Forget FB bans: CMB’s Ultimate Guide to create & protect multiple Ad Accounts while running aggressive offers. From $0 to $30k MRR in 7-steps, all without doing any marketing. $2.5M FTC fine to Devumi CEO for buying fake followers.



RSAs rolled out to all advertisers with new tools

Say hello to two new tools that Google recently announced for Responsive Search Ads.

Performance column: This will help you identify the creative assets that are driving results in high volume ad groups. You will then be able to improve “Low” rated assets, optimize the “Good” performing assets and duplicate the “Best” performing assets.

Ad variations: You can now use Ad variations for responsive search ads, allowing you to run ad copy tests and check the performance of variations of ad copies.

Also, responsive search ads can now be set up using Google Ads Editor, the Google Ads API and the mobile app.

As a starting point, it’s recommended that you add at least one responsive search ad and two expanded text ads per group. Additionally, monitor your ad strength and pair smart bidding with responsive search ads for best results.

Advertisers using responsive search ads have seen a 44% rise in incremental site visitors, resulting in 43% more conversions.


Q3 Global Benchmarks and how to protect your ad reputation

Wondering how your KPIs stack up against the rest of the Facebook advertising world? Rutger Thole shared a doc containing a Facebook advertising benchmark report 2019 Q3. Are you over delivering or underperforming?


Here’s a bunch of stats to help you find out:

  • Global CPC for lead generation camps is $1.54.
  • Global CPC for app installs camps is $1.51.
  • Some average stats for North America: 1.4% CTR, $0.84 CPC and CPM averages $12.12.
  • EMEA average stats: 0.6% CTR, $1.44 CPC and $8.73 CPM.
  • APAC average stats: 1.5% CTR, $0.29 CPC and $4.49 CPM.

Do these stats look familiar to you? Guess all we really care about is the CPA, right?

Well, if you want more detailed stats for other verticals and to discover how the company gathered this data, check the report here.

Blocking the haters

One of the most common issues that Shopify sellers run into are those negative comments appearing under their ads. That’s not the kind of social proof you’re looking for. Hiding or deleting these comments isn’t the answer either as this can cause further reputation damage or even result in a manual review.

One of the easiest ways to stop these haters ruining your sweet ROAS is to head to your Facebook Page settings and create a blacklist of the most commonly used words in these negative comments.

Words such as trash, China, Amazon, false, waste of money, etc. Well, we are aware that most of you already know this. Basic stuff, right? But maybe you’re looking for a more extensive array of blacklisted words?

So, if you haven’t yet built your own blacklist, Jacob Heinz shared this in our WHAT THE AFF Insiders group. It’s a huge list of the most common words used in negative comments.

Not in the group and the link doesn’t work? Head here and find the steps to join 😉

In the meantime, you can find the list here.

Cheers! And thanks Jacob!


😈 Crushing FB Ads: CMB’s Ultimate Guide to warm-up and keep ad accounts while running aggressive offers.

Are you running FB Ads? Then there’s one thing that stays true. Either you had an ad account suspended or you will. Sometimes FB is right, sometimes they aren’t. Sometimes you get it back, sometimes you don’t.

Either way, CMB Affiliates has put together a guide with everything you need to know if you want to create more ad accounts to save you the troubles and make sure your business doesn’t go under when FB throws a temper-tantrum.

Get “Crushing FB Ads: CMB’s Ultimate Guide to warm-up and keep ad accounts while running aggressive offers” by just signing up with your email here.

In this guide, you will find:

  • How to create more ad accounts
  • What payment methods to use
  • How to filter traffic so you separate reviewers from real users
  • How to build your accounts reputation
  • … and more!

Whether you are running more aggressive offers or you just want to be on the safe side and have backups, this guide is certainly worth a read.

What is CMB Affiliates? Glad you asked! They are an affiliate network with 100% exclusive offers in the finance vertical.

They help you get your ROI soaring. Plus, they give you useful tips for running their offers, like this complete guide we just mentioned.

That’s not all. Sign up to CMB Affiliates now and join the #M2AffiliateChallenge where the top prize is a BMW M2.

Or contact a rep directly:

  • Andre B. – live:cmbaffiliates
  • Edi Bain – live:edi_bain

The competition starts on 1st November so sign up now!

Don’t forget to download the guide too, it’s free!


Research, research, research

During our daily routine of scraping the entire interwebz, we found some info which discusses two alternative ways to find the latest trending products and their ads.

Moving onto them…. Shall we?

+ Product ResearchThis approach was shared by Akbar Sheikh.

  • Go to This website allows you to perform search engine research while simulating location based searches for various countries. So, even if you’re based in France you can still do some search engine research on the market in Thailand.
  • Type a niche keyword relevant to your business.
  • This will open a new Google tab, and here you will find all the ads relevant to your niche in the country you are researching. You will also be able to see the ads from Shopify stores.

Basically, you can discover the trends in your vertical in different countries. Maybe something to test?

In any case, it’s a cheap alternative to a VPN.

+ Facebook Ads research: This one was shared by Justin Brooke.

  • Whenever you see a Facebook Ad relevant to your niche, save it.
  • After you saved a few ads, head to the Saved section of your profile.
  • Next to that saved ad, you’ll see a “3 dots” button. Click on it.
  • Then click on “Find new products like this”.
  • Facebook will now show a list of similar ads that other people have saved.
  • Have fun!

You might be thinking that you can find these ads on the Page of a business or through the Ad Library?

Not exactly.

This lets you find Pages and products that you don’t already know about, because you need to know the Facebook Page name to search for their ads in the Ad Library.

Additionally, you can see which ads are being saved most often with this method, which is something you can’t do in the Ad Library.

Nice uh?

PS: This approach works on mobile. We couldn’t find this “Other People Saved” function on desktop.


  • MICROSOFT ADS: Helping you manage your campaigns and accounts in a more user-friendly and streamlined way, Microsoft Ads have redesigned their ad interface with a modernized look, feel and functionality.
  • SEO: The Ahrefs team is working to bring you a new plugin to boost your WordPress SEO and pull all key Ahrefs’ metrics into your dashboard.
  • INSTAGRAM: We aren’t sure how much you guys care about IGTV, but the news is that you can now watch IGTV Series from creators you love and get notifications when a new episode is released.
  • MARKETING: From $0 to $30k MRR in 7 steps, all without doing any marketing – This is the story of a SaaS startup.
  • ADVERTISING: It’s official! Selling Likes & Followers is totally illegal, as this Florida-based business discovered when they were fined $2.5M by the FTC.
  • E-COMMERCE: As per this RedPoint Global survey, your consumers are saying that they wish you e-commerce owners understood their personal preferences better and used those insights to inform them of future offers.


Which creature walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening?

You’ll find the answer at the end of this email.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

What should our marketing strategy be? Mam… fake reviews 🙂

Businesses these days are willing to do anything to bring their competitors down. It’s a cut-throat market when it comes to e-commerce, and what’s one of the easiest weapons to turn to?

That’s right, you guessed it! Fake reviews.


That’s exactly the strategy the marketing team of skincare brand Riley devised, which they put into action by blatantly posting fake reviews for their competitor, Sephora, over a period of two years.

Along with other day to day responsibilities, employees were assigned to write fake reviews and dislike any negative ones in order to grow their own business.

Not only that, but the poor fellas also had to write glowing reviews and bury negative ones for their own company. Ms Riley herself offered them detailed instructions on how to avoid detection.

Here’s what the visionary entrepreneur told her employees: “If you see a negative review – DISLIKE it. […] After enough dislikes, it is removed. This directly translates to sales!!”

Unfortunately for them, a former employee turned to whistleblowing, and this is when big daddy FTC entered the fray.

“The Commission’s investigation confirmed the whistleblower’s claim and found that the scheme to generate fake reviews of Sunday Riley products involved Ms. Riley herself.”

As strange as it sounds, Riley has come to a settlement with FTC and has agreed not to write any more fake reviews. However, the company didn’t admit any wrongdoing or receive any form of punishment…

Talk about a narrow escape for such shady biz pracs!


Human – four limbs as a toddler, two feet as an adult, two feet and a walking stick as an elderly.

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