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Now running ads in 34 more countries


Imagine playing Risk against Microsoft.

The company added 34 more markets in the Middle East and Africa, upping their tally to 131 markets and 35 languages worldwide.

The spot heard round the world: Now you can use Microsoft Ads to reach consumers in countries like Azerbaijan, Egypt, Israel, United Arab Emirates, and 30 more.

According to Microsoft, the 97 markets launched in 2022 brought 11.6B annual searches.

… And the company believes these new market additions are poised to increase that number even more.

Why we care: New markets mean new audiences and new ad opportunities… good to know if you ship or sell internationally.


Don’t let Gen Z fool you… they’re still on social

Like surprises? Here’s one for you:

Gen Z uses Facebook more than they’d ever admit.

No way: According to a new report, Facebook is the number one social media app for Gen Z when it comes to monthly active usage.

And while this generation claims they’re “not on social,” Gen Z users in the US and in Germany engage on social 19% and 30% more than any other age group, respectively.

On the flip side… However, the report also shows that Gen Z spends less “depth of time” on social media than other age groups.

So while youngsters log in to their favorite apps more frequently, the average millennial spends 25% more time on social apps than Gen Z.

Why we care: Don’t be too quick to exclude apps like Facebook completely in favor of more “trendy” apps.

You’ll be more successful by paying attention to how your target demographic engages with social media—and using the appropriate mix of apps that gets you in front of them as often as possible.’s new report is a decent place to start, and may give you some ideas.


30 sales-closing techniques to inject persuasion power into your funnels


In Part 1 of our System 1 Manipulation report, we described the psychological biases that con artists and hackers use to influence people.

Part 2 of the System 1 Manipulation is now live—and it’s all about real-world examples.

For example: Do you know why product demos and how-to videos are so successful when it comes to selling products?

… Because of the concreteness principle: Specific use-cases and examples move us emotionally and sharpen our memories.

It’s the difference between viewing a pair of sunglasses online and trying them on inside a store.

Salespeople are experts when it comes to turning “maybes” into “yesses.” Marketers can be, too!

And this Pro Report is packed with 30 principles you can use to do exactly that, plus ways to implement them in your sales funnels.

Join Stacked Marketer Pro to get the whole report.


Ads are good… but have you tried this high ROI channel?


The best investment a marketer can make isn’t in advertising… it’s in people.

When customers recommend your brand to friends, family, or followers, they’re much more likely to try you out than if you bomb them with ads… no matter how clever you are.

The good news is, with a little bit of work, you can turn customers into brand loyalists and, ultimately, into brand ambassadors.

In a recent Twitter thread, Ashvin Melwani from Obvi shared some non-traditional ways to boost word-of-mouth.

Let’s get those customers talking…

Leverage online communities: Don’t underestimate the power of groups, such as those on Facebook. That’s where users gather to discuss your brand, find inspiration, motivation, and more.

Plenty of users invite their friends to these online communities, which often becomes their first touch point with your brand, and can lead to purchases.

Send gift magnets: Bet you haven’t heard this before. Obvi sends magnets with every order because… well, because they’re cool. And you can slap them on any surface.

A simple magnet makes your brand ever present in someone’s home. And while that can boost retention, it also gets friends and family members asking about your magnet.

Throw in free gifts with orders: Always try to throw in a little something extra, especially for big orders.

Shaker cups, tote bags, and stickers are all things your customers can use anywhere… and they can make other people curious about your brand.

Good packaging: It sounds cheesy, but “Instagrammable” products sell. They’re much more likely to end up in other people’s stories as user generated content.

Good customer experience: One overlooked word-of-mouth hack is making customers feel really good after they’ve completed a purchase. They’ll always remember how your brand made them feel.

Were you friendly and helpful? Was the shipping trackable? Did the package arrive on time? Did you follow up with an email? Get this right and you’ll win brand ambassadors.

Alright, it’s time to get them talking! The market is saturated with salesy brand messaging and product benefits. Turn this around, and watch your sales spike.


221 ways your competitors are employing OFS to slash expenses


Hiring a talented and reliable employee for an affordable price is the dream of every entrepreneur.

Online Filipino Specialists (OFSs) make that dream come true.

They’re the highly-skilled version of average virtual assistants, capable of performing valuable jobs like social media marketing, SEO, media buying, and more. And they’re affordable!

This free report shows you how online businesses are using OFS in their organizations.

Discover how you can grow your team and cut expenses.


Want to hire abroad? Try hiring your team as contractors


Every now and then we like to share some advice from our experiences running a newsletter, hiring a global team, and working remotely.

So today, let’s talk about hiring talent abroad.

The Crew here at Stacked Marketer is spread across 8 countries and just as many time zones. We work fully-remote, and hire fully-remote, too.

If you’re hiring abroad, you may be able to hire your team as contractors rather than full-time employees.

Here’s why: When you hire someone as an employee in a new country, you’re getting yourself into a complicated legal tango.

Employment laws differ from country to country, and so do employer obligations.

For most teams, the only real option is to use an Employer-of-Record (EOR) solution, which lets you sidestep establishing your own physical entity in a new country.

But… EORs often charge at least $500 per month per employee, and onboarding can still take a long time.

So try hiring people as contractors instead. If you’re remote, output-focused, and mostly asynchronous, there’s a good chance your talent abroad can be classified as contractors.

If so, you can avoid employer obligations, expensive fees, messy solutions, and onboard people in minutes instead of weeks or months.

A contractor classification can be better for your new talent too, with the main benefits often being how they can file their taxes… and their flexibility.

It’s what we’ve done at Stacked Marketer—and it’s worked well for us.

But remember, this stuff can get complicated. It has pros and cons… We think for certain businesses and people, the pros are better than the cons. If you’re not sure, talk to someone who’s an expert in compliance and hiring abroad.


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REDDIT: … Is taking a bite out of Apple’s privacy regulations. Reddit acquired Spiketrap, a contextualization company, that could make it easier for advertisers to target relevant audiences based on interest—and maybe improve advertising overall.

AMAZON: No space, no problem. Amazon is launching a supply chain as a service model that will allow sellers to store inventory in Amazon distribution centers and replenish fulfillment centers. Seems convenient.

TWITTER: Finally! Twitter is testing an Edit Tweet feature internally before making it available to Twitter Blue subscribers…. and then to the rest of the twitterverse. Oh, and Edit will be available for only 30 minutes after the tweet. So no funny business.

SNAP: Ouch. Following a weak Q2, Snap is laying off 20% of their workforce. The company plans to double down on community, augmented reality, and revenue growth—i.e., advertising. Snap paying more attention to their ads could be good for marketers…

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Where there is no south, west, nor east, and weather not fit for man or beast.

You can find the answer here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

LinkedIn influencer generator


“Without telling anyone, I humbly wrote a perfect newsletter today.

Suddenly, one of my old co-workers called me and told me that they wrote one too.

How did they know? Was it a coincidence? I think not.

Because when you write a perfect newsletter professionally like I do, it’s only natural that other people will follow.

My advice? Just do what you love. The rest will happen on its own.”

If this sounds to you like another cringey LinkedIn post… that’s because it is.

We wrote it using an AI generator app that sounds like 99% of posts you encounter on LinkedIn, but wish you didn’t.

Hey, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. It only requires a couple inputs and a few seconds… and maybe a laugh, too.

Who knew becoming a thought leader on LinkedIn was so easy?

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