FB in trouble for owing Uncle Sam $9B. Matt Woodward’s strategy for building quality backlinks using local & global events. TikTok is the Wild West: Get Kardashian’s influencer camps results with a 500 followers influencer budget.



Get on it before the Wild West turns into Buckingham Palace


Hey, we have another TikTok success story. As per Jason Wong, as the platform algorithm is still growing, TikTok is still the wild west! Oh yeah, these words smell like grandma’s fresh-baked pie in the morning!

In other words, this means that even a small creator (<500 followers) can go viral. You don’t need to shell out a lot of your budget to hire 2M followers influencers to make your videos reach out to large audiences. That’s what we meant by fresh-baked pie…

Anyway, the strategy used by Jason Wong for the cosmetic brand he manages is pretty simple.

It all starts with Twitter. But you can do it with Instagram or whatever platform you prefer.

They sent cosmetic packages to the thought leaders of their niche over Twitter, along with some flower bouquets and asked them to create some UGC. The flowers are to enforce the visual part, and hey, it really works.

Then they sent these UGC videos to TikTok creators in exchange for the cosmetic products. This is one of the videos that went viral.

That’s it. Along with some brand personification strategies executed on Twitter and Instagram, this helped them triple their growth.


Hard and easy solutions to fight ad fatigue

Moving on, we came across an interesting post about identifying and fighting creatives fatigue. Bradley Hillier is the author.

It addresses some of the common ad fatigue “symptoms” such as high CPC and low CTR. Creatives burn out fast, so you can head to the Delivery Insights section and follow this process:

  1. Look at the “first time impression ratio” to see how many people are seeing your ads for the first time.
  2. If the percentage is pretty low, you saturated your pocket audience. Time to change those creatives.

You can fight this by having new creatives ready to go. But there are other ways to handle this:

  • If you’re targeting a large audience, just duplicate the campaign so you’ll start hitting a different pocket of the same audience.
  • Just change the thumbnails of your video.
  • Add captions at the top of your videos (meme style).
  • Throw your top performers into Dynamic Creative Ads to find new working combinations.
  • Split static images into Carousel Ads.

Some harder solutions?

  • Increase the AOV to fight the rising CPC.
  • A higher CPC will mean a higher CPA. Fight this on the back end with upsell and cross-sell.

Finito! Ti piace?


🤯 When everything is Huge: ROI, EPC, tech, parties and…


Do you run Facebook, Google or native campaigns? And also… are you looking for offers that convert crazy-well like ice-cream cones on the hottest day of the year?

Who are we kidding, you definitely are! That’s why you should check out HugeOffersThis tech-focused CPA network has countless high-converting offers you can jump on right away.

We said tech-focused because before being a CPA network, they’re a technology company. They have 40 developers constantly working to improve the platform. Everything to squeeze the most revenue possible from every click sent you send.

How? Transparency and machine-learning. Check this out…

Does it ever happen to you that you see a lead on your dashboard and then it gets rejected? Thanks to their conversions status feature, affiliates can always see with transparency where the leads stand in real time and make more informed decisions. But that’s not all, 2020 is bringing something out of this world.

What? Custom developed machine-learning that looks into the full lead flow and related factors and optimizes everything for higher EPCs and higher ROI… That’s why they’re called HugeOffers.

Everything to make your campaigns reach new heights…

Join HugeOffers and start working with a transparent, tech-focused CPA network.


Turn local and global events into backlinks

Matthew Woodward is back in our daily briefing with a highly actionable item which can bring in a lot of high quality backlinks for your sites.

It’s called Event link buildingthe process of using local, national or international events to get links back to your website.

Two ways to generate such links:

  • Hosting an event: Creating your own event & having a third-party event website link back to it.
  • Sponsoring an event: Sponsoring an event & obtaining a link as a sponsor.

These are both genuine ways of link building accepted by Google as they need to be earned.

+ What kind of events can be sponsored? Concerts, Clubs, Meetups, Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, Sports events, Lectures, Academic events.

+ Where can you look for sponsorships? Apart from a range of local events sites, here are some places where lots of events get posted on a daily basis:

Eventful, MeetUp, Events.org, Patch, Eventbrite, Craigslist, Facebook Events, Resident Advisor

+ How do you find events to sponsor? Check out these search queries you can use when looking for events to sponsor.

+ Can this process be automated? Sure, it can be. Once you have exhausted this process for manually finding events to sponsor, you can automate the process using Google Alerts.

PS: It’s recommended to setup search queries up using some web monitoring tools because Google Alerts don’t deliver the same volume of results it previously used to.

That’s about the whole process of generating some high quality and high authority links.

Want to get into specifics or find yourself stuck somewhere in the process, check out the detailed post here.


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  • FACEBOOK: Apparently, FB owes $9B in unpaid taxes to the IRS. Fines to come?
  • SNAPCHAT: After being tested in the Middle East earlier last year, Snap announces “Swipe up to call” ads for all US advertisers.
  • MARKETING: Now that the third-party cookies are on a deathbed, learn what happens to attribution and what current or future methodologies will take their place.
  • FACEBOOK: Three solutions shared by Shane Cicero for unmatching conversion data.
  • TIKTOK: The video app is adding a URL field for profile bios, helping users drive people back to their sites directly from the app.


Two girls have the same parents and were born at the same hour of the same day of the same month, but they are not twins. How can this be possible?

You can find the solution by clicking here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Cables getting replaced by lasers?

There is never a dull day in the online world. Something positive or not so positive is always happening.

It’s just the pace of things that keeps increasing… in a flash of a moment.

And as per this latest news, lasers could soon replace internet cables, making the Internet way way… Way faster.

How fast? Well, what’s your current Internet speed? Multiply it roughly by 1000 and you got it.


The new tech uses terahertz quantum cascade lasers that can send data around the world at unimaginable speeds compared to the current technology.

As per the experts, lasers could help transmit data wirelessly over short distances at a speed of 100 GBPS. Whoaa! Current ethernet connections work at 100 MBPS, around 1k times less quick.

Why wasn’t it used till now? To be able to send data, the lasers need to be switched off about 100B times every second. That requires precise control, and engineers were so far unable to do it.

But thanks to this latest research, laser internet will work in a… flash.

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