GoDaddy faces huge data breach: 28k accounts directly affected. Only target new customers with this feature in Smart Shopping campaigns. Unlock access to live action video creatives worth $354k for a fraction of the cost.



28k GoDaddy hosting accounts breached


Not strictly marketing related but, given that GoDaddy is the most popular registrar & hosting provider with over 19M customers and 77M domains managed, there’s a big chance this affects you or someone you know.

How do you know if this affects you?

GoDaddy has already notified all users. If you are a GoDaddy user, make sure you check all your email folders to see if you have a notification from them explaining the situation.

Your login details were also reset automatically, and it’s confirmed that the unauthorized individual did not have access to the main GoDaddy accounts.

Can I avoid this in the future?

You can never be 100% certain that this won’t happen again, but you can take some measures. The good news here is that GoDaddy is providing a year’s worth of free security services to those affected by the breach.

No details have been released about the exploit used to gain access, but we do know this first happened about six months ago in October 2019.


Acquire new customers with this beta feature in Smart Shopping

Google is beta testing a new conversion goal for its Smart Shopping campaigns – New Customer Acquisition (NCA).

This new goal type allows you to set Smart Shopping campaigns to optimize specifically towards acquiring new customers.

How does Google know whether a user is new?

There are three things taken into consideration:

  • Google’s native data: It uses a 540-day lookback window based on its own data. This happens automatically when the NCA Goal is chosen.
  • Self-reported data: You can tag new customers with a combination of the Global Site Tag and new customer parameters.
  • First-party list: You can upload their customer list to Google Ads.

It is recommended that, for the highest possible accuracy, all three are utilized.

Calculating the conversions

In addition, Google plans to implement a tag parameter in the future that will allow you to measure lifetime value dynamically based on custom criteria.

This data will be reported in a Lifetime Value column, which can be then used for bidding optimization.

If you would like to be a part of the beta test, contact your Google reps for access to be whitelisted.


🔐 Unlock access to video creatives that have been proven to work across all major social platforms


What’s the biggest secret of brands like DoorDash, Coinbase, LovePop, and Ethos? Great video ads that look awesome and convert like crazy.

What if you could have a consistent supply of videos like that? Would your brand be the next DoorDash? Actually, you do have that access with Ready Set.

Here’s what people have to say about them:

“What’s interesting about Ready Set for marketers is the opportunity to learn what works in video at a faster rate, and at a lower cost.” – Gary Briggs, Former CMO, Facebook.

“90% of the videos DoorDash is running across social channels were produced by Ready Set… we’re getting the scale we need now.” – Justin Neustadter, Head of Mobile User Acquisition

“Fashion direct response advertising is tough to get right… I was impressed Ready Set nailed it for Mott+Bow on the first try.” – Alejandro Chahin, CEO

What makes them so good at what they do?

  • They analyze ALL of the video ads you’ve ever run by hand.
  • They discover what’s working and what to build next.
  • Not red vs. blue backgrounds but value props-deep content.
  • The sheer variety of video creatives they offer.
  • Videos that grab user attention in the initial 2 seconds.
  • No stock video ever, all fresh and custom made.
  • Live action video creatives worth $354k at a fraction of the cost.

They’re also shooting during COVID! In three different ways: all safe.

Can’t wait to test these videos for your campaigns? Get in touch with the Ready Set team here.


Spying and crafting compelling creatives

Great creatives make great campaigns, right?

But how do you make great creatives? In this Twitter thread, Tony Christensen broke down his whole process for crafting better creatives.

Let’s boogie.

  • Capture attention in the first three seconds using motion, colors, text overlays etc.
  • Ideally, you want to have something new every 3-5 seconds. This can be a cutscene, a new angle, etc.
  • Leverage User Generated Content (UGC). Generally, it’s the best performing type of content.
  • Make your ads look native to the platform and the placement in that platform.
  • Add thumbnails to videos as well as captions. Many people will watch it without audio.
  • Add social proof, awards or accolades when possible.
  • Finally, add a CTA, explaining what the user should do next.

What should you show in your creatives?

  • The pain points people have.
  • How your product solves their problem.
  • People smiling and enjoying your product.

The final, and probably most important, suggestion is: Test, test and test.

On finding great creatives

As the brilliant advertiser you are, you definitely scrape Facebook to search for working creatives. But how do you distinguish a good creative from an ad that looks beautiful but isn’t performing?

Savannah Sanchez shared her take on the matter, and it’s actually easier done than said:

  • Look at the number of views: If an ad has more than 1M views it’s probably working. Whereas an ad in the 1-2k views range could just be a test. This might be hard for ads that are not videos…
  • See how long the ad has been running. You control this by looking at the dates of the comments. The longer the better.

That’s all. Ready to pump out some great creatives all over the internet?


  • PODCASTS: Google launched a new tool to help podcasters understand and grow their audiences. Too bad Google Podcasts is not available globally…
  • SEO: Core Web Vitals are what Google calls the three most important metrics for evaluating user experience on a site. Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Delay and Cumulative Layout Shift. Read about why they matter here.
  • GOOGLE ADS: There’s a nifty script that detects anomalies and alerts you if your campaigns are impacted by regional differences related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • CRO: A quick tip from Matt Tanguay about the display image and relevant attributes you should have for a product in users’ carts, including live examples.
  • ADVERTISING: Video has been all the rage for a few years, but maybe it’s time for audio ads to take the spotlight. Spotify CEO, Daniel Ek, sees an $18B advertising market as radio shifts online.
  • PINTEREST: The platform added 32M more users in Q1 and has reached 367M monthly active users. Pinterest Ads are certainly a must-test for many e-commerce brands.


You have 6 eggs. You break 2, cook 2 and you eat 2 eggs. How many do you have left?

You can find the solution by clicking here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Do as they do in Sicily


While most countries consider extending their lockdowns and placing new arrivals under a two-week quarantine, this Italian region has already made plans for a post-coronavirus world.

As soon as the restrictions on cross-border tourism are lifted, Sicily invites you to pay a visit.

What’s on offer? They’ll cover half of your flight costs, one third of your hotel expenses and tickets to many of its museums and archaeological sites. Spritz and Prosecco not included, sorry…

It’s likely to cost the island €50M, but it hopes to make this work in the long run as tourists start flocking in once lockdown eases up.

How do you apply? Visit the official website of “Visit Sicily” and get a voucher for yourself.

If you plan to drop by, do give us a shout out and someone from The Crew might be able to help you out locally.

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