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Game on


Following months of speculations, Facebook and Reddit have finally announced their plans to join the trend and introduce live audio features to their platforms.

Facebook has announced the addition of “social audio experiences” to its platform. Here’s our TLDR version:

  • If you run a Facebook group, you’ll be able to start live audio rooms for your members by this summer. Unless you’re Rusell Wilson, Elle Moxley, or another public figure, in which case you’ll have access to this feature sooner.
  • If you make podcasts, Facebook wants to help you. They intend to allow users to listen to podcasts directly within the app, as well as make podcasts more discoverable on Facebook’s platform.
  • If you don’t like to appear on camera (just kidding), Facebook has also announced “Soundbites,” which is essentially an audio version of Instagram reels.

Reddit has announced Reddit Talk, a Clubhouse-like feature where subreddit mods can create live audio rooms for members. You can only sign up for the waitlist right now, and you’ll be notified when the feature is ready for your community.

If things continue at this rate, we’ll feel pressured to release our own Clubhouse clone as well. StackedHouse, anyone?


You can breathe a sigh of relief

After probably receiving thousands of “we’re not ready yet” messages from webmasters, Google has announced two main changes for its Page Experience Ranking update:

  1. It’s getting postponed to mid-June, when a gradual rollout will begin. We can all breathe a sigh of relief now.
  2. You can now better prepare for the update thanks to a new Page Experience report in Search Console.

What that Search Console report is about: When you open the Page Experience report, you’ll see a large text that says something like “Your site has 74.3% URLs with a good page experience”, along with actionable insights on which URLs are causing trouble.


This affiliate network allows you to have a $5 payout threshold


After helping affiliates stack green papers with their traffic network, AdsTerra is launching their own affiliate network.

High and fast payouts. Unique direct offers – a lot of them – and a team that already worked with affiliate marketers for years.

They know what it means to run traffic. They know what kind of offers work. And this knowledge applied to an affiliate network seems like a perfect mix for an affiliate looking for new, profitable, offers to run.

Should you test them? Here are some reasons that might help you decide:

  • A vast pool of offers: gambling, gaming, antivirus, utility, VPN, software, dating, sweepstakes, subscriptions, and many others.
  • Worldwide and local offers with H-I-G-H payouts.
  • Exclusive gaming offers.
  • A minimum payout of $5 that makes it very easy for you to test offers.
  • A-Class partner care: fast approvals, dedicated manager, and automated weekly payments.

You can create an account in a few minutes and check if they have some hot offers for your traffic.

Sign up here.


This isn’t our first time, but…


See that picture above? Those are just two of the past winners of our giveaways. MacBooks, AirPods and Apple Watches – we’ve done it before (well, just one MacBook before).

This time it’s a bit different.

We’re giving you a whole work-week to gather up your referrals (and improve your chances).

Here’s how it works: When you share our newsletter between today and Friday, 23rd April 2021, you’ll have the chance to win a shiny new MacBook Air – a machine that’s the perfect balance of power, portability and instagramability (we might have just made up that word).

Each time you refer a person to Stacked Marketer, you receive a ticket for this raffle. In short, 1 referral = 1 ticket. (other rules that apply can be found here)

Click here to grab your referral link.

The more new subscribers you refer, the higher your chances! But don’t try to get sneaky – you’ll get disqualified.


Technical optimization for Google News


Making it to Top Stories in Google News isn’t only about the content. The technical side plays an important role too. And Barry Adams discussed some ways to enable indexing of your content and remove potential stumbling blocks for Google’s indexing systems.

As Google states, server-side or pre-rendering is a great idea because it makes your website faster for users and crawlers.

For context: “Your articles’ pages should use HTML format and the body text isn’t embedded in JavaScript”

Why this format? When Google indexes news articles for use in Top Stories and Google News, Google indexes an article’s raw HTML. To speed up the process, client-side JavaScript isn’t indexed. That could cause delays, which is the opposite of what Google wants.

This principle brings to a series of HTML optimization tips:

+ Optimising the <HEAD>: Properly ordering the metatags in your article’s head will ensure that Google properly recognizes and processes your content.

+ Optimizing the article HTML:

  • The article headline should be the first <h1> heading: Barry suspects that Google starts parsing the article’s content starting from the first <h1>.
  • Avoid encoded HTML in the article <h1> headline.
  • Limit the HTML above the <h1> headline.
  • Reduce the number of interrupting HTML snippets in your article code: Unrelated snippets of codes, such as social sharing icons or an image gallery, might be seen by Google as an indication that the content has ended. This will lead to partial indexing.
  • Additional semantic tags like <header>, <section>, <article>, and <footer> can help with proper parsing. They inform Google which HTML segments can be ignored.

To summarize: Clean codes might not be relevant for ranking on Google search results. But for reaching Top Stories on Google News, a proper HTML structure is important.


ADVERTISING: A core WordPress contributor proposed a feature that would automatically block Google FloC on all WordPress sites.

FACEBOOK: All businesses on Facebook and Instagram can now schedule stories using Facebook Business Suite

GOOGLE: On Twitter, an increasing number of people are reporting that Google Ads Exact Match is “loosening up a bit.”

TIKTOK: It’s difficult to replicate going viral on TikTok. As a result, major brands such as Pepsi are starting to view TikTok as a pay-to-play platform.


We’ve got some geography trivia today. Out of this list, which 2 countries are closest to each other? These are the options:

Russia, Lithuania, Romania, United States.

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Yes, the UK actually wants its own cryptocurrency


As cryptocurrency gains popularity with the masses, world governments are trying to come up with solutions. India wants to ban it, and the UK… Wants to create their own?

You’re not reading The Onion: The UK government wants to create a crypto, jokingly (or not) called “Britcoin”.

Here’s a quote from The Next Web:

The dwindling use of cash and rise of cryptocurrencies has led a growing range of countries to investigate digital currencies. About 86% of central banks are exploring the benefits and drawbacks of CBDCs, according to the World Economic Forum.

Of course, this wouldn’t function like a normal crypto. It’d be, effectively, a digital currency backed by the Bank of England.

Instead of offering to-the-moon gains and ridiculous dips overnight, the UK hopes it would be a faster way for transactions to happen.

We’re not crypto experts – so whether this move is good, bad, or somewhere in between, you’ll probably have to figure out elsewhere.

But, the term “Britcoin” is now a thing, and we’re pretty happy about that.

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