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Which acquisition channel is best for your business?


Facebook Ads? Google Ads? Podcasts? A YouTube channel?

Let’s say you’re about to launch a new business or a new product. How do you decide the best acquisition channel for that business?

Rand Fishkin from SparkToro and Moz just saved the day with a new article that answers this question. First and foremost, he says, you need to have these three points in place:

  • Identify the right customers.
  • Have a deep understanding of your audience.
  • Nail your market and product positioning.

This is the mold you’ll use to model your masterpiece. So, getting it right is vital. Once you get these three points down, you can finally decide the acquisition channels and tactics you’ll put in place.

Rand Fishkin’s piece of advice is starting small – choose just one or two tactics and channels to start. The three principles he provides will make it very easy to choose:

  • Choose a channel that suits your skills: It doesn’t matter if organic search has great potential for your audience. If you hate SEO, just pass on it.
  • Choose a channel that reaches your potential audience and can be used to influence them: You should stick to your skills, obviously, but you gotta be where your audience is.
  • Go where you can break through the noise: The market is so saturated that if you can’t bring unique value to the table, your messages will hardly break through a cacophony of competitors and hit your ideal customer. Therefore, pick a channel where you can bring unique value that no one else of your competitors can.

Your acquisition channel should reflect these three principles. Though it’s always tough to figure out where to start, this advice from Rand should make it a lot easier to get your foot in the door!


What really happened during yesterday’s Google search meltdown

Everyone in the SEO community had a pretty wild (read: panicking frenzy) day yesterday. Sometime during the day, rankings went haywire. Low-quality sites were ranking on the first page for high-competition keywords, big sites dropped out of the rankings entirely, and we even saw a few PDFs ranking on the front page.

There was plenty of discussion as to whether the change was an intentional algorithm update by Google, or simply a massive glitch. Today, Google cleared things up, stating that the rankings disaster was caused by a bug in their indexing systems.

Naturally, that explanation wasn’t enough for the innumerable amount of SEOs who were fearing for their jobs yesterday. Gary Illyes saved the day on Twitter with more of an explanation, and here’s what it boils down to:

  • Google’s indexing system, Caffeine, is complicated. We’ve all heard the ‘well, it’s actually more complicated than it sounds’ defense in the past, but it’s relevant here. Caffeine is a complex system that runs a variety of tasks, and one tiny error somewhere in the process can have drastic effects downstream.
  • The bug was a “grain of sand in the machinery,” according to Gary. The way he explains it, there are thousands of interconnected systems that figure out what ranks on the front page of Google. And, in cases like yesterday’s, a grain of sand in the machinery can throw everything off course.

Gary’s response is both reassuring and a bit scary. We know the algorithm change yesterday wasn’t intentional – that’s great news – but it’s also clear that a tiny change in Google’s algorithms has the potential to impact millions of businesses worldwide in the blink of an eye.

As of today, things are back to normal. For now.


Last month 6,008 entrepreneurs used this marketplace to hire remote employees at the best rates in the world

Have you ever bought something on Amazon? What if we told you that hiring a remote worker could be as easy as buying toothpaste on Amazon?

That’s how it is on

Every month, 50k new Filippino workers join to get hired by thousands of companies, among which are Google, Uber, Unilever and Canva. Yeah, virtual assistants are essential there too.

So, why do we think that hiring on this platform is like buying on Amazon?

  • Incredible range of choices. There are over 1M profiles you can choose from. And tens of thousands of new job seekers join every month.
  • A lot of categories to find your perfect fit. Virtual assistants, Shopify developers, WordPress developers, Photoshop experts, video editors, SEOs, bookkeepers, content writers, etc.
  • You can read reviews. Exactly! If you sign up to, before hiring an employee, you can read the reviews about their past experiences.
  • Your staff works from home at the most affordable rates in the world. Lower prices for the same or even better skills.
  • Do you want your staff to work part time, full time, hourly or salaried? You decide the hire based on your needs.

And if you don’t have time to look for an assistant, just subscribe to, post a job and you’ll get contacted by job seekers. It works, we’ve first used the platform in 2015!

Try for free.


You now have more control over your Twitter replies than ever


Twitter dropped an update yesterday that many of you are probably going to find useful: you can now limit replies to Tweets. Seen enough freezing cold takes in your notifications? Well, you can now permanently limit those replies from your Tweets.

The new feature allows you to limit replies to your tweets by your followers, people you know, or people you mention. From a marketing perspective, we can see some potential for exclusive discussions and interviews with this new feature.

How many people would pay for a Twitter subscription?

One of the biggest pieces of news from Twitter’s Q2 earnings report, the announcement that a premium version of Twitter, with subscription-like features, is being explored.

Information is slowly trickling in on what these features might look like, with auto responses, custom fonts, and social listening tools being just a few of the potential features offered.

Patrick Campbell, CEO of ProfitWell, conducted a study on whether users would pay for a premium version of Twitter – and how much they’d be willing to pay. Check it out:

  • Users are willing to pay between $38 and $100 per monthbased on household income. Twitter’s presumed target here is users with a household income over more than $150k per month – those users were willing to pay just over $100 each month to get access to premium Twitter features.
  • Willingness to pay changes by feature. People love the idea of an ad-free experience and more data privacy, but paying for verification wasn’t popular overall.

The Crew’s take: As Patrick mentioned in his Twitter thread, there is one big caveat to this study. First, we don’t actually know what features Twitter will offer when their subscription packages do come out. People might be willing to pay significantly more (or less) depending on the official premium features.

Though we don’t know exactly what Twitter will offer, the early results from this study look fairly promising for the platform as it explores paid features.


ADVERTISING: How important is text in your social media campaigns? Check out this mini-case study from Dan Snow showing how crucial on-screen text can be for your advertising efforts.

MOZILLA: The company behind Firefox announced yesterday that they would be laying off 250 employees, 25% of their active workforce.

INSTAGRAM: We’ve yet to see a massive wave of users abandoning TikTok in favor of Reels, but the new feature has seen some attention from big brands including Red Bull and Maybelline.

TIKTOK: Trouble in France (for TikTok, at least). A European data watchdog, known for slapping Google with a $57M fine last year, is investigating TikTok.

FACEBOOK: Facebook just published updates on their content moderation and hate speech policies. Notably, the platform took 10X more action on hate speech in the most recent quarter.

PINTEREST: As the platform continues to add opportunities for advertisers, more brands are being added to the AR try-on program.

SEO: If you’re in India, try Googling ‘add me to search’ and see what you come up with. Google added a new feature, called People Cards, in search – we’re interested to see whether this gets a wider rollout at some point.

WORDPRESS: WP 5.5, Eckstein, the latest update of WordPress is packed with some useful features.


Welcome to the second week of our subject line quiz – which of our subject lines from last week got the highest open rate? Here are the options:

🌎 Going global.
😲 Unexpected.
🔥 On fire.
⏰ 42 days.
⚠️ Threat level midnight. (Twitter picked this one, for the record).

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Let’s tickle your funny bone…


Okay, enough of the serious updates and action items to implement.

We usually try to bring some humor into our newsletter, but we can’t always do it better than some of our favorite marketing meme accounts… If we can call them that. Some you probably know, some you don’t so we wanted to share them with you. Here goes nothing:

  • Andy Batuchi probably stands out as one of the most creative. Even though he doesn’t make as many memes anymore, he’s definitely worth following. Our favorite video from him is this one here.
  • ECommic does more than enough to look at the world of e-commerce through a funny lens.
  • Marketing Humor shares some great memes from the marketing world – if you’ve ever worked in an agency, most of these will hit home.
  • Ecom Street is the last entry on our list… Despite the name, they certainly look at more aspects of online marketing than just e-commerce.

What are some of your favorites that you would like to share with the community? We’d love another excuse to procrastinate. If there are any great meme accounts out there that we’re missing, now is the time to let us know.

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