FTC sends over 100 warning letters to companies exploiting the pandemic. Matt Woodward’s tech & copy hacks: More traffic + engagement + conversions. Scaling non-essential products: From $50k to $115k per month.


What this little birdie told the world…


We’re wrapping up what we’re now referring to as “earnings week” with Twitter, the next stop in our tour around the companies relevant to marketers. Yes, Twitter is smaller than FB and Google, but it still has its place in the marketing world.

The stats

  • Total revenue: $808M (up 3% YoY)
  • Revenue from advertising: $682M (almost equal YoY)
  • Monetizable daily active users (mDAU): 166M (up 24% YoY)
  • Operating income: -$7M (vs $94M Q1 2019)

Anything important for advertisers?

Twitter, unlike Facebook and Google, didn’t show signs of stabilization heading into April. It’s smaller, largely unproven in the media buyers’ world and generally just less mature for advertisers, so this doesn’t really come as a surprise.

Here’s some good news though

Users are up but ad demand is down on Twitter, so prices should be interesting. More importantly, Twitter said they will focus on their performance ads and are preparing to launch their next-gen Mobile Application Promotion (MAP) ad format. The quote below from Twitter’s shareholder letter suggests this is only the beginning, too:

“We see a path to driving more direct response advertising on Twitter in 2020 and beyond through this work on MAP […]”

We’re very much looking forward to more performance-based ad formats!


The easy changes to go from $50k/month to $115k/month

Who said you can only scale essential products nowadays?

Luis Morales shared the changes he made to a fashion accessory brand that was underperforming with Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

Some background info

  • Fashion accessory brand.
  • $20 AOV.
  • $50k/ month ceiling.
  • Mainly lifestyle ads.

The changes

Most of the changes took place on the campaign creatives. The brand was only using lifestyle and product images, but Luis implemented a major shift towards UGC creatives.

They helped the founder script around 10 video variations and had customers shoot videos in their own apartments.

Time to scale

Dynamic Creatives Ads to start: They dropped their video variations in three ad sets, split by categories, and let Facebook show them which one would resonate the most with audiences.

Then they took the best performing videos and ran them with stand-alone audiences (no Dynamic Creative Ads here).

he best performing audiences were:

  • Broad targeting.
  • Broad interests.
  • 3-5% Pixel LLAs. Not sure what he means by Pixel LLAs, but it’s probably Add To Carts, Initiate Checkout and all that jazz.
  • 3-5% Website Visitors LLAs.

They replicated the best elements from the top-performing videos throughout the entire product catalog.

The results

  • Spend: From $1k to $10k.
  • Revenue: From $50k/month to $115k in the first month working with the store.
  • ROAS: Jumped from 2.5x to 4.8x.

Well, not a load of media buying hacks here, but it just goes to show how little tweaks to creatives can make huge differences. Finally, Luis explains exactly why you shouldn’t sleep on UGC and gives three pointers:

  • Highlight products’ functionality.
  • Add social proof.
  • Clearly state product value.


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SEO hacks for increased site visitors, engagement and conversions

If you’re looking to create SEO rich content that keeps your readers hooked, you’ve come to the right place.

We are talking about this post from Matthew Woodward, who took to Twitter to share some of his SEO copywriting techniques along with some tech hacks to increase search traffic and engagements. Let’s quickly dive into them.


  • Use a table of contents: A table of contents makes navigating pages easier and gives it an SEO boost.
  • Use natural long tail keywords: Ensure that any long-tail keywords sound natural by adding an extra word or two.
  • Sort out bad code: Clean code makes your site much more search engine friendly.
  • Power-up title tags: A good combination of keywords and power words can give your title tags a huge lift.
  • The Meta description pack: Optimize your meta description to attract more browsers to click through to your article.


  • Ask questions: The human brain is hardwired to find answers to questions. Use this to your advantage.
  • Build’em and knock’em down: Create a bridge between where your users want to be and where they are now.
  • Use open loops: Leave teasers known as ‘open loops’ in your content to keep your audience gripped.
  • Ignore old writing advice: Lead with your best content. Generally speaking, only 30% of visitors make it to the end of an article.
  • Keep skim readers interested: Use tantalising subheadings to keep readers interested in your content.
  • Use power words: Using power words in your writing helps visitors feel the emotions when reading.
  • Use attention efficiency: Reduce your word count to include only important information which gets straight to the point.
  • Write for a middle school reading level: Don’t exclude a huge part of your audience by writing to a higher level than needed.
  • Use active voice: Use an active voice by writing exactly how you would speak.


  • Use Grammarly: Grammarly is a fantastic tool that highlights any mistakes within your writing.
  • Use serif fonts: Paying attention to what font you use will help keep your reader on your page for longer.
  • Bucket brigades: Use colons and ellipses to keep your readers glued to your page.

Finito! Some simple and actionable tips you can implement on your websites right away. How many of them were you missing until now?


  • FACEBOOK: Some moderation centers are reopening, so your FB campaigns might get reviewed faster… And your organic posts too, but who does organic anymore, right?
  • TIKTOK: The best quarter when it comes to downloads for any app ever pushes TikTok to over 2B total downloads.
  • TOOLS: Do you need to know what device and connection speed users in a country have? The Onely Map gives you an excellent overview.
  • SEO: Not the first time we’ve featured something about link building, but this is yet another comprehensive guide. It’s by Paddy Moogan and worth reading if SEO is your jam.
  • BUSINESS: A collection of letters from the FTC to companies warning them about practices that might be violating any laws during the pandemic.
  • FACEBOOK: In-stream ads are being expanded to Facebook Live videos, including pre-vetted entertainment, news and sports partners.
  • INSTAGRAM: The platform was found to be testing new font options for Stories for a small group of users. You might see this rolled out soon.


Where does Christmas come before Thanksgiving?

You can find the solution by clicking here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Run marketer! Run!


This might make a great headline for an advertorial but, according to this study shared by Men’s Health, you only need a few seconds of exercise to counteract a day’s worth of sitting.

Daaamn! Cancel that gym subscription now!

Jokes apart, the finding is: Just four seconds of high intensity exercise done repeatedly throughout the day can help undo hours of sitting.

It can be a four second sprint on a stationary bicycle. Or a sprint in the hallway, as long as it’s not toward the fridge.

This is a great finding. After all, 4-6 seconds of exercise every 40 minutes is nothing in a whole day.

Yep, it won’t turn you into Arnold in his prime, but the study shows it can boost your metabolism and help you burn more fat throughout the whole day.

See how much The Crew cares about your health?

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