Gamification + Creatives + Retargeting & more: 15+ marketers share strategies for an increased AOV. LinkedIn goofs up, gets itself de-indexed from Google. Facebook Advertiser Verification process explained by Rob Leathern.



Rob Leathern from FB explains advertiser verification processes


Not to fall behind Google, who announced they are making identity verification mandatory for all advertisers, Rob Leathern (the Director of Product Management at FB) took to Twitter and explained how they go about verifications and what could change in the future.

Who must be verified now

According to Rob, political advertisers in over 30 countries need to be verified, as well as Pages with large followings in the US and Pages that FB believes to be misleading people. It’s far from everyone.

Not all verifications are the same either. Some verify a person’s identity, others a business or location, and some even need to verify all of these.

What about the future?

Adding these steps is a big pain for the average advertiser and Rob knows this. Some approaches in the future might include geo IP, phone verification, out of wallet questions and other similar methods, but the problem is these aren’t reliable outside of the US, Canada and Europe.

What FB is looking for is reliable partners to work with in local markets. So if you or someone you know has ideas for a verification process, hit up Rob on Twitter.

One last thing

Rob reiterated FB’s commitment to take real-world action against those who run misleading ads, bringing up the example of LeadCloak from a month ago.

We can expect a future where verification is mandatory before running ads and policy violations having more consequences than simply a banned account, especially when it comes to the more sensitive issues. That’s FB’s goal at least!


LinkedIn not so linked with Google

T’was yesterday morning, when LinkedIn found itself completely de-indexed from Google search and there were no results to be found in SERPs.

How did this happen?

This was not a glitch or a bug on Google’s side. It’s more likely that someone at LinkedIn pressed a wrong button or uploaded a wrong file.

While nobody at Google or LinkedIn’s end has responded officially, here are some of the probable scenarios responsible for the short-lived debacle.

  • As John Mueller tweeted, removing the ‘http://’ version of a site removes all other variations such as https, www, non-www. Don’t use removal tools for canonicalization.
  • Loren Baker, on the other hand, found that Google’s crawlers might have been accidentally blocked with a robots.txt directive, a sure fire way to get de-indexed.

Zoom Out

Well, whatever the reason behind this error, this is a great lesson that even the biggest brands make mistakes from time to time. Also, it also serves as a reminder that Google does not fix mistakes for you.

The issue, which started sometime before 4:30am ET, was resolved within 10 hours. However, we all know that the SEO community will not let LinkedIn live this one down any time soon.


Up to 40% commissions with lifetime cookie tracking on direct nutra and health affiliate offers


Not only these products are in high demand during this lockdown but affiliates are swearing by these direct offers. Why? High commissions (up to 40%) and recurring revenues.

You heard that! NutriProfits will assign lifetime rev-share to you for every customer you bring in!

Here are some offers that are standing out:

  • Cappuccino MCT: It helps people to stay in shape despite being locked at home and starts with a 30% commission.
  • Brain Actives: A product for those who want to enhance their memory and cognitive abilities, starts with 30% commission.
  • Melatolin Plus: Helpful for a better sleep with a commission starting at 35%.

Well, those are just some of the offers, you can find a full list hereBut why should you work with NutriProfits?

  • Lifetime cookies: Not just a few days but lifetime for every customer, new or old.
  • Payouts starting at 30% up to 40%.
  • Direct advertiser: You’re working with the product owners. That’s why you get all the benefits such as high payouts and recurring rev.
  • NutriProfits is managed by affiliate marketers: They know the ins and outs of the industry, your daily challenges and how to help you run smooth campaigns.
  • Easy signup: No hassle to get in. A few clicks and you’re ready to go. Or ready to earn if you prefer. Do it here.

Go direct with NutriProfits!


AOV here, AOV there, AOV what?

What happens when more than 15 marketers share their AOV strategies?

Your AOV (average order value) automatically goes up? No… it’d be nice, but you’ve at least gotta implement their ideas.

The discussion was started by Andrew Foxwell. Many more joined in, so let’s extract some of this AOV knowledge.

Florian Litterist started with two easy ways:

  • Creatives: New customers bundles, sometimes accessible only on specific landing pages.
  • Targeting: Set up product sets in catalogs based on prices to use them for Dynamic Product Ads.

But there are some more tips:

  • Florian Mariencourt suggested displaying milestone goals. For example, free shipping at $60, extra items at $100. Many stores have these offers set up, but they miss out by not displaying it clearly enough.
  • Even moving the shipping threshold higher can help with AOV, as suggested by Ryan Kovach.

High AOV doesn’t always mean big margins

Be careful, because sometimes a big order brings in less earnings than a lower-priced product or bundle.

What can you do if your products cost around $10?

Rachael Lee shared her whole strategy for making campaigns ROAS positive despite the low price:

  • Send traffic to a subscription box landing page.
  • The messaging lets the customer know that the store has more products they might be interested in.
  • Use upsells and store-wide messaging.

How about bundles in retargeting?

First, you target your audience with a product. Then, for retargeting, you show them a product bundle related to the item they’re interested in. You know there is more chance of closing the deal when retargeting, so make sure to try and close it for higher returns!

This was shared by Dylan Carpenter.

Let’s not forget gamification

Shane Cicero talked about a brand that uses gamification to spike AOV.

The final prizes are quarterly giveaways.

The interesting part is that users don’t even need to make a purchase to enter the competition, but the more items you purchase the more entries you get in the giveaway.

Moreover, the brand even does triple and double entry days. On these days, if you buy a product you get double or triple the entries you would normally get.

Well, a lot of stuff came out of this discussion. Upsells, bundles, and more tactics. If you’re fighting to raise your AOV, you definitely want to jump into this conversation.


  • PINTEREST: You can now better plan your Pinterest activity with notes, dates and recommendations for boards.
  • COPYWRITING: 17 examples of how small things can make a big difference in your copy by Marketing Examples.
  • SEO: Does building links on Quora help or not? SEJ wrote an interesting piece on the topic.
  • FACEBOOK: That oversight board the company’s building will include a Nobel Prize winner and a former prime minister. A reminder: the board is built to oversee moderation disputes on the social network.
  • MOBILE APPS: A new release from FB caused issues in apps using the Facebook iOS SDK. This includes popular apps such as Spotify, Pinterest, TikTok and Tinder.


When I point up, it’s bright, but when I point down it’s dark. What am I?

You can find the solution by clicking here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Hustlers gotta hustle… for a Lambo


Utah Highway Patrol encountered a bizarre incident while patrolling a freeway in the US.

It appeared to be a vehicle being driven by an impaired driver. However, to their surprise, the lad behind the wheel was just a five-year old guy driving his parents’ car.

His story? Well, the lil’ fella had an argument with his mom after she refused to buy him a Lambo. So he decided to take matters into his own hands and drive to California to buy one himself. ‘Cause why not?

Even though he might have been a little short on cash, this didn’t hamper his spirit. He actually only had $3 in his pocket but after all… Who doesn’t want a Lambo?

Usually, our wallets or common sense get in the way. But not for this boy, who said FU to that common sense and took a big leap of faith.

Well, a big enough leap to go for a 12 hour drive all the way to California!

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