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If you’ve never experienced the feeling of accidentally deleting an important Instagram post, consider yourself lucky.

But starting today, nobody will ever have that feeling again. Instagram just announced that there’s now a Recently Deleted folder, which will store your deleted content for up to 30 days before sending it to the abyss forever.

Let’s clarify: Photos, videos, Reels, and IGTV videos will hang out in the Recently Deleted folder for 30 days. But, deleted Stories that aren’t in your archive will only have 24 hours before getting permanently deleted.

No doubt, Instagram has just saved social media managers and marketers from hours of stress and angry client phone calls.


Google makes an important clarification

Marketers and SEOs are frantically working to fix site speeds before Google’s long-awaited Core Web Vitals update. And during this process, Google is continually providing updates and clarification on what that update will look like.

Recently, Google’s John Mueller made some (potentially disappointing) statements about how smooth your site will need to run in order to benefit from the update:

  • Your site might need to meet all three Core Web Vitals metrics to benefit. It’s not cut-and-dry, but John suggested that meeting all three Core Web Vitals metrics would be important for getting a boost with the update.
  • There may also be a badge in search results. It’s not official yet, but John said that Google’s testing the idea of including a Core Web Vitals badge in search results for sites that excel.

The Crew’s take: If you’ve tried to optimize a site for Core Web Vitals, you’ll know that exceeding the benchmarks in all three categories is very difficult. Many sites – even Google’s own Search Central site – do not meet the requirements.

As we get closer to the update release, we’ll likely get better clarification on what this all means.


10 ways to rock email in 2021Behind the scenes of one of the most overlooked e-commerce giants


With advertising platforms going through continuous changes, having an engaged list becomes a must.

Hustler Marketing gathered the predictions and tips of 10 experts to make the most out of a list. Some highlights:

  • Jacqué Palmer: Users prefer minimalistic designs. Therefore, sharpen your storytelling skills!
  • Aub Wallace: Remove your social links from your footer. These weigh on the HTML code of an email and can negatively impact deliverability. In addition, very few people click on them. It’s worth a try.
  • Jeana Salomone-Reisig: Be sensitive to the events happening in your prospects’ world and adjust your email accordingly. This matters for all your channels.
  • Candice Trebus: Not all your users are the same. Use smart segmentation to deliver a customized experience.
  • Pamela Ortega: Each email you send is a chance to understand something about your audience. Use this information to make educated decisions about your subscribers.

Want to read the rest and dive deeper? Head over here.

In 2021, more and more businesses will get serious about email. Facebook is planning to launch a newsletter tool for creators, and Twitter’s already done it.

So if you want to turn your list into an asset, you better bring your A-game.


TWITTER: Want to keep your finger on the internet’s pulse this year? The 2021 marketing calendar from Twitter is a great way to keep tabs on upcoming events.

GOOGLE: The tensions between Australia and Google are rising, and this article from Search Engine Land explores all of the possibilities.

INFLUENCER MARKETING: Cody Wittick just put out a great Twitter thread about the seeding vs. gifting debate in influencer marketing.

GOOGLE: This piece from Digiday explains why Google is facing antitrust criticism for killing off the third-party cookie.

SNAPCHAT: 61% of Snapchat users are planning to watch the Super Bowl, and this new blog post from Snapchat gives some insights on how to advertise around the big game.


When you have just one, you have none.

You can find the solution here.


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You can now buy a 3D printed house


3D printers have been a hot topic for years now. The original wild predictions we heard, that people would be 3D printing anything and everything, haven’t quite come true.

That might be changing, though. As of last week, there’s a 3D printed house listed on Zillow, which has been constructed from 3D-printed pieces.

It’s a cool concept – but can you guess the price?

It’s just $300k, and it looks like a typical suburban New York home (which is where it’s listed).

Check out the listing. It’s a pretty good-looking house, all things considered.

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