then, advertisers will be able to download a CSV file of leads collected, which will be available in Quora’s Ads Manager for up to 180 days.

With this format, Quora is aiming to improve advertising CVR by making the opt-in process smoother. The final goal is obviously to attract more advertisers. Well, let’s see if more businesses will be tempted by this new ad format.


👑 Building and flipping online empires with Greg Elfrink

After talking to Servando in the previous episode, the topic of buying and selling websites came up. So the natural next discussion was with someone who understands both sides the best, right? That’s why we asked Greg for a chat…

Greg’s the head of marketing for Empire Flippers, the platform mentioned by Servando. They know the ins and outs of everything that has to do with buying and selling online businesses. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, this episode will shed some light for you.

We talk to Greg about:

  • How he got into online marketing after working on an oil rig.
  • What are the main factors that matter for making your business sellable.
  • Who are the typical buyers on Empire Flippers.
  • What advantages a skilled marketer has for selling their business.
  • How to build to sell at a better multiple.

Check out the full episode on YouTube here.

Is iTunes more your thing? It’s here!

Do you prefer Spotify? Got you!

Curious how much your online business is worth? There’s a link in the video description to Empire Flippers’ valuation tool. Check it out!


Facebook taking real-world actions against BH practices

A few days ago, we shared a poolside story about a Singaporean CEO complaining about BH marketers using her name in some crypto advertorials. We predicted that some ban hammering was on the horizon.

It turns out that our prediction was wrong. In fact, Mr Zuckerberg is going much further than just banning accounts:

Facebook is taking 2 BH marketers in front of a court!

Yeah, things are getting serious. Read here:

Facebook filed suit in California today against one entity and two individuals for violating our Terms and Advertising Policies.

The defendants deceived people into installing malware available on the internet. This malware then enabled the defendants to compromise people’s Facebook accounts and run deceptive ads promoting items such as counterfeit goods and pills.

Basically, this is talking about those dark techniques used to get into other people’s accounts and run ads with their profiles. And, there’s more:

The defendants sometimes used images of celebrities in their ads to entice people to click on them, a practice known as “celeb bait.” In some instances, the defendants also engaged in a practice known as cloaking.

Facebook is taking things pretty seriously, and they have made it clear that they won’t limit themselves to just banning accounts and Business Managers:

Creating real world consequences for those who deceive users and engage in cloaking schemes is important in maintaining the integrity of our platform.

And yes, real-world consequences means lawsuits. So, from this moment onwards we can say that black hat marketing isn’t just risky to your accounts and camps… It can even get you called out by a court.

Our Take

Facebook will do everything to protect its user base. Rob Leathern, the director of Product at Facebook, shared a Tweet about the case saying that FB will continue to take strong steps to protect people and disrupt these schemes, and will use real-world rules to go after these fraudsters.

So, the point is (again): Doing things that are against the rules might make you some quick moolah, but you can’t go too far. This is especially true if you are fighting against a giant called Facebook, which has much more AI power and resources than govs.

In an interview, Mark Zuckerberg said that they have a budget that equals Twitter’s revenue set aside to protect their users. And, surprise surprise, they’re going to spend it all.

So, if you’re on the black side of things, this would be the right moment to re-evaluate your business model. We’re not judging you, just giving you a word of warning!


  • FACEBOOK: Peter Aaron shared the account set up he uses to scale his clients’ businesses to 6 figures. A useful flowchart to have a look at.
  • PRIVACY: The first version of IAB’s CCPA Compliance Framework for publishers and technology companies involved in the programmatic ecosystem is out.
  • SEO: This new feature in Google’s Search Console allows publishers access to a panel from which messages from Google can be accessed directly.
  • YOUTUBE: Popular YouTuber Thomas Frank shares how he grew his YouTube channel of productivity tips to 1.6M subscribers with 91M views.
  • INSTAGRAM: WordStream shared 6 Instagram Stories hacks to produce better, more engaging Stories on the Gram.


What’s a lifeguard’s favourite game?

You can find the solution by clicking here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Live-life-king-size baking it all day every day

How many MaryJane experts do we have reading our daily briefing? A bunch of us, we know.

But right now, we are looking for someone who not only loves smoking-up, but also has extensive knowledge about Aunt Mary. Plus, you gotta be living in a state in either the US or Canada where you can smoke without getting in trouble.

If you think you meet these criteria, a reviews site in this niche is looking for you.

Job Description: Just indulge in tasting a variety of samples all day every day on the loose and then review them.
Benefits: You get to keep the samples, plus take home a compensation of $36k.

The company has already approached the likes of Snoop Dogg, so if you’re the right fit for the job you might be working alongside some famous colleagues.


“Everyone is going crazy about the idea. And getting a wage to do just that (and a little more) makes it all the more alluring.”

And hey, it’s a real job. You gotta be honest about your opinions and be comfortable in front of the camera, as you’ll be filmed while unboxing products and talking about them.

Think you fit the bill? Apply here, or maybe just consider relocating already.

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